Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week in Review: Home Sweet Home, Car Shopping, and the Fair

Last week was a good, normal week. I felt like I spent the first half of the week recovering from my girls' weekend away. It wasn't a wild trip or anything (not by a long shot), but I was so tired the first half of the week. Haha! David took the laptop to the computer doctor, and it's officially dead. I mean, it can be fixed, but I don't think it's really worth it, so I guess we'll be getting a new one. I think they said it was the Mother Board? Or something. Clearly, I'm not a computer person ;) The good news is that our pictures are still there and fine, and we'll be able to access them at some point. I can put pictures on the desktop (that's how I posted the pictures of Alaina in her 7 month post), but I can only do a few at a time because our desktop doesn't have much space on it. Ha! So, obviously, our computer sitch isn't exactly ideal right now. I'm having a hard time coming up with things to blog about without pictures, so hopefully this will be straightened up soon!

Sunday: I was still in Gulf Shores. We got up and got ready to go to a church in Fairhope that morning. Fourteen women had to get ready for church in two bathrooms. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, though :) We had to be packed up when we left for church because we were leaving to come home straight from church. We stopped and ate lunch  after church at this really good restaurant, and then we got on the road home. It was sad saying goodbye to Rebekkah! I rode home with a fun group, though, so the drive wasn't bad :) We got to our church just in time for evening worship. I was so excited to see David and the kids! I took Alaina to the nursery and nursed her. We came home after church, and we got all the kids to bed, and then David and I talked about our weekends and went to bed late.

Monday: David took Aubrey to school that morning, and Jude, Alaina, and I got ready and went to the grocery store. I usually try to avoid going to the grocery store with the kids, but it was unavoidable this week. I fed Jude lunch when we got home, and then we went to pick Aubrey up. It was naptime when we got home, and I joined in on that ;) When we all got up, we hung out at home and I cooked dinner. That evening, I bathed the kids, and we watched Dancing with the Stars. David came home, we put the kids to bed, and I read my chapter for Bible Study the next day.

Tuesday: We went to Bible Study that morning. We started a new study on the "Legacy of Biblical Womanhood" and I think it's going to be really good. I fed the kids lunch when we got home, and then my mom came over to watch them so that I could meet David to go look at cars. We took our carseats and tried them in every kind of car you can imagine. It looks like the minivan is going to definitely be our best bet ;) Now we just have to shop around and find a good deal. When I got home, Aubrey and Alaina were up from their naps, but Jude had JUST fallen asleep. My mom left, and the girls and I just hung out until it was time to wake Jude up. When David came home, we played outside for a while, and I cooked dinner. We all ate together, and then I went to meet my friend Gray at Cups for coffee. We had so much fun! We stayed until they closed just talking and catching up :) When I got home, the kids were in bed, and David and I talked for a little while before bed.

Wednesday: David took Aubrey to school again, and I got myself and the little kids ready. We drove through Chick Fil A to get some lunch for Jude. He ate it in the car, and then we went in Hobby Lobby. We just strolled around for a long time. We got some fall decorations, and then we left to go get Aubrey. We had some time to kill, so we rode around for a while, and then I just ended up parking in a parking lot until it was time to get her. We came home for naps after picking her up. She is always SO tired (and usually grumpy) when I pick her up from school. That evening, we just met David at church because he had a late appointment so he couldn't come home before church. We ate dinner, and then it was time for our various activities. We came home when church was over and got the kids to bed. I got on the internet for a while before going to bed.

Thursday: Our morning was uneventful. We played and did some school work and I bathed the kids. I cooked some soup that I ate for lunch and that we were also going to have for diner that night. The kids took naps, and I got ready to go to church for tutoring. That went well, but the children didn't have much homework, so I only tutored for about 30 minutes. My mom watched Alaina and Jude at church for me while Aubrey and I went and bought some pumpkins and mums. I let Aubrey pick out some little pumpkins, and she was so excited about that :) When we got back to the church, David was done with karate, so he drove the kids home, and I took his car and stopped at Target to pick up some medicine for Alaina. We ate dinner that evening, and then we got the kids to bed. David and I worked on cleaning the house that night because we were having company for his birthday the next night.

Friday: We had kind of a crazy morning. We were getting ready to go to Sarah Denley's house for a play date, and Aubrey and Jude decided it would be fun to dump an entire bottle of kid shampoo on themselves in the living room and then rub it in to their hair and all over their bodies. I was NOT happy. I put them in the shower and hosed them off, and then I got them dressed. David called to say our dog was out (AGAIN) so I would need to go pick her up. Needless to say, we were running late. We finally got to SD's house, and we had fun in spite of the stressful morning. When we came home, I got the kids down for naps, but Alaina kept waking up. I got a little stressed about that because I needed to get things done before our families came over that evening. I finally got her good and asleep, and then I cooked some lasagna. That was David's request for his birthday dinner :) I did some minor cleaning (nothing too major since it was just family), and then we got the kids up and my family and David's family came over. We had a fun evening celebrating David! After everyone went home, we put the kids to bed and straightened up a little. We went to bed fairly late.

Saturday: The kids surprised us by all sleeping until almost 8:30! That was nice! :) When they woke up, we all got ready to go to the state fair. It ended up taking us FOREVER to get out the door. We were planning to take Alaina to David's mom while we took the older two to the fair, but his mom had to do something that afternoon, so since it was so late when we left home, we just took Alaina with us. She did great, so that wasn't a big deal. We had so much fun at the fair! I'll post more about that when I can post pictures too, but let's just say that's Jude's favorite ride was his stroller. Ha! Bless his heart, he cried on everything he rode, and he just pointed and said "stroller" because he wanted to get back in there and STAY in there. Haha! We ate lunch at the fair and went to the petting zoo, and then we headed home. We were all worn out! We put the kids down for naps, and then I went to several stores looking for some fall play clothes for the kids. When I got home, everyone (including David) was still napping. We got everyone up and made a grocery list, and then we went to dinner at Newk's. I ran in Target after that, and then we went to Kroger. We came home, bathed the kids, and put everyone to bed after a long day.


Whitney said...

Please share how you grocery shop with two! I took just Sam the other day, and with his seat in the main cart area, I could squeeze like 5 things around him!

Carrie said...

I wish I had some good "grocery shopping with two" tips to share, but I don't! It's just hard. When I did it last week, Alaina was really fussy, so I carried her and pushed the cart with one hand while Jude rode. Not ideal, but we managed! :)