Thursday, January 26, 2012

Same Picture, Different Year

Since we've been stuck at home all week due to sickness, we've had to get a little creative to find ways to keep ourselves occupied. Today, Aubrey and I spent a long time looking at an old calender that David's sister, Sarah, made with lots of family pictures. Aubrey really loves looking at all of the old pictures from when she was little. She will point to different pictures and say, "I think I looked really pretty in that picture!" Ha! It's just so funny because she was basically a baby in these pictures. She asked me about the clothes she was wearing in the pictures and if they would still fit her. Umm, no ;) She got really excited when we came across this picture:My mom got Aubrey that dress up outfit forever ago, and she wore it a few times, but it was a little big. It's been hanging in the back of her closet for a long time now, and Aubrey and I had both forgotten about it. As soon as she saw that picture, she remembered right where the dress was and she immediately wanted to go put it on. So, we did! It fits her perfectly now, and she wore it all day. She then came up with the super cute idea to recreate that same picture. This was totally her idea -- I didn't put the idea in her head at ALL. Really, the idea never even occurred to me. Ha! She said as soon as Daddy got home, she was going to ask him to change into those same clothes and they could sit on the stairs and take the same picture. I told her that those pajamas didn't fit Jude anymore, and she said that was ok and that he could wear different pajamas. She even went and got her baby Belle doll, which she never plays with anymore (although she didn't really make it into the pictures). I thought this was pretty much the cutest thing ever. Sure enough, as soon as David got home, she told him her idea. He thought it was a great idea too, and he went and changed clothes :) So, here is our attempt at an updated picture:I hate that this one is so blurry because it's the best we got as far as facial expressions go! ;)

We didn't get a perfect picture, but it was fun. I love that Aubrey comes up with her own little ideas these days. It's so cute to watch her think of things like that by herself. She's such a precious, fun little girl!


Katie said...

Okay, that's precious! I love how it was her idea!! Your husband seems like he's a great Daddy. :)

Jason and Lindsey Edwards said...

I love it, so cute!! My favorite of Jude is the first one:)