Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fair Fun! 2011

We took the kids to the fair on Saturday morning, and it was such a fun family outing! Going in the morning made it less crowded and more laid back, so that was a plus. The kids weren't feeling their best (they had colds), but we still all managed to have a good time! (In spite of the way it looks it this picture!)We started off with some food! :) We got chicken on a stick, and Aubrey LOVED it. So much that we ended up getting another one before we left. Haha! Then we rode some rides :) Aubrey decided that she wanted Daddy to ride with her this year. (And that was really ok with me!) First, they rode the carousel, and Aubrey was very selective about which horse she wanted to ride. Apparently none of the horses on the outside where I could have possibly gotten a decent picture would do.
They had lots of fun on the merry-go-round :)
Next, we headed to the petting zoo! That was a BIG hit!
Even Jude got in on some petting action :)
We decided to go for a few more rides after we finished looking at the animals. The ferris wheel is a fair must! David took the camera up with him and he got some fun pictures of the fair.
Mommy and Jude waiting at the bottom :)
We had enough tickets for one more ride, and Aubrey decided that she wanted to go on this little car ride. It was for little kids only, so we told her that she would have to ride it alone. I really didn't have high expectations, and I fully expected her to freak out when we walked away or when it started. Nope! Not this girl! She loved every minute!

Before the ride started, she insisted that she did NOT want her picture taken. Here she is asking me to stop taking her picture! Haha! Guess that was embarrassing?!
Once the ride started, I was able to sneak some pictures ;)
By this point, it was SO hot, so we got a few more snacks (elephant ear - YUM), and stopped at the Children's Barn before leaving. Funny story from the Children's Barn: They had some little bitty baby chicks that the kids could gently touch. A man was holding one, and Aubrey was looking at it/petting it. The man asked David if Jude would like to touch it. (Thankfully, I had walked out at this point because it was SO HOT in that barn.) David leaned over to let Jude gently touch the little chick, and before David could stop him, Jude grabbed the chick and dropped it on the ground. Oh my gosh. The man said the chick was ok -- just scared! Well, I would think so... poor thing! They took that little chick away to give it a break, and David got Jude out of there before he did anymore damage. Ha!

As we were walking, Aubrey saw this display:
She excitedly said to us, "Look! Jesus has that girl in His hand!" Is that not the sweetest thing? I love her childlike faith and innocence :)

We had such a fun family day, and we hope to keep going to the fair every year with our kids! (You can see pictures from our fair trip last year HERE. The kids have grown SO much!)

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

I was shocked when Evie rode a ride too. Funny about the poor chick. It looks like a fun morning!