Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Week in Review: New A/C and Gulf Shores

So, guess what? My new laptop battery finally came in, but the laptop still doesn't work :( David is going to take it somewhere and see if we can get it fixed. He doesn't think this will be the case, but if there is something major wrong with it, we have potentially lost about 1300 pictures. Surprisingly, I'm not as freaked out by that possibility as I would have thought I'd be. First of all, I don't think we've lost our pictures. Second, as sad as it would be to lose all those pictures, life would go on. Anyway, all that to say, I still can't post pictures. I'm getting overwhelmed with the thought of how behind I am on posting pictures. It's going to take me FOREVER to get caught up. Ahhh!

So, you might remember that I made a little trip this past weekend. It was a girls' beach trip, and I was excited, but nervous about leaving Alaina for the first time. It went great! I definitely missed my family, but the trip was a blast, and David did SO WELL with all three kids by himself all weekend. Seriously, he's super dad! 

Anyway, I'm continuing the "highlight" version of the Week in Review, so here goes:

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School and then came home and ate potato soup for lunch. We went back to church that evening and came home for leftovers that night. We got all of Aubrey's school stuff together before bed that night.

Monday: David took Aubrey to school that morning. Someone was supposed to be coming early afternoon to replace our air conditioner, so I had just enough time to get myself and Jude and Alaina ready and go to a kids' clothing sale and get home before they arrived. I got us all ready (not easy with two fussy children), and we got outside and started to load up. And my car wouldn't crank. I was SO MAD. I was almost in tears I was so frustrated. We came back inside and hung out at our hot house all morning. I fed Jude lunch, and the man came and replaced our a/c, and that made the day slightly better. I got Jude and Alaina down for naps. David had to pick Aubrey up and bring her home since the a/c guy was here (it worked out well that that was already our plan since my car wouldn't start). David was able to do something to my car to fix it while I put Aubrey in her room for a nap. David went back to work, and I got some things done around the house. I made some tacos for dinner that afternoon, and my mom came over to watch the kids so that I could go to the sale I tried to go to that morning. I got some cute stuff and then came back home. We ate dinner and I bathed the kids. We then watched Dancing with the Stars until David got home. We put the kids to bed and talked and went to bed ourselves.

Tuesday: I was planning to go to Bible Study. We were starting a new study and I was looking forward to it. Alaina was up off and on all night coughing, though, so I knew I'd need to skip. We had a low-key day. It was a little boring, but I was able to get some stuff done. The kids napped that afternoon, and I got ready. When David got home, I was ready to get out of the house. We needed some things from Target, so we decided to all go. After our Target run, we went to Mazzios and ate dinner. Real healthy, right? ;) It was nice to be out, though. David and I were both SO tired after being up a lot the night before. We put the kids to bed and I watched the Dancing results show and went to bed fairly early.

Wednesday: Aubrey went to school, and the little kids and I got ready to meet SD and Graves for lunch. We went to Newk's and had a lot of fun! I went straight from lunch to pick up Aubrey at school. I put all three kids down for naps when we got home, and then I straightened up the house and looked over my material for teaching that night. David came home and we went to church that evening. I realized when we were almost there that I had left my box of teaching material at home. I was SO mad at myself, but there wasn't anything to do about it at that point. We ate dinner at church, and then I taught. I taught the lesson from memory (it worked out well that I had just gone over it that afternoon) and then we just reviewed our memory work while the kids colored. It actually worked out really well. After church, we came home and got our kids to bed. The rest of the evening was uneventful.

Thursday: We stayed home that morning, and I tried to get a few things done around the house. It seems like I ALWAYS end up being so rushed to get out the door for tutoring, so I decided to try to get ready that morning so it might not be as frantic trying to leave on time. I got the kids bathed and got their clothes picked out before I put them down for naps. I cooked pasta pesto for the weekend that afternoon, and then I picked out clothes for myself and got the kids up and ready. We made it to tutoring on time :) That went well, and we finished up early because the kids didn't have much homework that day. After tutoring, we hung out at church. David and I were going to a banquet for Bethany Christian Services that evening, and my parents were going to take our kids home and watch them while we went. When David finished up teaching karate, he changed clothes, and my mom left with our kids. David and I then went to the banquet. We were excited about going because we are planning on adopting through Bethany. There was a silent auction, and we won a photo shoot with a photographer who we go to church with. I'm excited about that :) The banquet was great, and when we got home, Jude and Alaina were in bed, but Aubrey was still up hanging out with my family :) She wanted me to put her to bed, so I did. I had started to get a little sad about leaving the kids (and David!) for the weekend at that point, so I was glad to have some extra time with Aubrey that night. I then did some packing and went to bed.

Friday: Alaina got up early and I nursed her and put her in the bed with me. I was really sad about leaving her, and if I hadn't already committed to the trip, I might would have backed out. I knew she'd be fine with David, it's just always so hard to leave for the first time. I finally got up around 8, and I got ready and finished packing. David had taken the day off so that he could keep the kids, and I felt better leaving them knowing they would be with him the whole time. I nursed Alaina at 10, and she fell asleep and I snuggled her for a while and put her in bed for a nap. It worked out really well, because it wasn't as sad to leave her since she was asleep. Then Rebekkah got here to pick me up, and I was so excited to see her and spend time with her that I started to feel good about going again. I was still going to miss my babies, but I knew I'd enjoy my weekend. Rebekkah and I rode together, and we had a really great time catching up. We just talked, talked, talked :) We stopped several times, and I pumped in the car. We made it to Gulf Shores that afternoon, and we met up with all of our friends (there were 14 of us total). We're all moms, and we were just kind of giddy about being at the beach with no responsibilities or schedules. Haha! We walked to The Hangout for dinner. It wasn't that great, but it was still fun! ;) After dinner, Rebekkah, Megan, and I made a Target and TCBY run -- yum! :) When we got back to the condo, we all sat around talking. Then we got ready for bed. Rebekkah, Megan, and I shared a room and we stayed up even later talking.

Saturday: I got up around 7:30, and I was one of the last ones up. Ha! This group was full of morning people, apparently ;) We hung around the condo and ate breakfast, and then we got ready and went to the beach! I was so excited to be at the beach. We hung out there for a couple of hours, and then it started to get windy and overcast. We went in for lunch, and Rebekkah and I decided we had had enough of the beach and since it looked like it was going to rain, we thought hitting the outlet mall would be the smart thing to do. Hahaha! We asked everyone if they wanted to go with us, but no one took us up on it ;) The two of us were able to get ready while everyone else was at the beach, which probably worked out well since we had 14 women sharing two bathrooms. First, Rebekkah and I went to an antique store, and then we went to the outlet mall. It started pouring while we were there, and we were happy to be at the mall rather than the beach :) We stayed all afternoon, and we could have stayed longer, but we had to leave to go pick up pizza for the group for dinner. We ate at the condo that evening, and then we played a game. I can't remember the name of it, but someone asks a question and everyone writes their answer down, and then one person has to guess who gave what answer. It was hilarious, and guess who won? Yours truly! ;) Over the course of the trip, we had SO many laughs. I laughed so hard I cried several times. So fun! We went to bed late, and once again, Rebekkah, Megan, and I stayed up talking. (I'll post pictures from the trip one of these days).


Sarah Denley said...

Another example of how you are the most laid back friend I have. "Oh I might have lost all my pictures? I don't really think so, but if so, NBD." I want to be like you one day. Ahh. Clearly I would be loosing my mind as I nearly lost my mind about my blog DESIGN today. Whatever, I'm glad you're so reasonable. At least you almost cried about the car thing :)

Nathalie said...

Sounds like a fantastic girls' trip!! I'm so jealous!