Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week in Review: Week 2 of Bed Rest

Well, I had a better week this week. Bed rest is still no fun, and it isn't convenient, but I think we kind of hit our stride. The kids have gotten more used to having me on the couch, and we kind of knew who was coming to help each day from the week before. Plus, I had some visitors which made the time go more quickly :) Like I said, it still isn't fun, and I'm SO ready to be done, but I think I've had a better perspective. It helps knowing there is an end in sight. I'm REALLY hoping and praying that this is the last week of bed rest. Please pray that labor comes soon! :) There were no pictures taken this week, sadly. It's hard enough to take pictures under normal circumstances, so it's basically impossible for me from the couch.

Sunday: David and the kids woke me up that morning so that I could help with the kids' outfits and Aubrey's hair :) I helped David get them ready, and then they left for church. While they were gone, I rested, did a little reading, and watched First Pres on TV. I showered and threw some chicken breasts in the oven. Then I waited for the family to get home. When they got here, we ate lunch together, and they told me about church. Aubrey's ankle was still hurt at that point, and she had crawled around everywhere, apparently. David had one of our doctor friends at church look at it, and he thought it seemed fine and normal. So we were a little confused about what was going on. After lunch, David put the kids down for naps, and I took a nap too. That evening, David, Aubrey, and Jude went back to church. While they were gone, I watched an episode of Sweet Home Alabama online and read some blogs. David picked some dinner up for me on their way home, so I ate that and visited with the children for a little while until David had to take them upstairs for bed. David and I talked for a while that night, and then we went to bed.

Monday: That morning, my grandmother came over to spend the day with us. We hung out at home all morning. I laid on the couch and did as much as I could with the kids. My grandmother took the kids outside until Jude wanted to come inside. Then they went upstairs to play and stayed up there playing for a long time. I took a shower, and then I helped with their lunch and ate something myself. I put makeup on and got dressed. Then David came home to pick me up for my doctor's appointment. He put the kids down for their naps while I finished getting ready. The two of us then left for my appointment. It went well, although it wasn't as exciting as I had hoped. No progress :( Thankfully, the baby was fine when I had a NST, and I was sent home for more bed rest. David and I drove through Wendy's for a snack on the way home, and he ran in Michael's to pick up some frames we had ordered while I sat in the car. I really enjoyed the sunshine! :) When we got home, it was late afternoon, so there was no point in David going back to work. Jude was awake playing with my grandmother, and David got Aubrey up. My grandmother went home, and my mom came over so that David could go to karate that evening. He was perfectly fine with missing it to help me, but my mom and I wanted him to be able to go, so she offered to come stay with us so that he could. He left, and a sweet friend from church brought dinner for us. Our Sunday School class went ahead and started a meal chain for us even though I told them they could wait until after the baby was born. I was touched that they wanted to help! We enjoyed our dinner of quiche -- I love quiche! After dinner, my mom bathed the kids for me. Aubrey ended up turning off the cold water while the tub was filling (she knows she isn't supposed to mess with the water when it's running, but sometimes she does anyway) and some hot water splashed on her. She freaked out. I looked at where the water touched her, and it was a little red, but nothing serious. My mom quickly bathed her and got her out, I put some Aloe on her, and she calmed down. She then snuggled with me on the couch, and it was a sweet time. My mom bathed Jude and got his pj's on, and then we waited for David. When he got home, he put the kids to bed, and my mom went home. David and I talked and he ate dinner. Then we called it a night.

Tuesday: David and I had decided to call the pediatrician about Aubrey's ankle since she still hadn't been walking on it. We felt like it was probably ok, so we hated to have to get an x-ray, but we wanted to be safe. But, wouldn't you know, she woke up that morning and decided that she could walk on it after all! Praise the Lord! My mom was on duty to come help that day. Ha! She came over and David went to work. The day was just more of the same. The kids played that morning, I laid on the couch, my mom fed them lunch, I ate lunch, the kids took a nap, I took a shower. During naptime, my mom swept the whole downstairs, cleaned the guest bathroom, and cleaned up the kitchen. My book club was meeting that night, and I didn't think I was going to be able to go since I can't leave my house, but since I had already read the book, they were just going to come over here! I was looking forward to a night of something different. I wasn't stressed about how my house looked, because they know I'm on bed rest, but it was so nice of my mom to clean up for me. I put on makeup and tried to look presentable, and then David got home from work. My mom went home, and David vacuumed and de-cluttered a bit. He then took the kids to dinner and Kroger. After they left and I was waiting on my friends to get here, the house was so quiet and clean, and it was so nice. Rebekkah came over a little early and brought dessert for both of us, and we had fun eating it and talking. Only one other girl was able to make it (we only have 4 people total right now), so it was a small group, but it was so fun! David and the kids got home while we were talking, but they went right upstairs. We talked about all kinds of things in book club, and it was so nice t0 see people! After they left, the kids were in bed, and David came downstairs and we talked for a little while and then went to bed.

Wednesday: That morning, David's mom came over before he left for work. We had another typical morning. Unfortunately, Jude had a rough day. We think he's teething, so I'm not sure if it was related to that or what. He was just UNHAPPY, and he decided that he wanted me to do everything for him. I ended up doing more than I have been just because I figured laying on the couch listening to him cry is worse for my BP than just getting up and taking care of him. He did spend some time on the couch with me. My mother-in-law had brought some toy horses for Jude and some new books for Aubrey. I read the books to them, and they had fun playing with the horses. We all ate lunch, and then they went upstairs to play with Dee Dee. My grandmother came over to do the afternoon shift, and she put Jude down for his nap, and my mother-in-law put Aubrey down. My mother-in-law left, and then Sarah Denley came over for a visit! She had shopped for me at a consignment sale the night before, and she got some super cute clothes for the kids. I was so appreciative that she did that for me since I couldn't go myself. We had a really fun time talking and catching up. It made my afternoon go by quickly :) When she left, I got so sleepy, and since the kids were still napping, I decided to take a nap too. I got up right before David got home, and my grandmother went home. I helped David get the kids ready for church, and they left. Once again, I was left in a quiet house. I watched a show on Hulu and played around on the internet, and then they were home! They were going to bring me dinner from church, but they had run out of food, so I got Wendy's :) David put the kids to bed, and then he told me about church. The rest of the evening was completely uneventful.

Thursday: My mom came over that morning. It was a nice peaceful day. Jude was fussy but not like the day before. My mom took the kids and got lunch for us from Zaxby's. We ate and then the kids went down for naps. Jude took FOREVER to fall asleep. He was just talking and didn't seem into sleeping. He finally did go to sleep thankfully. Aubrey slept that day, too. I took a shower and played around on the internet during naptime. After the kids got up, my mom and I took them out on the deck to play. I reclined on a beach chair. Ha! It was SO NICE to be outside!! We stayed out there for a long time. We didn't come inside until it was getting dark and David got home. My grandmother had cooked dinner for us that night, and David picked it up. My mom left, and we ate dinner. The kids were filthy from playing outside, so David bathed them after dinner. He put them to bed, and we had another quiet, uneventful night.

Friday: My mom and the little girl she babysits came over that morning. It was Aubrey's turn to have a HARD day. She just acted pretty terrible that day. I've decided not to go into a ton of details about discipline issues now that Aubrey is older just to respect her privacy. But whoa. That day about did me in. Ha! Aubrey didn't want to share, and there were a lot of temper tantrums. It was definitely unusually over the top behavior, and I spent a lot of time up dealing with her. I did more than I probably should have that day, but I think it's best to have a parent deal with those issues (as opposed to getting my mom to handle it). Anyway, Aubrey did have some sweet, fun moments that day too. It wasn't ALL bad. I took a shower and the kids went down for naps after lunch. Jude took ages to go to sleep that day too, and Aubrey never slept. My mom got Aubrey and the little girl she babysits up right before her dad was coming to pick her up. I went into my room and put makeup on while he was here. When he left, my mom got ready for a banquet she was going to that night. Then David got home, and he played with the kids. Another friend from church brought dinner to our house, and she stayed and visited for a while with my mom and me. She and my mom left around the same time, and I put the chicken pot pie she brought into the oven. David was outside with the kids. We were expecting some bad weather that night, and it felt like the calm before the storm. We ate our dinner, and it was so good! I read some books to the children, and David put them to bed when it was time. I was so bored and turned the TV on. You might remember that we recently got rid of our cable? So, TV hasn't really even been an option to pass the time during this bed rest. David and I did end up watching a random episode of 20/20. Thankfully, the really bad weather missed us and we just got rain. We didn't stay up too late.

Saturday: When I woke up, David and the kids were leaving to go to Wal-Mart. So, the house was nice and quiet for a while. When they got home, it was about lunch time, so we all ate random leftovers. I ventured up the stairs after lunch so that we could hang some pictures in Alaina's room. I hadn't been upstairs in almost 2 weeks, so that was kind of strange. We got the pictures hung, and I think her room looks so sweet and pretty. We have a few more finishing touches (that probably won't get done until after she is born), and then I'm going to post pictures! While David was hanging the pictures, I reclined on the floor and the kids played all around me. It was naptime after that, so I put Aubrey in her room while David put Jude down. I then took a shower and laid on the couch. David went outside and mowed the front and backyard. Both kids slept the whole time he was outside, so that worked out well. When they woke up, we watched Snow White. Aubrey had watched it one time before, and it scared her and she hasn't watched it since. She said if she could "lay with Mommy on the couch then she wouldn't be scared." Awww! So, that's what we did :) David even watched with us -- apparently he had never seen Snow White! Crazy! Jude just played in the room while we watched the movie. When it was over, it was dinner time, and I was starving. David took the kids and got BBQ for us for dinner. We ate when they got home, and then it was practically bedtime, but David gave the kids a quick bath before putting them down.


The Niemeyer Nest said...

I can't imagine how ready you are to have your sweet baby girl. It's hard to have people in and out taking care of your kids especially when your kids want Mommy. Henry is doing better now with sleep training than last night. He made it 7 hours before he woke up instead of 3 like last night. It's so hard but you are right - it's so worth it. I am a much better wife and Mommy when I get sleep too.

Whitney said...

I'm sending go into labor thought your way! I've been thinking that if I could get up and do something maybe I would make some progress, but that's out of the question. Looking forward to hearing the results of your next appt., or hearing about a baby first!