Wednesday, February 1, 2012


-So I know I've had the most boring blog on the block lately. Between all the sickness (and I KNOW y'all are probably tired of hearing about that!) and lack of sleep, not to mention normal pregnancy tiredness, I just haven't really had it in me to blog much. I realize that basically all I've posted in forever are my Week in Review posts and my Pregnancy posts. Blah! I'm hoping to get back on the blogging wagon and do a better job of documenting our lives :)

-Remember how I mentioned that Jude had Fifth Disease and my doctor was doing a blood test to check my immunity? Well, the nurse called yesterday to tell me the results, and I'm thoroughly confused. She said the test was negative, and at first I thought she was saying I wasn't immune. But then it seemed like she was saying that the test was negative, meaning I didn't actually have Fifth Disease when I was tested. She said it did show that there had been a "distant exposure." She said antibodies are so weird sometimes, though, and that "distant exposure" could have been from when I was a child. Huh? My doctor wants to repeat the test in 4 weeks. Can anyone shed some light on what that means? Does that mean that I might currently have Fifth Disease, that I'm immune to Fifth Disease, or none of the above? And what good will it be to retest in 4 weeks? Wouldn't I have gotten it by then if I was going to get it? And in 4 weeks, I'll be full term anyway. I should have asked more questions, but I was in a noisy restaurant with my hungry children, and I just got flustered. I go back to the doctor on Monday, so I can always get more info then.

-A lot of people have been asking me about Alaina's nursery lately. Here's the situation with the children's rooms: Aubrey has her own room, and that didn't change. Jude's room was the nursery. That room is really ideal for a nursery, because it's the smallest room upstairs, and it just has a good "nursery feel" to it. So, we moved Jude into what used to be the guest bedroom, and that's now his permanent "big boy" room. Alaina's room will be Jude's old room. Since I loved Jude's room and since it was pretty gender neutral, we decided not to do much to that room. We are using different furniture, and that really changed the feel of the room. We kept Jude in the dark wood crib, and we are using the white crib that Aubrey used after Jude was born in Alaina's room. (Whoa. That's confusing when you type it out.) I got a white dresser to use as a changing table in the nursery, and I think having white furniture really made the room feel more girlie. I'm hanging different things on the walls, and I'm changing up the window treatments a little bit. But we're using the same bedding, wall color, and rug that was in Jude's nursery. I think the room will look like a girl's room, and it will be different enough to feel like Alaina's own room and not like she's just getting Jude's leftovers :) I will definitely post pictures as soon as we get it looking presentable! And I need to post pictures of Jude's new room even though it's still a work in progress.

-One reason I can't post pictures of Alaina's room just yet is because the floor of that room is literally covered in clothes. I have NEVER claimed to be an organized person, but I do HATE messes and clutter. That's kind of a deadly combination because it means a lot of stuff just gets crammed out of sight but not really organized. It's usually not a big deal, because David is really organized, and he keeps our household running smoothly while I keep it looking nice :) However, I am paying for my lack of organization right now. When I packed away Aubrey's old clothes, I had NO system for it. I know that probably kills all of you Type A, super organized people who are reading this! Ha :) So, I'm basically having to go through ALL of Aubrey's old clothes to see what might work for Alaina when she gets here. Yeah, it's not pretty. I'm sorting through newborn-2T clothes of every season. It's just a huge mess. BUT, I've learned my lesson and I'm being really neat and organized about how I'm putting stuff away now :) It's taking forever, but I know it will save me SO much time in the future. Now I just need to organize Jude's clothes.... but I think I'll just worry about that if we ever have another boy!

-We canceled our cable this week. There were many factors that went into this decision. One of the big ones was to just save some money. But there was more to it than that, because we're really not even saving that much money since we still have our cable internet. David and I both grew up without cable, and we think it forced us to entertain ourselves in other ways. We would just like for our kids to spend more time reading, using their imaginations, and playing outside than sitting in front of a TV. I definitely think this can be achieved with cable, but it takes the parents setting some rules for how much TV is allowed. For us, it was just easier to not have the temptation right now (because, believe me, I totally understand how tempting it is to let your child just sit in front of the TV so that you can get stuff done... I've been guilty of that). Plus, there is just so much trash on TV these days that I don't think any of us (meaning David and myself as well as the kids) should really be exposing ourselves to. Again, I'm not saying that if you have cable, you're definitely going to be watching trashy TV! :) I'm also not saying that none of us will ever watch any TV anymore... Aubrey has a pretty extensive DVD collection, and she can watch one a day, although she doesn't end up watching one everyday. And if there is a show that I really want to get into, I can always watch it online. I'm sure we will have cable again at some point, but for right now, this just seemed like a good decision for our family. I had been noticing how little I actually watch TV these days anyway. Sometimes I would turn it on in the afternoon if I just needed something to keep the kids entertained, but I can just as easily take them outside or read books to them. And David and I would watch it at night sometimes, but not even enough to make it worth keeping. So, I'm ok with this decision, even though I know I'll miss it at times!

That seems like enough random info for now :) Hopefully soon I'll be back with pictures of the kids' rooms!


Nathalie said...

I'm also not being very good at organizing Emily's old clothes and now having to go through everything just to find things that will fit Jessica! I currently have two boxes of clothes sitting in my dining room (and they've been there for a couple of weeks) because they're "fits-Jessica-right-now-but-not-the-right-season" kind of clothes..

My brother-in-law and his family cancelled their cable too (for pretty much the same reasons as you). I think it was the right choice for them!

Still enjoying reading your blog even if it's just Week In Review and Pregnancy posts ;). Looking forward to reading about Alaina's arrival!

Amy said...

good for you for canceling your cable! i've been thinking of doing it for a while. jeffrey and i go back and forth on whether or not we should.
i didn't have cable growing up either. i think at least until high school! i really didn't feel like i was "missing out" on anything either. i can remember going to my mawmaw's house and thinking it was SO cool, because she had cable and we could watch nickelodean and mickey mouse club - ha!
hope you're feeling good...can't believe it's almost time! :)

Anonymous said...

We don't have cable either! We got rid of it last summer because I'd been saying for months that we never really watched it and when we watched it a night together it was just because it was there. There are about 2 shows I keep up with and I watch them online. The only hard part was when football season rolled around (not hard for me, but my husband!), but we hooked up our hard drive to the tv and were able to watch most everything on espn3. And we do have instant Netflix, so we can watch something when if we're bored and it has great kids shows too (and like you I limit how much tv time he can have a day).

The Niemeyer Nest said...

We discuss this every once in awhile too. I never watch tv just spend too much time reading blogs. HA! When our kids are older and can find their own channels - that will be when the decision will be a lot easier for us. Keep us posted on how it goes. Good Luck getting all the clothes organized. It's a major job keeping all the clothes from becoming a hot mess.