Monday, April 9, 2012

Alaina at one month old

A few little notes before I get to Alaina's one month post: She actually turned one month old yesterday. I took her pictures and had every intention of doing this post last night, but then I was just SO sleepy that I went to bed instead. Poor baby already has third child syndrome with her very FIRST monthly update being late. HA! I don't think she'll mind too much ;)

Also, I wanted Alaina's monthly posts to be a little different from Jude's. (I didn't do monthly posts for Aubrey -- oops! However, the ENTIRE blog was devoted entirely to her for my pregnancy and the first 22 months of her life, so I think it evens out.) So, I've decided to jump on board with a lot of blogs I read and do a monthly letter to Alaina. Sorry for being a copycat! :)

Dear Alaina,

One month ago, you entered our world and our family went from 4 to 5. Growing a family is a big deal and full of many adjustments, so that has been the theme of the past month. We have been trying to figure you out and learn how to have 3 young children and meet everyone's needs simultaneously. We've discovered that isn't always possible, but we have survived and are learning some patience in the process! :)

The past month has been a big one for you! You have had to learn all about being on the outside, and I think you've done remarkably well with such a big transition! You are a great nurser, and Mommy is so thankful for that. You really caught on quickly, and there weren't any major struggles when it came to your eating. Right now, you eat every 2 1/2-3 hours during the day. I feed you on demand, but you are already falling into a nice little pattern. At night, you usually go one long stretch -- anywhere from 4-6 hours -- and then you wake up every 3 hours after that. Nights are less predictable than the days right now, but I think you're doing GREAT for such a little baby!

You have been sleeping in your swing since you were born. The first night we brought you home from the hospital, you didn't sleep a wink in your pack n play, so the next night we tried the swing, and we haven't looked back since! We don't turn the swing on; I think being in the swing just makes you feel a little more cozy and secure than the pack n play. Now that you're a month old, we are going to try to transition away from the swing for sleeping, though. We tried the pack n play the other night, and it didn't go very well. It wasn't horrible, but you were definitely up more than usual. So, last night we were back to the swing! ;) We'll keep trying, and I'm sure you will catch on at some point. Right now, you are napping upstairs in your crib, so maybe we'll go straight from the swing to your bed. I'm not sure I'm ready for you to be all the way upstairs, though! You sleep swaddled in your Miracle Blanket, and you love it! You never sleep for long stretches without being swaddled. You take a pacifier, but you don't really need use it much at night yet. Usually I nurse you to sleep, and you transfer easily without waking up. It would be nice if you would keep that up!

You are really growing! You weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces at 2 weeks old, and I would guess you're about 8 1/2 pounds now. You can still wear some of your newborn clothes, but I've been putting more and more 0-3 months things on you. You have outgrown newborn diapers and we've moved on to a size 1. You are also really developing quickly. You're spending more time awake during the day lately, and you like it when I hold you and talk to you. I can't WAIT until you give me a sweet little smile! Hopefully that will be soon! You are getting really good at holding your head up. When I hold you on my shoulder, you love to pick your head up and look around. You're such a big girl!

You love it when Mommy wears you in the Moby Wrap. That almost always calms you down and puts you to sleep when you're upset. You spend a good amount of time in the Moby so that I can have my hands free to take care of your brother and sister! You aren't such a big fan of your carseat. If the car is moving, you're usually ok, but the minute we stop at a red light, you're not happy anymore. I'm hoping you grow out of that, because riding in the car isn't fun if you're crying! Bath time is hit or miss. Sometimes you seem to like it fine, and other times you scream.

Aubrey and Jude LOVE you! I have to watch you constantly because they're always trying to kiss you and pat you. You are pretty good natured and laid back about it, but sometimes you've just had enough and you let us know! I love seeing your siblings love on you, though. I pray that y'all will always be close.

We're still figuring your little personality out. I feel like it's still too early to really comment on your personality, but you have been a sweet baby so far. You definitely have fussy days. There have even been some days when you have screamed inconsolably for a good portion of the day. It seems like something is bothering your little tummy, and I have cut some things out of my diet to see if that helps. It does seem like it has helped a little bit, so I'm going to continue and see how you do. At this point, I don't think you have reflux. You don't spit up very much, and your fussiness seems too inconsistent for me to think it's reflux. Like I said, we're still figuring you out, but hopefully by next month I'll have more of an idea of what helps your tummy feel better :) The evenings are your most fussy time. You usually cry and fuss from about 8-10, and then you calm down and go to sleep. I think you will just outgrow this with time, so for now, I just hold you and comfort you the best I can.

You have way more hair than Aubrey or Jude had at your age. It also seems darker than theirs. I can't wait to see if you keep your hair or what color it will be when you're older. You are and will be beautiful whether you look like your brother and sister or look completely different. I think the chances of you looking really different are slim, though. Everybody tells us that you look JUST like Aubrey. I can't even count the number of times I've heard that. It's hard for me to tell who you look like, but your Daddy and I just think you look like Alaina and that you're beautiful. Speaking of your looks, you're having some little skin issues right now. I hate to even mention it, but you have a little baby acne. Aubrey and Jude both had it too around your age, so I know it will go away soon. It bothers Mommy way more than it bothers you or anymore else! ;) But I still think you're the most precious baby in the world!

Alaina, the past month has been so sweet and so stressful all at the same time. Sometimes when you and Aubrey and Jude are all crying at the same time, I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or scream. However, you three children are some of the biggest blessings in my life. You are precious gifts. Having you join our family has been incredible. You already have such an important place in our family, and we wouldn't be complete without you. Just a month ago, it was hard to imagine how it would be when you were here and how you would fit into our little groove. Now it's hard to imagine what our family was like before you. We are so happy you are ours.

I love you,

Alaina at one month old:

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

I agree, she looks like Aubrey but as a Mommy, I tell everyone that Evie looks like Evie. HA! Can't believe that Alaina is already 1 month old. Time just goes too fast. Enjoy these precious newborn days before you have a little explorer on your hands or in your case three little explorers. It's still hard for me to believe how much your family has changed and grown since I began reading your blog. God has certainly blessed you with three beautiful children!