Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights How Far Along: 25 weeks
Size of baby: She is about 13.6 inches and 1.5 pounds -- about the size of an eggplant!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I've been staying away from the scale. I am really excited that my grandmother let me borrow a treadmill, so hopefully that means I'll be exercising a lot more regularly! I decided to cancel my gym membership for now, because I was only going about once a week on a good week, and NONE on a normal week :( It just didn't seem worth all the hassle to took to get there simply to walk on the treadmill for a little while. So now that I have a treadmill at home, my goal is to walk on it five days a week. We'll see if that happens!
Maternity Clothes: Yep, all maternity now (with the exception of a few flowy tops and cardigans).
Movement: She is moving more and more! Her most active time right now seems to be at night as I'm going to sleep. She moves like CRAZY then. And every time I wake up in the night, she's usually moving around. I'm hoping that trend doesn't continue after she's born. Haha!
Gender: It's a GIRL!!! Her name is Alaina Ruth :)
Sleep: No trouble sleeping, thank goodness!
What I miss: I guess I kind of miss not worrying about how everything I do or eat or drink will effect the baby. Like if I'm stressed out about something, it makes it worse when I think, "Stress is so bad for the baby. Calm down!" Or, if I really want to drink tea, but I've already had some caffeine that day, I wonder, "Have I had too much for the day? Will it hurt her if I drink another glass of sweet tea?" I know it's just all part of motherhood, though, and worrying about your baby doesn't end when he or she is born!
Cravings: No cravings! It's funny that I haven't really had any big cravings this pregnancy. I had my persistent cravings with my other two pregnancies, but that hasn't been the case this time. My pregnancy with Aubrey was the "gyro pregnancy" and Jude's was the "BBQ pregnancy." Ha! Alaina's has just been anything goes :) Maybe she'll be SUPER laid-back and easy to please ;)
Symptoms: Having to go to the bathroom more often. I really think she's been sitting on TOP of my bladder this week! I feel like it's too early in the pregnancy to be going to the bathroom every 5 minutes! Haha!
Best Moment This Week: Feeling her kick more and more. It sometimes feels like there's a party going on in my stomach!
What I Am Looking Forward To: I have a doctor's appointment next week, and I'll do my glucose test. I'm looking forward to hearing that I do NOT have gestational diabetes, Lord willing! Then, David and I are going on a little trip for our 5 year anniversary, and I'm SO excited about that!

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

Carrie, you look so pretty and happy! That picture almost makes me want to have another baby.