Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ships Ahoy! Jude's Second Birthday

The theme of Jude's second birthday party was "Nautical." I thought this would be a fun theme for a summer birthday, and it was! I really didn't do a whole lot with it, though, because, like everything I do, I kind of planned the party last minute. That's just how I roll. Ha! It turned out cute, and Jude had a blast, which is all that matters!
ADORABLE birthday cake made by a friend of a friend :)
The drink set-up. By the way, we did turn that bucket around so that the sticker was in the back after this picture was taken. My sweet little brother put it there for me, and boys don't notice that sort of thing. Ha!
The birthday boy! As SOON as we got him dressed, he ran and helped himself to some snacks, so he was filthy before all of the guests even arrived. Haha! Oh well, he's a two year old boy, what do I expect??
At least he enjoyed the food I prepared for his party ;)
Aubrey enjoyed the food, too ;)

Can you spot Flounder?? David added that little touch. Hahaha!
We were running a little behind schedule, so we didn't get many pictures of the decorations before everyone arrived. Oh well!
We were able to reuse his birthday banner from last year.

My brother and his sweet girlfriend :)
Some of our favorite people!
Aubrey was excited to show Ann Peyton her new dog. I think AP was a little nervous :)
The loot!
Aubrey was very sweet to "help" Jude open his presents.
This umbrella was a huge hit. Who would have thought??
Sweet little Lainey was there too!
They are working at camp this summer, so they performed the camp birthday song for us. Haha! It was cute :)
Singing "Happy Birthday"
Trying to get a sample :)
 Jude's party was simple, but it was fun. We are so thankful for our boy, and we were happy to celebrate his special day together!

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Nathalie said...

I love the theme -- everything looks great!! Playing in the rain is so much fun :).

Happy 2nd birthday Jude!