Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Updates

Since I'm averaging about one lame blog post a week, I thought I would do a quick little post with some random updates.

-First and foremost, I've caught up on Downton Abbey and am now current on what's going on. I just finished watching the most recent episode. David will be very relieved to know this because this means I'll only be able to watch one episode a week now, and I might actually start talking to him some in the evenings again. Ha! After that last episode, I can't wait to see what happens next.

-I am SO SICK of pumping. I've only been doing it about a month, and I'm completely and totally over it. I have gained a huge respect for women who exclusively pump for long periods of time. Seriously, my hat is off to you! I'm pumping 4 times a day now, but it takes 20+ minutes every time, so that's a good little chunk of time I'm spending pumping. Sadly, I might end up having to supplement with some cow's milk before Alaina's birthday. I just don't produce as much pumping as I did when she was nursing, so we've really had to rely heavily on our freezer stash. I'm thawing about one bag of breastmilk a day now. I'm telling myself that if I have to use a little bit of cow's milk along with the breastmilk before her birthday, it's not the end of the world. I have to be careful that breastfeeding doesn't just become about meeting a goal I've set for myself. Of course, I think it's perfectly fine to set a goal for yourself and stick to that, but I don't want it to just be about challenging myself. I don't know if I'm making sense, but what I'm trying to say is that I need to focus on why I'm breastfeeding in the first place. I can honestly say that I've worked really hard to give Alaina breastmilk, but if she has to have some cow's milk a couple of weeks before her birthday, I'm going to have to come to terms with that and know that I did my best. I will definitely not be sad to say farewell to that pump!

-Speaking of Alaina, it's shocking to think that her birthday is in just over a month! I cannot even wrap my mind around that. I haven't given any thought to her birthday party. It will be very simple and small, but I want it to be special for our precious girl.

-Monday was a big day for us. We had our first meeting with our case worker for the adoption, and we officially began the home study process! I was nervous about the meeting, but it went well. David and I both liked and felt comfortable with our case worker. So now we have a BUTT LOAD of paper work to fill out, we have to have physicals, get finger printed, have background checks, apply for passports.... whew! There's obviously a lot that goes into the home study, but we're excited to be getting things checked off the list!

-I went and volunteered at a school for children with special needs today. The kids were precious and I enjoyed it. It was kind of overwhelming, though. It's just weird to imagine what our life might look like when we have a child with special needs. Of course we're excited, but there are just a lot of unknowns, and that's nerve wracking. David has been volunteering at this school for several weeks now, and the teachers all told me that he's a natural with these children. That was good to hear! :)

-I'm so ready for spring! Normally, I love winter. But this year I just haven't really been into it. It's not so much the cold that I haven't enjoyed, I just don't like it getting dark so early. It makes the evenings seem really long. I'm ready for more daylight so that we can go outside and play or go for walks after dinner. Plus, I'm ready for green trees and grass and summer clothes.... I'm sure after a few weeks of extreme heat I'll be ready for fall, but right now I'm looking forward to a new season!


Sarah Broadus said...

1) hands free bra for pumping (its a life saver)

2) almond milk instead of cows milk before her birthday or (GASP) Enfamil formula for big kids-

3)Yah! for the adoption process getting started!!! Praying for yall!

4) Is it the Little Light House? Carrie the director is a sweet friend of mine!

Amy said...

i loathe pumping. loathe it. i'm impressed you've stuck with it for this long...i don't think i could! it just feels like such a time suck. of course, when i was teaching K and having to pump i didn't mind it quite as much, because it was a nice little "free break" during the day - ha! :)

and i'm with you on the one post a week... i've been lucky to do that much. i'm hoping that i'll stop going to be with the blue hairs soon and i'll be able to blog more at night. ;)

my younger sister attended a special needs school... it was a LIFESAVER for her (and our family!) and it was wonderful volunteers like you and david that made part of her experience there so wonderful. what a blessing y'all are to those children!

Ashley said...

I'm so proud of yall and thrilled for you - as we've talked about, adoption is an amazing journey! I'm also thrilled you'll be at Created for Care with me - it will give you SUCH encouragement!!! I love you and miss you every day!