Monday, January 21, 2013

Week in Review: Meetings and Stress

We had a long week. The beginning of the week was rainy and super cold, so we just didn't get out much. Then Alaina came down with a cold and slept TERRIBLY a couple of nights. David had several church commitments last week too, so he was gone a lot more than he usually is. By the end of the week, I just felt frazzled and short tempered. I'm hoping that this week is better! Oh, I've also just totally been in a blogging rut. I want to get more consistent about posting, but I just haven't been feeling it lately. It probably has something to do with the fact that I've gotten addicted to Downton Abbey, so I've been spending my free time watching that (and not blogging). Haha! Pretty soon I'll be all caught up on the show, and then maybe I'll start blogging regularly again ;)

Sunday: We went to church that morning. David had sound, so we were rushing to get there on time. After church, we had Sunday School. Our lesson was interesting. There was a lot of discussion, and we kind of got off topic, but it was good. We came home after church and ate lunch. We napped that afternoon and then we to evening worship. When church was over, we went to Corner Bakery for dinner. We put the kids to bed right when we got home. Alaina had some trouble going to sleep, which was surprising. She had been going down SO easily. I ended up having to go rock her to sleep. I watched an episode of Downton Abbey before bed.

Monday: This was Aubrey's first day back to school after the Christmas break. We got her ready, and I packed her lunch, and then David left to take her to school. The little kids and I just hung out at home. I put Alaina down for a nap, and I took a shower and got ready. I was wanting to run some errands, but it was raining and freezing, and I knew it probably wasn't the smartest idea to get the kids out in that. So we just hung out at home and ate lunch. I got Alaina dressed, and then I was about to get Jude ready too. He had been wearing underwear all morning and had done great with them, but right before I was going to put a diaper on him so that we could go pick Aubrey up, he left a little "surprise" for me on the floor. He was very upset by it, and it turned into a huge mess for me to clean up. I finally got that taken care of, and I got him dressed, and we loaded up to go get Aubrey but we were running a few minutes late. After I got Aubrey, I ended up standing in the parking lot in the freezing rain talking to Sarah Denley for a while. We hadn't seen each other in ages. We finally headed home when I was shivering too much to talk anymore. Haha! When we got home, I put the kids down for naps. They napped, and I did some laundry and made some bread. I also made some baby food. David skipped karate and came home that evening since he had a meeting at church the next night and wouldn't be home then. I cooked dinner, and we ate together. It was very nice having David home on a Monday night! We bathed the kids and put them to bed. Alaina had a lot of trouble getting to sleep again, and I could NOT get her to sleep even after rocking her. David and I ended up trading -- he got Alaina to sleep, and I did Aubrey's bedtime routine with her. After they were asleep, David and I straightened up, I blogged, and I watched more Downton Abbey.

Tuesday: It was another cold, wet day. I debated on whether or not I should get the kids out for Bible Study, but since David had a meeting that night and wouldn't be home till late, I knew I needed to get out and see some other adults! :) We had a good Bible Study. We just had a discussion time instead of an actual study, and we talked about some of our personal and spiritual goals for the new year. It was a good time. After it was over, we came home for lunch. I put the kids down for naps after lunch, and I basically wasted naptime :) When they got up, we stayed upstairs and cleaned and organized Aubrey and Jude's rooms. It felt SO good to get that done, and we got their rooms looking awesome. (Of course that lasted about a day, but it sure was nice while it lasted!) When we came downstairs, I fixed them a snack, and then we just played. Aubrey watched a movie, and we had a low-key afternoon/early evening. We ate leftovers for dinner, and skipping cooking dinner without David at home helped the night go much more smoothly. After we ate, we played some more and I bathed Alaina. It was finally time for bed, so we all went upstairs. I put Jude to bed first, and Alaina and Aubrey played in his room while I went through his whole bedtime routine. Next, it was Aubrey's turn to go to bed, and Alaina played while I got Aubrey situated. Then I got Alaina ready for bed, gave her a bottle, and put her down. She cried and cried, so I rocked her and put her down again. I came downstairs and watched an episode of Downton Abbey, and then David let me know he was on his way home. Alaina woke up, so I went back up and rocked her again. At that point, I was worried that she was getting sick. When David got home, we talked for a while, and then we went to bed. Alaina woke up once or twice in the night, but nothing awful.

Wednesday: I helped get Aubrey ready for school, and she and David left. Once again, I was hoping to run errands, but once again, it was cold and rainy, so we skipped. Alaina napped, Jude played, and I got myself ready and straightened up around the house. We ate lunch, and then we went to pick Aubrey up. I took Jude and Alaina in with me, and we got Aubrey and headed home. The kids napped that afternoon, and when David got home, we got ready and went to church. We ate dinner there, and then I taught the 1st and 2nd graders. After church, David took the kids home, and I went out to Margarita's with some friends for chips and salsa. It was a lot of fun and nice to be out with friends after kind of a long week. My mom drove me home (she had gone too), and we were glad to get home before the weather got bad. There was a chance of snow and freezing rain that night. The kids were in bed when I got home, but David said Alaina had already been up several times, and we knew we were in for a long night. She had started to sound congested. David and I took turns rocking her and going to her room that night. She was up a TON.

Thursday: I was up with Alaina from 4:30-6am. She just seemed really uncomfortable, and she couldn't breathe when she was laying flat, so I propped her on my chest but she still couldn't seem to settle. David took over at 6 so that I could get some sleep. It had snowed in the night, so that worked in my favor because David didn't go in to work that morning. I got up around 8:30, and he had already taken the kids out in the snow (briefly) and it was melting. I wanted to take Alaina to the doctor to make sure her ears weren't infected. We got her an appointment for right around lunchtime. David was planning to go to work after lunch, so he took her to the doctor (I wasn't really looking presentable -- haha), and I drove through Chick Fil A with Aubrey and Jude and then met David to get Alaina after her appointment so that he could go on to work. Alaina's ears were fine. She just had a cold. That was good I guess, but I was bummed that we were doing all we could do and she was still sleeping so terribly. When we got home, I put the kids down for naps. Alaina only slept for 30 minutes :( Needless to say, I didn't get much done that afternoon. At all. When Aubrey and Jude got up, we played at home, and then I started working on dinner. We ate as soon as David got home.
Aubrey and Jude were in another room, and they came running into the kitchen like this. Aubrey exclaimed, "We're fairies!!" Ha!
We gave the kids baths that night, and then we put them to bed. David and I were nervous about how the night was going to go. We decided we'd do "shifts" so that we could each get at least half a night's sleep. David took the first shift and he was supposed to come get me sometime in the night. Well, he never did. Apparently Alaina was up a lot the first half of the night but not at all the second half. That worked out great for me, but I felt bad that I got a full night of sleep and David didn't.

Friday: Even after getting a decent night of sleep, I was so tired that day. I was more tired that day than I was the day before when I got hardly any sleep. I had planned to go to the gym, but then Alaina took a long morning nap, and I wasn't about to wake her up, so we just skipped and stayed home. Our day was boring. I got a few things done around the house, but nothing major. We ate lunch at home, and then it was naptime. Alaina's afternoon nap was on the short side. David came home a little early that afternoon because he had a leadership conference at church that weekend, so he wanted to see the kids before he had to go to that. We hung out for a while, and I got the kids dressed. We left at the same time as David and met my family (minus my dad who was at the conference with David) for dinner at a stir fry place.
This was how Jude went to dinner. That's a bandaid on his forehead, and there isn't a thing wrong with his forehead. Ha!
It was fun and so nice to be out of the house and around people! Haha! The kids got a little whiny towards the end, so we had to leave in a bit of a hurry. We all went to Hobby Lobby after dinner. I just looked around -- nothing I went in there for was on sale. We came home after that, and I got all three kids to bed. It's tough getting them all to bed by myself! That makes me so thankful that David helps out so much! I watched more Downton Abbey (I told you I'm obsessed!) until David got home. He told me about his evening and I told him about mine. We went to bed, and Alaina only woke up once in the night (and then again right before 6). Praise the LORD.

Saturday: David had to go back to church for the remainder of his conference. He had to be there at 8am, so that meant I had to get up with the kids. David left, and I fixed breakfast for the kids. We had kind of a rough morning. I'm not really even sure why, it just wasn't good. I felt SO snappy and short on patience. The usual bickering and mess making was just getting under my skin way more than usual, and I definitely wasn't being as patient or speaking as kindly as I usually try to. I feel like such a crappy person when I'm not sweet to my kids, so that just made the day even worse. I took a shower and got ready while Alaina napped. Thank God, David got home right after we finished lunch. He took over parenting responsibilities while I made a grocery list and went to Kroger. It was nice to take a breather. When I got home from the grocery store, we got the kids down for naps. David and I went to work around the house and got some things tidied up (we still had boxes of Christmas decorations in the dining room waiting to go into the attic). That also helped my stress level. I get SO stressed out when I feel like our house is a wreck. My mom came over that afternoon so that David and I could go on a date. Hallelujah! That should really turn my day around, right? Well, the date didn't go as planned. We were going to see Les Miserables at 4. I've been dying to see it since it came out, but the last time we had planned to see it, my mom got sick and we had to cancel. We were running a few minutes late, and the theater was packed when we got there. We got our tickets, though, and then got in line for popcorn. I'm not a huge popcorn fan, and we usually don't get any snacks at the movies, but I was starving. That took FOREVER. We finally got into the theater, and it was FULL. There were literally no seats except on the very front row. I knew it wasn't going to work, but I wanted so badly to see the movie, so we sat. We lasted about 2 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore. There was no way I could sit like that for 3 hours. We left. We tried to see another movie, but it was sold out. I don't know why the movie theater was so crazy that day, but I was super bummed. The most disappointing part was that we probably won't get to see Les Miz in theaters now. It's just hard to line up a babysitter for that long, and it more than likely won't even be out that much longer. So sad. This over-priced bag of popcorn was the only thing we got out of that whole experience.
We did get a refund on our tickets at least. So, David and I ended up just having a leisurely date, and it was fun even though it wasn't our original plan. We went to Home Goods and looked around, and then we went to Bone Fish for dinner. We had to wait a while, but it was good and we had good conversation! After dinner, we went to Barnes and Noble and got coffee and dessert. We headed home after that, and we got home pretty early. My mom had put Alaina to bed, but Aubrey and Jude were still up. We got them to bed, and had a low-key rest of the night.

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