Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week in Review: Book Club and Fall Festival

Last week was a good ole normal week :) Nothing overly exciting, but that's just fine with me. 

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School that morning. We were running so late for some reason that day. After church, we came home and ate chicken chili for lunch. I took a nap that afternoon, and we went back to church that evening. We were running late AGAIN. Don't know why we couldn't get it together that day. After church, we went to dinner at Jason's Deli with my brother, John, and his girlfriend, Anna. We had a great time hanging out with them! They're pretty fun :) After dinner, it was late, so we rushed home to get Aubrey to bed at a decent hour since she had school the next day.

Monday: I got up that morning to help get Aubrey ready for school. David took her, and the little kids and I just hung out at home that morning. I got Alaina down for a nap and got myself and Jude ready. We left to go meet David at the cell phone store to look at new phones. It was time for David to get a new phone, and I had been wanting an iPhone (I had a different kind of smart phone), so David took my phone and let me get the iPhone. He's sweet :) We are both happy with our "new" phones! After we finished at the cell phone store, it wasn't quite time to get Aubrey yet, so we went to David's office for a little while and fed Alaina some baby food. The kids and I then went to pick up Aubrey. We came home for naps, and I played around with my new phone. I also read my Bible Study homework for the next day. That afternoon, the kids and I went on a walk up and down our street, and then we came home and I cooked dinner. The rest of the evening was spent playing and waiting for David to get home. When he did get home, we got the kids to bed, and I watched the presidential debate.

Tuesday: That morning was Bible Study. It went well, and we had good discussions. After it was over, the kids and I came home. We had an uneventful afternoon. When David got home, we went outside for a little while, and I fixed some dinner. I had book club that night, and I left a little early to run to a few stores. I was looking for some tights for Alaina to wear with her Halloween costume, but I didn't find what I was looking for. Book club met at McAlister's, and it was so fun! We had read Ella Minnow Pea, and I thought it was so cute and funny! We discussed the book briefly, but then we moved on to other topics :) We decided to read a book on Mormonism for next month, so that should be interesting. We're all interested to learn more about that. We stayed until McAlister's closed, and then I headed home. David and I talked for a while before bed.

Wednesday: Aubrey had school that morning, and David took her. Jude, Alaina, and I hung out at home that morning because someone was supposed to be coming to look at our a/c. He was a no show, though, so we finally just left after lunch and went to Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby. I fed Alaina baby food in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby. After that, it was time to pick up Aubrey. We came home and had rest time, and I looked over my material for teaching that night. David got home, and we all went to church. After dinner, I taught the 1st and 2nd graders, and then we came home and put the kids to bed.

Thursday: We had the most uneventful day ever. We stayed home, and I did some housework. The a/c man who didn't show up the day before came that morning. I've noticed that days when we stay home all day seem to be when Aubrey and Jude fight and bicker the most, so it wasn't the most pleasant morning. After a while, I needed to just strap everyone down and have a change of scenery, so we went for a drive :) We drove by our old house and then we drove through Chick Fil A. We came home and ate and played outside for a little while. Then it was finally naptime :) I didn't have tutoring that afternoon, and David didn't have karate because the boys from my dad's ministry were out of school, so David got home early and I ran to the grocery store and cooked dinner. While I was cooking, David cut the grass. After we ate, we had a family devotion and then bathed the kids before putting them to bed. The rest of our night was low-key.

Friday: When we got up that morning, I straightened up the house and got us all ready. Sarah Denley and her kids came over for lunch and we had a nice visit. After they left, I put the kids down for naps. Alaina didn't sleep as long as I was hoping. When David got home, we got ready to go to some friends' house. A family from our church who moved out of state about a year ago was in town for a visit, so another family had a bunch of people over to hang out with them. It was so much fun! We ate chili and had s'mores and the kids just ran wild all over their house. Haha :) We stayed until it was bedtime, and then we came home and got the kids to bed. After they were asleep, David and I did some internet car shopping until late.

Saturday: David got up with Aubrey and Jude and took them to the Farmer's Market, and Alaina and I got up around 8. The two of us just hung out at home and enjoyed the quiet :) I had just gotten her down for a nap when David and the kids got back. I got ready and we fed the kids lunch and got them down for naps. Then I ran out to find a turtleneck for Alaina to wear with her costume, and I had to go to a ton of stores to find one. When I got back, we got the kids up and started getting them ready for our Fall Festival at church. I put Aubrey's (AKA Cinderella) hair in a bun and she was thrilled :) It was so fun seeing her so excited about her costume and it made me happy that I let her dress as something that she was really excited about (as opposed to something that might would have been more "cute" to me). I must say, she made a beautiful Cinderella :) Jude was Gus the mouse, and he looked hilariously precious. Alaina was the little pumpkin that turned into Cinderella's carriage :) She, too, looked adorable. Of course I have pictures, but no, we still haven't gotten our new computer. Haha! Soon. Anyway, we had fun at the Fall Festival, but it was cold. Alaina didn't really enjoy the cold and was fussy. David was working a game at the festival, so he wasn't able to hang out with us, but thankfully, I had lots of help. My family was there of course, and David's mom and both of my grandmothers and my grandfather all came to see the kids, too. They have quite a fan club :) We stayed until the end, and then we left to go get dinner. We ate at Newk's and then we came home and got our tired kids to bed. I needed to go to the grocery store, but it was late and cold, and I just didn't want to. So I got some meat out of the freezer and threw it in the crockpot for lunch the next day and called it a night :)

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

Can't wait to see Gus! I wanted Henry to be a Gus too since Evie is Cinderella. I agree with you -Cinderella might not have been my first choice but it thrilled Evie's little heart and that's what really matters.