Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Week in Review: Independence Day 2012

Last week was very low-key and normal, which was nice after our busy week the week before. We didn't do a whole lot, but having the 4th of July fall in the middle of the week really broke the week up. It was kind of weird, but it was nice having David home one day during the middle of the week.

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School, and then we came home and ate leftovers from our party the night before for lunch. Aubrey asked if we could eat in the dining room instead of the kitchen, so we did! I thought it was fun to eat somewhere "special" on Sunday, and I think we might try to make it a tradition :) After lunch, the kids and I took naps. We went back to church that evening, and after church, we went out to dinner with the Arants. My family went, too, and it was a fun time but a little sad also, because the Arants were moving in a few days, so it was our last time to hang out with them for a while :( After dinner, we came home and put the kids to bed. David and I went to bed later.

Monday: That morning, we got up and ate breakfast, and then I took the kids to my parents' house and went to the gym. My workout was fine, and then I picked the kids up. We stayed at my parents' house visiting for a while, and we came home for lunch and naps. I took a shower and did some laundry while the kids napped. Mondays are usually LONG, kind of hard days, but this particular Monday was actually really good. I felt like I was pretty productive, and I was able to remain patient with the kids. It's always a blessing when a day you think isn't going to be good turns out to be very pleasant :)
Aubrey modeling her new school uniform. She looks so OLD! Oh, and the tights are only to wear when it's cold, but Aubrey wanted to try them on, too :)
 I cooked tacos, and Aubrey actually ate really well and told me multiple times that she LOVED the food I had cooked :) That's kind of rare and so nice to hear! (David is always very sweet about my food -- I mean it's rare that the kids actually eat.) Jude didn't really touch his dinner, as usual. The kids and I just hung out and played that evening, and then I put them in the bathtub. I bathed Alaina while Aubrey and Jude played in the tub, and then I bathed them off and got them out. I ran upstairs to get a diaper for Jude, and while I was up there, Aubrey and Jude put their towels in Alaina's bath water that I hadn't dumped out yet. Then Jude got his soaked towel out of the tub and basically flooded the bathroom floor. Ughh. Thankfully, David got home right about then, and I turned parenting duties over to him ;) He cleaned up the bathroom and took Aubrey and Jude upstairs for bed, and I fed Alaina and got her to sleep. Then David ate dinner, and we talked. I got on the internet for a while before bed.

Tuesday: We went to Bible Study that morning, and I enjoyed it! We stayed at church and ate lunch with my dad after Bible Study. That's always nice because then I can put the kids straight down for their naps when we get home. I managed to keep Jude awake on the ride home, so that was nice! While they slept, I watched a show on Hulu, and then I picked up the house a bit. David got home a little early since it was the day before a holiday, and I cooked a quiche for dinner, and we ate together. We had a very uneventful evening at home.
We put the kids to bed, and then David and I decided to watch a movie. We started The Matrix, and I ended up falling asleep ;-/ I hate falling asleep during movies.... oh well, at least David enjoyed watching it! ;) We went to bed after that.

Wednesday: This was the 4th of July! :) David was home, so I got to sleep in. He had the kids outside playing when Alaina and I got up. We hung out at home all morning, and then we all got ready to go to my parents' house to eat some BBQ.
Nothing like hanging out outside in your diaper on Independence Day :)      
Jude loves to sweep, and it cracks me up!
 We stopped and picked up drinks on the way to my parents', and we had a lot of fun! My grandparents were there, as well as another couple from church. We had lots of good food! The kids skipped their naps, so they were a little whiny, but not too bad, all things considered. My dad made homemade ice cream that afternoon, and we ate some even though we were stuffed ;)
Aubrey didn't feel like posing, so she was "pretending to sleep." Ha!
First 4th of July :)
Aubrey and my Dad :)
Alaina and my grandmother :)
We stayed over there until it was getting pretty close to bedtime. We brought home a new member of our family! My dad gave us a little Beagle named Cry Baby who Aubrey had fallen in love with. We've been planning to get her for months, but we were waiting until we got our deck refinished, and that's finally done. The kids were super excited to bring home our new dog! When we got home, we introduced Knightly (our Boxer) to Cry Baby. They seemed to get along well and enjoy playing together. David and the kids played outside for a little while, and then he put them to bed. I got Alaina down for the night, and then I got on the internet and read a little bit before bed.

Thursday: David was helping the Arants move that morning, so I got to sleep a little later than I normally would (since he was going to work a little late).
Ever since we got Cry Baby, the kids have spent many mornings outside playing with her in their pj's.
 After David left, the kids watched a movie, and I straightened up the house. We were all in my bedroom, and I was folding laundry and the kids were playing when David got home. I didn't know he was coming home after helping the Arants, so it scared me half to death when he walked in. Haha! He got cleaned up for work and ate lunch while he was home. When he left to go to work, I put the kids down for naps, and then I took a shower. I read a little bit and straightened up during naptime. When David got home that afternoon, we just hung out and I fixed some pasta pesto for dinner. We ate and then I was wanting to get out of the house, so I went to run a few errands while David stayed home with the kids. When I got home, it was close to bedtime, so I got Alaina down, and David put the other two to bed. The rest of the night was uneventful as well.

Friday: I took the kids to my mom and went to the gym that morning. The kids had slept late, so we got a late start, and by the time I finished my workout, it was past lunchtime. I drove through Chick-Fil-A and got lunch for myself and the kids, and we ate it at my parents' house. We came home after lunch, and I put the kids down for naps. I got on the internet and then took a shower and got ready. We were going to dinner with David's parents that night, so we bathed the kids after they got up from their naps. We got them dressed and ready, and then we met his parents at Broadstreet. I love Broadstreet, and I hadn't been in a while since I don't really go out to lunch anymore since Alaina was born :) After dinner, we went to David's parents' house for dessert. The kids had fun playing over there! We left when it was bedtime, and we got the kids right to bed. David and I stayed up too late as usual :-/

Saturday: We all went to the Farmer's Market that morning, and we had breakfast there. We saw some friends and got some milk and vegetables, so it was a fun morning :) When we got home, the kids played with Cry Baby some, and we all just hung out at home. David and I had plans to go see a movie that afternoon, but our plans ended up falling through because something came up and my mom wasn't able to babysit. It wasn't a big deal to reschedule the movie date, but I was kind of at a loss about what to do the rest of the day. I ended up running errands for Jude's birthday party that is coming up, but I couldn't find anything I was looking for and just got super stressed and came home.
I LOVE those chubby legs!!
When the kids all got up from their naps, we all loaded up to try to successfully complete some of my errands. We didn't have a ton of luck, but we had fun being out of the house together. We got pizza for dinner and then went to Kroger before coming home. We got the groceries unloaded and the kids bathed and in bed, and then we just relaxed until going to bed, too.


Cristeen said...

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

Aubrey does look so old! I love the uniform. Precious! It's tough when friends move away. I am so sorry that y'all are going through this transition. I know you will miss the Arrants!

Jennifer said...

Precious children! I'm curious as to how you handle food struggles with the kids. Do you make them try it? Do you fix something else for them to eat or let them go hungry?

I ask because we've been having battles over at my house over dinner. I usually try to make her have at least one bite and then if she doesn't eat it she doesn't get anything else. I'm afraid she fills up on milk though...