Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week in Review: Birthday Celebrations

Our week was fine, but it was pretty boring. We did have a few fun things that we did to keep it from getting too long :) David and I have gotten into the bad habit of staying up way too late. That doesn't really work well for someone who is pregnant and requires a good amount of sleep anyway. Haha! Jude is a pretty early riser, so I took several naps this week, which is fine, except that I'm not overly productive when I nap when the kids nap. Oh well! Maybe we'll learn our lesson and start going to bed earlier ;) Also, for some reason, I took hardly any pictures this week. I always kick myself for that after the fact.

Sunday: We got up early and got ready to go to church. I put some pork in the crockpot for a new recipe I was trying. We had a good morning at church. We have a combined adult Sunday School class for the month of December, and it is on bioethics. It was interesting. After church, we came home to eat lunch. The new recipe was a big fat FAIL. It was so greasy and literally inedible. We threw it out, and I made sloppy joes as Plan B. That afternoon, we took naps, and then we went back to church that evening. After the service, we went to Jason's Deli to meet David's family for dinner. It was his dad's birthday! We had a fun dinner, and then we came home and put the kids to bed. I got on the internet for a little while before going to bed.Twinkies!! :)

Monday: Jude was up early :( We had a pretty good day, though. It was rainy, and it got COLD. When Aubrey woke up, we all got ready to go meet Sarah Denley and her kids for lunch at Primos. We had a lot of fun! Jude didn't eat two bites for lunch, though. Aubrey LOVES playing with Ann Peyton. It's cute to watch them interact. Going to lunch helped break up our day and make it not so long. When we got home, I put the kids down for naps. Aubrey didn't sleep, of course. Jude took a shorter nap than I was expecting after getting up so early. I took a short nap myself. When we got up, I put some soup in the crockpot for dinner. That afternoon, we just hung out at home and had a nice time. We ate dinner, and both kids ate the soup really well, so that made mealtime SO much more pleasant! After dinner was bath time. Jude started having a meltdown while in the bathtub, and Aubrey decided that she wanted to get out right that SECOND, so it got a little stressful. I got Jude out and calmed him down, and then I got Aubrey out. I put Jude to bed, and then David got home and put Aubrey to bed. I walked on the treadmill and then enjoyed the peace and quiet. We stayed up too late.

Tuesday: Jude slept a lot later that day (until almost 8), and that was so nice! We were still up in plenty of time to get ready for Bible Study, and we had a good discussion that day. It was our last time to meet until after the New Year. After Bible Study, the kids and I stopped at Subway for lunch on the way home. They didn't eat much -- surprise, surprise! When we got home, they both went to their rooms for naps. Once again, Jude didn't nap as long as I was hoping. I got some stuff done during naptime, though. When David got home, we all got ready because we were going to dinner with my family and some of their friends to celebrate my mom's birthday that was the day before! We ate dinner at Amerigo, which is one of my favorites! We had a lot of fun, and some of Aubrey's little friends were there too, so she had a blast! After dinner, we came home and put the kids to bed. I addressed our Christmas cards while David watched some TV. We didn't go to bed until well after midnight.

Wednesday: We had a low-key morning at home. The kids played and I did some housework. I bathed the kids before lunch, and they played in the tub for a while. I fed them lunch, and then I put them down for their naps. Thankfully, Jude took a great nap that day. While they slept, I baked some chess squares to take to church that night, and I walked on the treadmill. I then took a shower and got ready, and I straightened up the house a little bit. I got Aubrey ready, and then I had to wake Jude up to leave for tutoring. I had a good time at tutoring that day, and it was the last time for a while because of the holidays. After it was over, the kids played in the gym and David and I talked until dinnertime. We had our holiday (combined Thanksgiving and Christmas) banquet that night, and it was really nice. We had a program -- the kids sang and we had a speaker -- so I didn't have to teach. I'm actually done teaching for a while. I rotate with another teacher, so I only do it half the time. After our banquet was over, we headed home. It was bedtime for the kids. I straightened up the house a little more, and then I relaxed until bedtime.

When we woke up that morning, I was just itching to get out of the house. I decided we would go to Target and Chick Fil A. I got us all ready, and we were literally walking out the door when I remembered that David had taken my car to get the oil changed that day. I had told him that we didn't have plans on Thursday, so he just left the carseats in my car. It was totally my own fault for forgetting, but I could have cried. I just WANTED to get OUT. Plus, I had my heart set on CFA at that point. Haha. But we didn't have much choice, so we stayed home. The kids wrecked the house, but they had fun. After I snapped out of my bad mood about having to stay home, we had a fine day at home. We ate leftovers for lunch, and then the kids took naps. Aubrey played and Jude slept well. I took a shower and got ready, and then we just hung out waiting for David to get home. I fixed some pasta pesto for dinner, and then he got home. I had a girls' night with Sarah Denley planned that night, and it came at a great time since I had been home bound all day! :) I left David with the kids and went to pick SD up. We ate dinner at Julep, and we had so much fun! We have not had an uninterrupted conversation in AGES. I love going to lunch and hanging out with our kids all the time, but it's so nice to get to just talk every once in a while :) After dinner we went to Starbucks and talked some more. SD had a babysitter, so we had to be back at a decent hour, but it was so refreshing to get out for a while with such a sweet friend. When I got home, both kids were in bed, and David told me they had a GREAT night :) Jude had some trouble staying asleep, though. We went up to his room a few times, and I finally gave him Tylenol and rocked him, and he went to sleep. After talking to David for a while, we went to bed late again.

Friday: Jude was up bright and early again, and I took a shower and got ready. I decided we would attempt going to Target again. Haha! When we were all ready, we left and stopped at the post office. I had to mail some shoes I had sold on eBay, and the line was long. Thankfully, the kids were REALLY good while we waited in line. We went to Target next, and we strolled around and just enjoyed being out of the house. After we got everything we needed, we drove through Chick Fil A and got lunch. Jude fell asleep for literally TWO minutes in the car on the way home, and I was worried that was going to mess up his nap. We ate our chicken when we got home.I then put Aubrey and Jude down for their naps. I was right about Jude and the nap. He thought he had had enough sleep for the day, but I was determined I was going to win that battle! Between going into Jude's room many times and Aubrey calling me upstairs for various reasons, I decided to just lay on the upstairs guest bed so I wouldn't have to go up and down the stairs anymore! After over an hour of talking/fussing/crying/playing, I was finally able to rock Jude to sleep and transfer him to his bed. Whoo, I was more stubborn than him that day! Haha! I ended up dozing off on the guest bed and getting a short little nap. When I woke up, I got Aubrey out of her room, and we went downstairs until Jude woke up. We watched some "cooking" (Food Network) until David got home, and then we worked a little around the house. David took some boxes of Christmas stuff up to the attic, and I fixed up the dining room table. Then we started de-cluttering our office, but that got a little difficult with both kids awake and in there, so we put that on hold. My mom texted me and asked if we wanted to go to dinner, so we left to go meet my family at a Mexican restaurant. That was fun, and the kids enjoyed it too :) By the time we got home, it was bedtime. We got the kids to bed, and then I walked on the treadmill and watched the finale of Sweet Home Alabama. We actually made it to bed before midnight that night (but just barely)!

Saturday: I got up a little earlier than usual for a Saturday (around 8) and both kids and David were up. We hung out at home all morning, and I did some stuff on the computer. David was meeting a friend for brunch, so the kids and I stayed home while he went. We just played, and then I took a shower and got dressed. I fed the kids lunch and then bathed them. David got home right after I got them out of the tub, and he brought me some lunch from Subway. He put the kids down for naps while I ate my lunch. Then David and I worked on cleaning out our office. We threw a lot of stuff away, and we made things look a little nicer on the bookshelves. We didn't completely finish, but we made a lot of progress, so we were happy. We quit when it was time for Aubrey to come downstairs. Jude ended up taking a really good nap. When he woke up, we all left home to go run errands. We went to Hobby Lobby to look for some picture frames for our office. We thought they were on sale, but after standing in line, we found out they weren't. We put them back and went to Ross. We found picture frames there, so that was good! :) We went to 5 Guys for dinner, and we were having lots of fun until the very end when we discovered that Jude had a blowout diaper. Of course, we didn't have another outfit for him (he never has blowouts anymore), and we had to change his diaper in the car (it was freezing). When we got him cleaned up, we drove to Target, and I ran in and got him another outfit (pajamas, really). Once he was dressed again, we did our shopping at Target. We then went to Kroger and got a bunch of groceries. By that point, it was bedtime and we called it a night. We put the kids to bed when we got home, and then David watched some TV while I finished going through some of our old pictures. We went to bed pretty late as usual.

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