Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week in Review: The Cold that Never Ends

Our week started and ended with sickness with a well spell in the middle. Oh my goodness, I'm so ready for our kids (and us!) to stop passing this cold back and forth. It's getting a bit ridiculous. Other than that, we had a good, low-key week.

Sunday: I thought we were finally going to all get to go to church together after weeks of sickness, but Alaina started coughing Saturday night and coughed all. night. long. She was also really congested. David ended up moving to the couch and I put Alaina in the bed with me so that we wouldn't have to go upstairs to replace her paci every time she coughed. I really thought she still had her ear infection since she had only been off her antibiotic a few days and was sick again. David had to go to church Sunday night because he was doing sound, so I needed to go that morning. I got up and got ready, and David helped me get Aubrey and Jude ready. I wanted to have Alaina's ears checked, so David got her an appointment while we were at church. We had a good morning at church, and David let me know that Alaina's ears were fine. The doctor said it was just a "head cold." I was happy to hear that she didn't need more medicine, but so OVER the head colds!! Aubrey, Jude, and I came home after church and we ate lunch.
Their sweet daddy brought them suckers from the doctor's office... they enjoyed them :)
My poor sick baby :(
I was so tired after the long night, and I enjoyed my Sunday nap that day :) David, Aubrey, and Jude went to church that night, and Alaina and I stayed home. I enjoyed my one on one time with her, and she was sweet :) We got the kids fed and put to bed after they got home, and then I read my book club book until bed.

Monday: Alaina had a much better night, thank God. We got up and got dressed to go to the gym that morning. I took the kids to my parents' house, and I worked out. I picked them up after I finished, and we came home for lunch.
Sadly, this is a face I see often these days. Especially around mealtime.
I got the kids fed and down for naps. I took a shower and got dressed, and then I read, read, read. Once again, I was down to the wire on finishing my book club book. I even ordered this one way early. Oh well, I guess that's just the way I roll ;) Jude took quite a while to fall asleep, and when he finally did, it was late. That put him waking up late while I was cooking dinner. He woke up in a terrible mood. He just wanted to be held, and I couldn't hold him because I was smack in the middle of cooking. Alaina was in her exersaucer, and she started to get fussy, and then she had a coughing spell. I had to pick her up to make sure she was ok, and that TICKED Jude OFF. He had a screaming fit, and I just had to send him into the other room. I was so stressed out at that point. I finally got to a point where I could walk away from the stove, and I went to talk to Jude. He was just out of control. He finally calmed down, and we ate dinner. (By the way, Aubrey was coloring happily during all of the craziness, but after a while, she started saying, "I'm SO TIRED of listening to all of the screaming!!!" Me too, Aubrey. Me too.) Dinner went a little better, and I let Jude sit in my lap since he had calmed down, which made him happy. The rest of our evening was much better, thankfully.
The boy LOVES to sweep. LOVES.
We played at home all evening, and I bathed Alaina and put Aubrey and Jude in the tub. David got home while they were still in there, so he bathed them off and got them out. We got the kids all to bed, and he ate dinner and we talked. I then read some more and got almost finished with my book club book before I went to bed.

Tuesday: Alaina was much better, so we were able to go to Bible Study. I thought we were going to be pretty late, but they hadn't started yet when we got to church. Our study was good. We talked more on how to study your Bible. After it was over, I fed Alaina in the nursery before we left. We drove through Chick Fil A and picked up lunch on the way home. The kids ate, and I put them down for naps. While they slept, I was able to finish my book for book club that night. I got the house straightened up, and then the kids got up. When David got home, I fixed some dinner for them, and I got myself ready to go to book club. We met at a restaurant and had a really great discussion. We had read The Betrayal, which is a historical fiction book on John Calvin. Our discussion ended up being pretty deep. I got convicted while I was reading the book on how much time I waste. We discussed practical ways we could spend more time with the Lord and really grow in godliness. I realized one major time suck in my life is Twitter. So, I deleted my Twitter account. I was kind of sad to do it, but I just know I can use that time more wisely. We stayed fairly late, and I talked to David when I got home. He had had a good evening with the kids. We went to bed pretty late.

Wednesday: We were possibly going to be getting bad weather that day because of Hurricane Isaac, but the weather wasn't bad when we got up, so we got ready and went to the gym. I took the kids to my parents' house and worked out. When I got back to pick them up, I fed Alaina. We played with my dad's new {ADORABLE} puppy for a few minutes. We were just about to leave when my dad asked if we wanted to stay for lunch. He had the day off since the weather was potentially bad (they had cancelled school), so he cooked breakfast for lunch. We hung out while he cooked, and then we ate. It was fun and so good! The kids and I came home after we ate. I somehow managed to keep Jude awake in the car on the way home. I got them down for their naps, and then I took a shower and got ready for church. David got home, and we got the kids ready and went to church. We ate dinner, and then I helped with the first and second graders. My friend and I are teaching together this semester, and we're taking turns with the teaching. This was her chapter, so I was just there for crowd control :) We went to the gym and let the kids play after class, and then David and I gather up our kids and headed home. It was raining, but the weather wasn't bad at all. We got the kids to bed when we got home, and then I got on the internet for a little while before bed.

Thursday: Again, there was a possibility for bad weather, so we stayed home all day. The weather was stormy and rainy, but it never got worse than that here. It was actually my favorite kind of day -- dark, overcast, and rainy :) We had a good, low-key morning. Aubrey watched a movie, and Jude played and I held Alaina. I put her down for a nap, but she didn't sleep long. We went outside on the back porch and watched the rain. Aubrey and Alaina sat in my lap, and Jude went further and further into the rain until he was finally just full-out playing in it. I just let him because he was having so much fun. It was windy and cool and really peaceful. After a while, we came in. I got Jude dried off and cleaned up, and then I fixed lunch for everyone.
"Should I make things easy on Mama and just eat my lunch? Nah..."
They ate, and then I got them down for naps. I took a shower, and when I got out, I had a sinus headache. I took some medicine and took a nap. David got home from work early because their power was out at work, and he came into our room and turned down Aubrey and Jude's monitors. Alaina woke up after a little while, and I went to get her. She still seemed tired, so I put her in the bed with me to see if she would go back to sleep. We both dozed back off, and I woke up an hour later. I ended up getting a long nap! It was nice :) I got up, and we all just hung out that evening. I had put a roast in the crockpot that morning, so I fixed sides to go with it, and we ate dinner. We hung out at home the rest of the night, and we put the kids to bed and then I ran to Kroger. I then played around on the internet until bed. I wasn't really tired after my long nap, and it took me a while to go to sleep.

Friday: When we woke up, we ate breakfast, and then the kids played while I straightened up the house and fixed some pasta pesto. I put Alaina down for a nap, but she didn't sleep very long. Morning naps are hit or miss. I took a shower and got ready while I also held her. She hadn't napped long enough and was fussy. I got the kids dressed, and then Sarah Denley and her kids came over. We ate lunch and had lots of fun :) The kids played together well. Jude was actually the sweetest he's been to Graves in a LONG time. One time, we looked over, and Jude was leaned down with his mouth on Graves's leg. I freaked out because I thought he was about to bite him, but Jude was actually kissing him. It was funny and cute. Of course, there were still some little squabbles over toys, but I think that will always be the case. Anyway, we had a good visit, and when they left, I put the kids right down for naps. When David got home, we talked about what we wanted to do that night, and then we got the kids up.
I fed Alaina, and we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Then we went to Home Depot to get some paint. I have several furniture painting projects that I'm working on :) Aubrey and Jude had gotten balloons at the restaurant, and when we opened the car door to load them up, Aubrey's balloon ended up flying away, Of course, that was devastating, and we felt bad for her. She whined and cried the whole way home about that balloon. Alaina was tired and screamed the second half of the way home. Then Jude got upset about something and he started crying too. It was a real pleasant ride ;) David and I got them all to bed ASAP when we got home. Then we watched the second Sherlock Holmes movie. It was interesting, but I had a hard time following it. We went to bed when it was over.

Saturday: Alaina slept until 7:30, so I got up then and fed her. Aubrey and Jude got up shortly after that, and we all got ready to go to the Farmer's Market.
We ate breakfast there, and we saw some friends from church. The kids had fun playing and hanging out for a little while. We got the stuff we needed, and then we went to load up. I fed Alaina in the car, and then we went to Repeat Street. I wanted a nightstand for Aubrey, and they had some cute stuff there, but in my opinion it was WAY overpriced for what it was. Sorry, but I'm not spending $100 on an ugly, outdated nightstand that I'm going to have to redo. We went to an antique mall after that, and I found a nightstand at a much better price that was actually cute as is :) (Aubrey "decorated" it with crayon during naptime, so I ended up painting it anyway. Pictures to come.) By that point, we were all ready to head home, so that's what we did. We fed the kids lunch, and then we got them down for naps. I started painting our built-ins in our living room that afternoon. Alaina didn't nap well, but David took care of her since I was painting. I got to a stopping point on that project, and then I took a shower. We bathed the kids and got them ready, and then we went to dinner at my cousin's house. One of my other cousins was in town from out of state, so it was nice visiting with family who we don't get to see often :) Aubrey kept saying she was cold while we were there, and on the way home, I could tell she wasn't acting like herself. We checked her temp when we got home, and she had fever :( That meant some of us would be staying home from church the next day for the SIXTH Sunday in a row. Insane. We got the kids to bed, and then I had to go to the grocery store. I unloaded and put away groceries, and we went to bed.

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