Friday, November 2, 2012


-We still don't have a new laptop. I am SO ready to start posting pictures again. I've never been so far behind, and it's kind of stressing me out. I usually don't get stressed out over blogging at all, but since this blog serves as our family scrapbook, it's really bugging me that I haven't posted pictures from a lot of "big" things that have happened lately. The first one being Aubrey's birthday back in September. And her first day of school. And going to the fair. And Halloween. And many other things in between. I might just have to resort to posting pictures from the desktop soon, but it's just SUCH a pain, especially now that I have so many to post. I never dreamed that our laptop would be out of commission for so long or I would have done that all along. I hate that we're having to buy another laptop right now since we're also car shopping. Oh, and it's time to start Christmas shopping too. Merry Christmas to us! ;)

-We're having family pictures made tomorrow. I'm nervous about how they're going to go. Aubrey doesn't like to "pose" for pictures, Jude doesn't like to sit still, and it's just a gamble with Alaina. She should be fine as long as she takes a good nap beforehand. I'm still not completely sure what we're all wearing, though. I'm just not great at picking out picture outfits. I have a hard time not being too "matchy-matchy" and mixing patterns. I know what the kids are wearing, but David and I are still up in the air. I probably won't be 100% sure until we're walking out the door and it's too late to change. Haha!

-Speaking of pictures, poor Alaina has 3rd child syndrome in that department. We did a Baby Plan with a professional photographer with Aubrey and Jude, so they had professional pictures taken every 3 months for the first year. With Alaina, we decided not to do that because it was just so hard to stick to that every 3 months schedule. We decided we'd just get pictures taken of her when she hit a new milestone or when it worked out for our schedule. Well..... we had pictures taken of her right after she was born. And that's it. Oops! So tomorrow, I'm going to take a change of clothes for her and get some special shots of just my sweet baby. If you read this one day, Alaina, I promise that the lack of professional pictures aren't a sign of how much we love you. You're JUST as cute a your brother and sister!!! Haha!

-Aubrey is in the Children's Choir at church on Wednesday night. It's technically for 4K and up, and Aubrey is in 3K since she has that September birthday. But since she was already 4, and just in the nursery on Wednesday nights, the sweet lady who directs the Children's Choir said she could come to Choir. She has enjoyed it! They have their first little "performance" on Sunday night in big church and they'll be singing a couple of songs. I wasn't sure if Aubrey would participate in that or wait another year. We talked to her about it, and she's going to try it. They practiced on Wednesday night, and Aubrey sang and did well. I'm kind of nervous though, to be honest. I'm just scared that she is going to freak out when she gets up in front of everyone and cause a scene. You know, there's always that one child who does something hilarious and everyone watches that child and then gives their parents a hard time afterwards. Yeah, I'm afraid it might be our turn to be "those parents." Haha! The kids won't be up there long, though, so hopefully she'll do fine.

-I think we might start hardcore potty training Jude in the next couple of days. By hardcore, I mean buy him some underwear and see what happens. If it doesn't go well, that's ok. He's still young, so we'll just try again later. I'm nervous! Even though we've already potty trained one child, I still feel like I have no clue what I'm doing! Plus, I'm in whole new territory with a boy. Ha! We'll see how it goes. The worst thing that can happen is that I get tee tee (or poo poo... *shudder*) all over my house for a few days and then we give up. NBD. ;)

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