Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Home Visit Tomorrow!

Once again, my Week in Review post is getting put on the backburner (I'm still hoping to get to it this week; it's just going to be late). I have good reason, though! Tomorrow is our home visit for our Home Study!! I'm so happy to get this behind us. I think this is our last big hurdle before our Home Study is officially DONE. Whew! I have to admit, I'll be glad when we're finished. I know some people kind of enjoy the Home Study and think it's sort of fun to get to "talk about themselves" so much (not in a narcissistic way -- just like they think it's enjoyable to go back and relive so much of their past), but I'm not really one of those people. I find it kind of weird and uncomfortable to literally tell someone EVERYTHING there is to know about myself. Especially someone I've just met. I'm definitely not what you would consider an open book. I think I'm super open with my close friends, but it just takes a little while before I feel like spilling my guts to someone. Haha! Well, you just have to let go of that real quick when you're going through a Home Study ;) Thankfully, our social worker has been super sweet, and of course the uncomfortable-ness is totally worth it for Baby Howie #4 :) But, even still, I'll be glad when we're done.

Today, I'm going back and forth between wanting to obsessively clean EVERY. SURFACE. in my home and then just wanting to vacuum, clean the bathrooms, and call it a day. I mean, I keep my house pretty clean regularly, and this is our life. Why try to present it as perfect when it's not? But it's a Home Study!! If there's ever a time to obsessively clean, this is it! :) Mostly, I just hope that our case worker can see that our house is a home full of love where we want our children to be comfortable and able to be children. No, our house doesn't always (ever?) look magazine perfect, but it's home and we love it.

Our social worker will be meeting our kids for the first time tomorrow, and I'm a little nervous about how that's going to go. They get SO SHY when someone new comes over, so I hope they warm up and will actually talk to her :) If she stays longer than about 5 minutes, they probably will be running laps around her and not letting anyone else get a word in edgewise!

Please be praying for clarity for us because we just have some big decisions coming up regarding the adoption. (Country, special need, child's age, etc.) We've kind of gone back and forth between feeling like our decision is made, and then maybe feeling tugged in another direction, and then just being confused about what is the best route for our family. It's just a big decision! We know God has a plan, and we're praying that He will lead us and close doors and bring just the right child into our family at just the right time. We know He will, and we rest in that :)

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Whitney said...

Praying for you! I know all will go well!