Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week in Review: Valentine's Week

We had a normal week, and it was good. We had several fun things that we did at night, and that made the week go more quickly. Sadly, it ended on a not-so-great note. My blood pressure was elevated last night and this morning, so the nurse on call told me to basically go on bedrest today until my OB appointment tomorrow. My BP has been fine since resting today, but I'm nervous about what my doctor will say tomorrow. I have this bad feeling that she's going to make me go on bedrest for the rest of this pregnancy. Please, no! Of course, I'll do whatever she thinks is best for the baby and myself. Thankfully, there isn't too much longer until we meet our baby girl anyway.

Sunday: That morning, we got up and got ready for church. We had a nice morning, and we went to Sunday School too. After it was over, we came home and had chili for lunch. It was perfect because it was freezing that day. We've had a very warm winter, but that day was definitely cold! The kids and I napped that afternoon, and we went back to church that evening. After church, we went to get dinner at Jason's Deli. I don't think either child ate hardly anything :( We came home and put them to bed, and then I got on the computer and blogged and went to bed.

Monday: Our morning started out fine and uneventful. We hung out at home and I did some laundry and usual Monday things. I was on the phone with my mom in the kitchen and Jude was in and out of the kitchen. He was in the living room, and I was sticking my head in to check on him every minute or two. He got quiet, so I looked in there, and he was sitting in the floor with a bottle of Children's Tylenol. With the top off. Of course, I freaked out and grabbed him. His breath didn't smell like the medicine, but he had it on his hands. I have NO IDEA where this bottle of Tylenol came from. It's not our current bottle, as it is up high in our medicine cabinet out of the reach of the children where it belongs. The only possible explanation we can come up with as to where it came from is that it was an old bottle that got dropped and stuck somewhere out of sight. We think it must have been in the fireplace, because it was kind of dirty. I know this is the most bizarre sounding story in history, and trust me -- I was EXTREMELY upset about it. I called Poison Control, but since I had NO CLUE how much medicine was in the bottle to begin with, I had no way of knowing how much Jude could have possibly had. I thought I was going to have to take him to the ER, but after a long time on the phone with David and Poison Control and many tears and near panic attacks from me, we decided that there was NO way he could have ingested as much as he would have had to for it to be bad in the amount of time he had the bottle without getting it all over his face. I watched him like a hawk all morning, and he was totally fine. I really don't even think he got any of it, but it was a horrible, horrible morning. I was so scared and I felt like the worst mother on the planet. Our living room is supposed to be child-proofed, but it just goes to show that anything can happen, and it can happen really quickly. Thank God for His protection. After all that craziness, the kids and I ate lunch at home and just hung out. I tried to just take deep breaths and get my blood pressure to go down as I'm sure it was through the roof (I didn't even check it until that night, because I didn't want something else to be stressed about). After several hours, Poison Control called to check on Jude and said we were in the clear and that I could put him down for his nap. Once both kids were in bed, I took a shower and got dressed. Aubrey and Jude both took long naps. I went into Jude's room to check on him a few times, and he was fine. My mom and brothers came over that afternoon so that I could go to a consignment sale. After such a stressful day, I was glad to get out for a little while. I took my brothers to church for karate, and then I went to the sale. It was a preview sale, and I got lots of cute spring/summer clothes for the children. It was pouring down rain when I left to head home. My mom had fed the kids dinner, and they were just playing. My mom stayed for a little while and we talked, and then she headed home. I bathed the kids, and then David was home! I put Jude to bed and he put Aubrey to bed, and then I just relaxed the rest of the evening.

Tuesday: We had Circle to go to (our once a month Bible Study with the older ladies that meets in someone's home), so we got ready for that. I dropped the kids off at the nursery at church, and Rebekkah and I rode to Circle together. It was really good! We have a new teacher, and I think I'm going to enjoy it :) We picked our kids up after it was over, and then Rebekkah and I went to lunch at Beagle Bagel. It was kind of a disaster. Jude was not pleasant. He didn't want to sit in his highchair. He didn't like any of his food. He was just UNhappy. It used to be that when we would go out, he would be happy as long as I put food in front of him. Now that he doesn't really eat (UGH), he just gets bored and restless. And for some reason, Aubrey ALWAYS decides to act out when Jude is needing every bit of my attention. It's frustrating, and I don't know if it's random or an attention thing. Anyway, I felt bad that we weren't very fun lunch buddies that day! Thankfully, we have sweet, understanding friends :) After all that, we came home and the kids napped. They took nice long naps, and I was super happy about that! I ended up waking Aubrey up, because my family was coming over so that David and I could go on a Valentine's Day date! David got home and brought a few gifts, and then the babysitters arrived with more gifts ;) David and I left for our date, and we went to Nick's for dinner. It was GOOD! After our fancy dinner, we went to Books A Million and got coffee. It was still pretty early, and we knew we needed to at least wait until the kids were in the bed to go home to make our babysitters earn their money -- Haha! Totally kidding since we don't pay our babysitters ;) So, we decided to run a few errands. We went to Babies R Us and Target and then we headed home. I think we were home by 9. We're such an old married couple. Ha! We had a lot of fun, though! We have never really made a big deal out of Valentine's Day, but it's always nice to have a date night. We talked to my family about their evening, and then they left and David and I hung out for a while and went to bed.

Wednesday: The kids and I had a nice morning at home. Wednesday mornings are always pretty low-key, which can be nice. Silly, adorable face! And bad, blurry picture thanks to Momma!

We just watched a movie and played, and then we had to run to Kroger because we were having potluck at church that evening. I bathed Aubrey and Jude when we got home, we ate lunch, and then it was time for their naps. I straightened up the house that afternoon and got myself ready for church and made a salad to take. We left that afternoon to go to tutoring, and I ended up keeping the nursery instead of tutoring, which was fine with me. After tutoring, David got to church, and the kids and I hung out with him until dinnertime. After supper, the kids went to the nursery, and then the adults had a time of sharing memories about a much loved man from our church who recently died. It was a good evening, and it was neat to hear a lot of old stories. We got the kids from the nursery and headed home in the pouring rain. We got the kids to bed, and then we killed some time before going to bed too late.

Thursday: The kids woke up a couple of times in the night, and I was pretty sleepy after staying up so late the night before too. The kids and I have had colds/allergy stuff and just weren't feeling our best. We had another day at home. I didn't get a lot accomplished, and it was kind of a blah day. Nothing terrible, just one of those days. We played downstairs and upstairs and I think we just all got a little bored. I should have planned something for us to do that day, but oh well. We had a lot of time together, which is always good! :) After lunch, the kids took naps, and I took a shower and napped myself. I put some chicken in the crockpot for BBQ chicken sandwiches for dinner. When the kids got up, we went outside to play on the deck for a while. It got kind of chilly, but it was nice to be outside getting fresh air. Tormenting sister's Princesses. Haha! And yes, he's still wearing pj's.
"Where's your belly?"
"There it is!"Aubrey went inside and got one of my pots and proceeded to make a "salad." :)

When David got home, we ate dinner together, and we had a good evening. We bathed the kids, and then we played until bedtime. Once they were asleep, I got on the computer and read for a while before bed.

Friday: That morning, we got up and got ready to go to the Herrington's house for a playdate. We had a low-key, relaxed morning, so that was nice. Mornings are SO much more pleasant when I give myself more than enough time to get ready. Such a pretty girl, even if it is a fake smile!
I wanted a picture of the kids together since their outfits coordinated, but this was the best I got. Love the nose picking in the background. Classic!

We had so much fun at the Herrington's house! We were able to have good conversations, and Jude was much happier than he would have been at a restaurant. SD fixed lunch, and it was so good. We stayed for a good long while, and we left when it was clearly naptime for everyone :) When we got home, the kids went down to sleep easily. I wasn't planning to take a nap, but I got on the internet for a minute and got really sleepy, so I laid on the couch and took a short nap. David got home right after I got up, and we talked for a little while before getting the kids up. David and Aubrey had a date that night, so I got her ready! Our church does a Father Daughter Valentine's Banquet every year, and this was the first time Aubrey has been old enough to go. I went to the Father Daughter Banquet every year with my dad through highschool, so it was so crazy to be getting my own little girl ready for it. She was so excited, and it was so sweet!!When David and Aubrey left, I got to hang out with my little man the rest of the evening. It was so cute -- Jude kept saying, "Aubrey, are you?" (where are you?) all night. They are rarely apart, and he didn't quite know what to make of it. Precious! Jude and I met my mom, brother, and brother's friend for dinner at Aladdin. It was good! I did realize after they brought our food that I forgot to order food for Jude. Oops! He ate some of my food, and then I drove through Chick Fil A and got him some dinner after we finished at Aladdin. I wanted to run in Motherhood Maternity to get a nursing top, so my mom sat in my car with Jude while he ate his chicken, and I ran in by myself. When I finished there, my mom and I went our separate ways, and Jude and I went to Target to make a return and get a few things. We came home after that, and I put Jude to bed. I RARELY get any one-on-one time with Jude, so it was a little unusual, but it was fun to be able to focus on just him for the night :) He was really sweet! David and Aubrey arrived home just as I got Jude to bed, and they told me all about their night. They had had so much fun, and David said Aubrey was really good. I'm so glad they enjoyed their special night! David and I both put Aubrey to bed that night, and then we talked a little bit and went to bed early.

Saturday: We had a really nice, productive day. I was so happy with everything we got done! I slept in, but after I got up, we got busy around the house getting things checked off our list! I did some much needed organizing in Alaina's closet, and I washed most of her clothes. David finished painting Jude's bathroom, and he hung a vinyl monogram in Aubrey's room. He also patched a bunch of nail holes and touched them up with paint. David and I worked on fixing the window treatment in Alaina's room. It's not hanging right, and we didn't get it quite perfect, but it's better. Then we all ate lunch, and the kids went down for naps. I made a meal plan for the coming week and a Wal-Mart list and a Kroger list. I then took a shower and got ready and decided to go to Wal-Mart while Jude was still napping. I stopped at a gas station for an Icee on the way -- random craving :) When I got home, Jude was still napping, and David and Aubrey were just hanging out. David had been working on painting some wooden letters for Alaina's room. We unloaded the bags from Wal-Mart and got everything put away, and then I baked some bread. I have been wanting to start making bread, and this was my first attempt. I started with a SUPER easy recipe. I felt like I couldn't really even consider it bread making since the recipe didn't even have yeast in it. It turned out pretty well for a first attempt -- the kids loved it, and it's already gone. Anyway, after that, we all got ready and went to dinner at Primos. We stopped at Kroger on the way home and then we got the kids to bed. David and I watched Mission Impossible 3 after they were asleep, and we enjoyed it. After the movie, I checked my blood pressure before bed, and it was high. I think I was just kind of keyed up from the movie, and then I got stressed over my BP and it went up more. I finally laid in the bed on my left side, and it went down, so I thought it was safe to go to bed. It was really late by that point.

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