Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week in Review: Back in the Groove

We had a good week! David went back to work and getting back into our regular routine wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. Actually, it was kind of nice to have life return to normal. For some reason, I took NO pictures this week, though! Well, we did take a few pictures of Jude's room, but I'm not quite ready to post those yet :)

Sunday: When we got up, we started getting ready for church. I put some vegetable soup in the crockpot for lunch. We got the kids ready and then headed to church. Aubrey asked to go into the sanctuary with us, so we let her go and took her to the nursery when the kids were dismissed to children's church. She did great! We had Sunday School after church, and then we came home and ate lunch. I had been SO sleepy all morning and really enjoyed my Sunday nap! ;) We went back to church that night, and we had a prayer service. I thought it was great. No better way to welcome a new year than with your church family in prayer! After church, David and the kids and I went to Jason's Deli for dinner. Except it was closed for New Year's. So then we tried Penn's, and it was closed too. We finally ended up at OEC. We had a pretty good dinner except for Jude being picky and hard to feed as usual. We put the kids to bed when we got home, and then had a low-key night until we went to bed too.

Monday: David didn't have to work since this was the day New Year's was being observed. I was so happy to have one more day to get Jude's room finished up before David had to go back to work! He took the kids to Lowe's that morning, and I prepped some chicken for dinner that night and later in the week, and then I started painting in Jude's room. There wasn't a ton left to do, but it was all cutting in which takes a while. When David and Aubrey and Jude got home, I took a break and we ate lunch. When it was time for the kids' naps, David and I were both able to work. We got a lot accomplished and finally said it was done! There are a few places that might need to be touched up, but it looks good! I came downstairs and took a shower and cooked dinner. We ate and then David got the Christmas stuff out of the attic so that I could take our decorations down at some point. We also hung some stuff in Aubrey's room. We put the kids to bed, and David and I went to bed fairly early too.

Tuesday: David went back to work that morning after 11 days at home :( The kids gave me a wonderful surprise by sleeping late though! We didn't get up until 8:30 -- so nice!! We started getting ready to meet SD and her kids for lunch after breakfast. I put the kids in the bathtub, and I ended up letting them stay in too long, and we were running late. Oops! We went to Beagle Bagel and had a really fun lunch. Once again, we made a bathroom stop on the way out. Big ordeal. We were in there forever. Everyone had to go to the bathroom (some more than once -- haha), Aubrey had a meltdown when AP didn't want to constantly hold her hand (Aubrey insisted that AP was "being mean" by not holding her hand -- we're now working on hand holding etiquette), and Ann Peyton ended up all up close and personal with the commode. Ha! SD and I were both sweating and hoping that no one outside the bathroom could hear everything that was going on. It was crazy, crazy and stressful at the time but hilarious after the fact :) Jude fell asleep on the way home, and I was able to transfer him to his bed. During naptime, I put some chili in the crockpot and watched some TV. David got home a little early (gotta love a canceled appointment) and we got Aubrey up after he got home. When Jude woke up, David played with the kids while I started taking down our Christmas stuff. That's one of my least favorite things to do! I got all the decorations off of one tree, and then we ate dinner. After we ate, I took more stuff down and David took some stuff up to the attic. We put the kids to bed, and I got on the internet while David took our big tree down. Everything seemed so bare, but it was kind of a relief to get the tree down. Jude was really into taking ornaments off of it this year, and I was glad to not have to constantly be monitoring that situation anymore :) We got things semi put back together and went to bed.

Wednesday: Jude was up at 7 that morning. I don't understand why he's so inconsistent. He goes to bed at the same time every night, and some mornings he's up and at 'em at 7 and others, he sleeps till 8:30 (although that's rare). Whatevs. We got up and ate breakfast, and then Aubrey got up at 7:30. David left to go to work, and the kids and I hung out at home all morning. I put a movie on for Aubrey so that I could get some stuff done. I swept and vacuumed up all the Christmas glitter. I also worked on putting our regular decorative items back in their places and rearranged a few little things. I took a shower, and then we ate lunch. Right after lunch, I put Jude down for his nap. I put Aubrey in her room, too, and she called me up there a lot that day. I got dressed and ready for tutoring and did some reading before I got the kids up. I also ironed their clothes. I got them dressed, and then we left to go to church for tutoring. It had been a while since we had had tutoring, and it went well that day (it all depends on which child you get -- haha). I got the kids from the nursery after it was over, and then David got there. He took the kids to play in a room at church, and I went to Target. We desperately needed paper towels and napkins, and there were no diapers in Jude's diaper bag, so I got some of those too. When I got back to church, it was time for dinner. We had pizza that night, and then a girl from our church gave a report on a mission trip that she had gone on to Africa. It was so interesting! Aubrey went to the nursery after that. My dad was playing with Jude, and I went to find him to take him to the nursery, too, but I got to talking and never took Jude to the nursery. It worked out fine because we were able to pick Aubrey up and leave a little early. I'm not teaching the 4 & 5 year olds this semester, so it's nice to have a little break. When we got home, we put the kids to bed, and I got on the internet until bed.

Thursday: The kids and I ended up having a really nice day. We didn't have any big plans, but I decided we would run a few errands that morning. We got ready and went to Hobby Lobby and Ross. By the time we finished there, it was pushing lunchtime, so we came back home. We all ate, and then I put them down for their naps. Aubrey called me up to her room so many times (I finally had to tell her that I was NOT coming back up there until it was time for her to get up), so naptime wasn't very restful for me, but it was ok. When Jude woke up, it was still early afternoon, so I decided to take the kids to the park. We have a really small park near our house that's never crowded, so we went there. Aubrey was SO excited, and we had gotten out of the car and were walking in the parking lot when she tripped and fell. She scraped both of her hands, and she was hysterical. Poor girl! She was just wailing and so upset. I tried to comfort her and asked her if she wanted to go home. She said she didn't, but her hands hurt so bad, and she said she was NEVER going to be able to quit crying. I finally asked her if she wanted to go home and get bandaids, and she said she did as long as we could come back. So, that's what we did! Of course, as soon as I put Jude in the car, he started wailing because he had seen the park and didn't want to leave. They both cried the whole way home :( I got Aubrey's hands cleaned and put some medicine and bandaids on them, and she was fine and ready to go back. We were a little more successful round 2 ;) The kids had so much fun swinging and sliding, and I enjoyed watching them and getting some fresh air. The weather was warm and just so nice! We played until Aubrey saw some ants and decided that she was ready to go. Haha! We went to Target on the way home -- yes, I went twice in two days! When we got home, it was time for me to start dinner, so I gave the kids a snack and cooked some oven baked fajitas (which was a super easy and pretty good recipe if you're looking for a quick weeknight dinner). When David got home, we ate dinner and told him about our day. We gave the kids a bath after we ate, and they played in there for a long time and David and I talked. I put Jude to bed and David put Aubrey to bed, and then I watched some TV and straightened up a little bit before bed.

Friday: I decided we needed a day at home to try to get some stuff done. We ate breakfast and the kids played while I worked around the house. I dusted and tried to organize stuff on the shelves on our TV cabinet. We didn't have any food at home, so we loaded up and drove through Chick-Fil-A for lunch. We ate and took naps when we got home. I did more cleaning around the house, and then I laid on the couch and took a short nap before getting Aubrey and Jude up. We watched some Food Network and the kids ate a snack. Then David was home! When he got here, we went upstairs and took Jude's bed apart and moved it to his new room and put it back together. So exciting to get him moved! We then went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. When we got home, we got the kids ready for bed. I was kind of nervous about how Jude would do in a new room, but I thought he would probably sleep fine. Well, I was wrong. He woke up multiple times before David and I even went to bed. When we would go to his room, he would lay right down and go to sleep, but it's like he just couldn't stay asleep. We weren't sure if it was because of the new environment or if it was something else and just a coincidence. David and I went to bed fairly early because we knew we were probably in for a long night. I told David that we should just take turns going up to his room when he cried all night, so that we could hopefully both get a little sleep.

Saturday: David had gone up to check on Jude at some point, and I woke up at 4am and he was still gone. I went in search of him and he was sleeping on the couch! David said he didn't see any point in both of us waking up all night, so he just decided to sleep on the couch and let me sleep. That's a SWEET husband right there!! I felt awful that he slept on the couch, though! (Although our couch is pretty comfy.) David said Jude woke up a good bit in the early night and slept better later in the night. The next morning when we were all up, Jude seemed ok, but you could tell he was tired. We did some work around the house that morning. David cut some foam for Aubrey's window seat cushions. We fed the kids lunch, and then we put Jude down for a nap. I was nervous about how he would do after that awful night, but he slept GREAT and for a long time. Aubrey had her rest time, and David and I worked more around the house. I rubbed some tea stain on the baby's crib to make it a little more cream instead of white. Then I started painting a table for her room. David got Aubrey up because she had been in her room for quite a while. David took over painting the table, and I was just about to get in the shower when Jude woke up. I went to get him, and his eye was swollen almost shut and it was all yucky. I thought it was probably pink eye, so I called the After Hours Clinic. David took over with Jude and I jumped in the shower. My mom and grandmother came over, and I gave my grandmother a bunch of fabric and "projects." (Window seat cushions for Aubrey's room, changing up the window treatments for Alaina's room, pillows for Aubrey's room.) The nurse called back and asked if we could bring Jude in in 30 minutes. I had just gotten out of the shower and had wet hair and no makeup, so David threw on some clothes and I got Jude dressed, and David took him. My mom and grandmother stayed and visited with Aubrey and me for a while, and then they left and I waited for David to call with the verdict on Jude. It was pink eye! So David got Jude's medicine on the way home, and we ate dinner at home. We put the medicine in Jude's eye twice that night, and it seemed to help pretty quickly. I went to the grocery store, and David and the kids stayed home. When I got back, we unloaded the groceries, and I put Jude to bed. I don't know if he had such a rough night the night before because he was getting sick (does pink eye even make you feel bad, though?), but he slept MUCH better that night. Praise the Lord! David put Aubrey to bed, and he watched football while I was on the internet. We went to bed fairly early (for us).

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