Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week in Review: Rushing, Rushing

Last week was one of those weeks that was just SO busy. A couple of times, I felt super overwhelmed. Eveything that I needed to accomplish needed to be accomplished immediately, so I got a little frazzled. I've learned that I love staying busy, but I really don't like feeling rushed. I felt like I was in a huge hurry all week and everything seemed like a race against the clock. Thankfully, all of the important things got done, and the week ended with a fun birthday party for our sweet almost 4 year old :) (By the way, my laptop is screwed up AGAIN :/ So I'll post pictures later.)

Sunday: I was hoping that everyone would finally be well enough for us to all go to church that morning, but Aubrey had started running fever the night before :( David stayed home with her, and I took the two babies to church with me. It was a good morning at church. I helped out in the 4 and 5 year old class during Sunday School. The lady who teaches that age has been teaching for many years, and she does such a great job. After church, Jude, Alaina, and I came home. I had asked David to cook some spaghetti noodles for our spaghetti that we were having for lunch. When I got home, I noticed that the flame wasn't on on our gas stove, but the burner was turned on. Apparently the water had boiled over at some point and put out the flame without David noticing. I smelled gas, so of course I freaked out. We opened all the windows and doors and brought a fan down. We got the house all aired out, and then we ate lunch when I felt like it was safe ;) After all the "excitement" we got the kids down for naps, and I baked a cake for David to take to church that night. I then took a nap. That evening, there was a meeting after church for all of our church leaders, so David wasn't going to be able to take any of the kids to church with him since he wouldn't be coming straight home. When he left to go to church, I loaded the kids up, and we drove through Schlotzsky's to get dinner. It was partly because I didn't want to fix dinner, and partly just to kill some time :) We ate when we got home, and both Aubrey and Jude ate really well and were really sweet. I was pleasantly surprised. That evening, we just played at home, and when it got close to bedtime, I left Aubrey downstairs with Alaina and took Jude up for bed. He went down easily, and then Alaina was so exhausted that I went ahead and got her to sleep and let Aubrey stay up a little later. After I got the baby down, I took Aubrey up for bed. I RARELY put her to bed at night, so it was sweet to have that time with her. I enjoyed the quiet house after they were all in bed. David got home later, and we talked for a while before bed.

Monday: This was Labor Day, so David had the day off :) That meant I got to sleep in, which was so nice. When I got up, I was happy to hear that Aubrey had gotten up fever free. David and I both worked on lots of different things around the house all day. He did yardwork, and I painted our kitchen island and Aubrey's nightstand. I also worked on painting some built-ins in our living room. This was all between lunch and naps for the kiddos :) I took Aubrey to a shoes store during naptime to get her some shoes for school. Unfortunately, they didn't have her size in the shoes I wanted. We came home, and she had rest time, and I got back to work. I love super productive days when we get lots done around the house. I took a shower that evening, and David grilled some steaks. I made sides to go with them, and we had a great dinner. We bathed the kids and they played until bedtime. I kept working on a few projects until bed.

Tuesday: Since Aubrey had been fever free for 24 hours, we were able to go to Bible Study that morning. We talked about prayer. When it was over, I got the kids out of the nursery and we came home. We ate lunch, and I put the kids down for naps. Alaina woke up, so I laid in my bed with her and ended up taking a nice nap myself :) When we got up that afternoon, I started cooking dinner. When David got home, he played with the kids while I finished dinner. We ate baked chicken and veggies, and then I got ready to go to a lady's house from church to hear a missions report from some other ladies who had recently been to Belize. I stopped at Party City on my way and got a few things for Aubrey's birthday party. I enjoyed hearing about the trip to Belize and seeing their pictures. When I got home, David said Alaina hadn't taken much of her bottle at all. She was asleep in bed, though. David and I talked for a while, and then I went upstairs and fed Alaina before I went to bed.

Wednesday: I needed to get some school supplies for Aubrey, so I took the kids to my parents' house so that I didn't have to do the shopping with all of them. I went to Wal-Mart and got what we needed. It took much longer than it should have because I was way over-thinking everything. Haha! When I picked the kids up, we came home and ate lunch. I then put them down for their naps. I tried to be productive around the house while they were napping, and I also got ready for church that night. I got the kids up and got them completely ready so that we could leave as soon as David got home from work. We left early and got gas, and then we went to a shoe store to get some school shoes for Aubrey and some tap shoes for her. David sat in the car with Jude and Alaina, and Aubrey and I went in. We got what we needed, thankfully, and then we went on to church. We ate dinner there, and then I taught the 1st and 2nd graders with my friend. We got the kids and came home after class. David and I put them to bed, and then I got on the internet for a little while.

Thursday: There was a consignment sale that morning that I wanted to go to, so I got up early and got ready. I then got the kids ready, and I took them to my parents' house. I went to the sale, and it wasn't that great, but I did manage to find some good things for Jude. I think I bought all the longalls they had in his size. Ha! I stopped on the way back to my parents' house and got Chick Fil A for all of us. We ate when we got back (my brother had just gotten home from having his wisdom teeth removed, so I got a milkshake for him :). I was going to tutor at church that afternoon, and my mom was going to watch my kids there, so she asked if Aubrey could just hang out with her until tutoring. I let her, of course. I took Jude and Alaina home for naps. While they slept, I gathered up everything we needed to take with us. We were going straight from tutoring to Meet the Teacher night at Aubrey's school. Crazy day! I got Jude and Alaina up, and we got to tutoring only a few minutes late ;) The tutoring went well. When it was over, I talked to my mom a few minutes, and then she left. David was at church by this point teaching karate. The kids and I just hung out in the nursery until he finished. I fed Alaina and changed Aubrey's clothes and fixed her hair. Then we all loaded up and dropped Jude off at David's parents' house. We just took Alaina with us. Meet the teacher night was a little chaotic. It was good for Aubrey to see her classroom and meet her teacher, though, even though she was shy. By the time we left, it was 7:30, and we hadn't even had dinner yet. We picked Jude up, and then we had to go back by our church to get David's car. He took the kids on home in my car, and I drove through Cane's on the way home to get some dinner for us. Jude had eaten at David's parents house, so David had him in bed when I got home. David, Aubrey, and I ate, and then he put Aubrey to bed and I got Alaina to bed. Whew! I just relaxed after the hectic day :)

Friday: The kids all ended up sleeping late after our crazy day. I woke up at 8:15, and Jude was just waking up. I went up to get him, and he didn't want to get up! Ha! So, I left him in bed and came down and took a quick shower. I was able to get almost completely ready before I got anyone up. I got the kids dressed, fed them a quick breakfast, and then we left to go to a playdate with some friends from church. We left the house about 9:15. Not bad considering we had all four been asleep an hour before! ;) We went to my friend Anna's house, and we had a lot of fun! The kids all played well together, and the Mamas had fun talking :) We left before lunchtime, and we got home right in time to eat and take naps. Great morning! ;) I put the kids down, and I got busy making myself to-do lists for Aubrey's birthday party. I made a grocery list and did some cleaning. When David got home, we went to McAlister's for dinner, and then we went to Hobby Lobby and Party City. We were going to go get our groceries, but it was getting late and the kids were tired. We came home and got everyone to bed, and then I went back to Wal-Mart. I got everything we needed for the party and came home and unloaded everything. David and I got some more stuff done before going to bed about 12:30. I think we should have stayed up later getting more done, though.

Saturday: David took Aubrey and Jude to the Farmer's Market like usual that morning, and Alaina and I slept later than we should have considering how much I needed to get done. When we got up, we got dressed and went to Kroger for a few things I didn't get at Wal-Mart, and then we stopped at a antique/junk sale. I got a couple of old windows. When we got home, I baked some cupcakes, and then David and the kids came home with pizza for lunch. We ate and he bathed the kids and put them down for naps. I worked on last minute housework and setting up. Everything was going along fine until I looked at the clock and we had like an hour to do about a million things. I freaked out and had a panic attack. Haha. Then I marked a bunch of stuff off the to-do list that sadly wasn't going to get done. I was in my bathroom putting makeup on at the time the party was supposed to start and Jude and Alaina were still asleep. Thankfully, everyone was a few minutes late :) In spite of the stressful hour before the party, it was a fun time! I think everything turned out cute too. Aubrey loved playing with her little friends and the adults had fun hanging out. I'll do a separate party post. After all of the guests left, we got everything picked up and put away, and I went to the grocery store to get food for the week. The kids ate leftovers for dinner, and we got them to bed. It had been a great day, but a busy, crazy week, so David and I went to bed at a reasonable hour that night :)

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