Monday, October 11, 2010

Fair Fun!

I was so excited to take Aubrey to the fair for the first time on Saturday. My parents used to take me to the fair every year when I was little, and I just have such fond memories of the fair. It was literally the highlight of my year. And who knows how many hours worth of home vidoes my parents have of me riding rides at the far. Because watching your child go round and round and round on the Merry-Go-Round makes for some thrilling footage. Haha! So, going to the fair is just kind of sentimental for me, and I could hardly wait to see if Aubrey would enjoy it as much as I did/do. My two youngest brothers went with us so I knew, if nothing else, Aubrey would enjoy hanging out with them.

Here we are after we parked and are all ready to go in! Aubrey insisted on taking not one, but TWO purses into the fair with her.Jude was all chill and nonchalant about the whole fair experience......until we told him about all the fair food, and then he was like, "Let's go, Mom and Dad!" :)Nothing like a good ole Doughnut Burger to really get you in the fair spirit. We got two. Totally kidding. Ewww.We started off with the Merry-Go-Round. I was SO excited to ride this with Aubrey! I had no idea how she would like it, because she has never been on anything like this before. As we waited in line, we tried to get her all pumped up about riding on a horsey. When it was our turn to get on, I wanted to put Aubrey on a horse on the outside of the Merry-Go-Round so that David could get some good pictures. However, when I tried to put her on the nice horse I had picked out, Aubrey absolutely refused to get on. I thought she was scared and was thinking we had just blown about $10. Well, come to find out, Aubrey had spotted the brightest, most obnoxious horse on the entire Merry-Go-Round and decided that's the one she wanted to ride on. Naturally ;)Aubrey really like sitting on the horse, even though you wouldn't be able to tell since she never cracked a smile.Once the horse started moving, Aubrey wasn't so sure about it anymore. The whole time it was going, Aubrey was saying, "Stop that, Mommy!" and I was laughing hysterically.When we got off, Aubrey told David, "Mommy wouldn't stop that." HA!

We thought that was probably enough excitement for Aubrey and decided to get some food next. Someone enjoyed her funnel cake! (Yes, that's powdered sugar on her face.)We enjoyed walking around and watching my brothers ride a few rides after that.Baby Boy even wanted to get out of his stroller and check everything out.All the excitement was too much for him though, so he decided to catch a quick nap.We saved the petting zoo for last, and that was BY FAR Aubrey's favorite thing! She absolutely loved it! It was super cute watching her get so excited about the animals. She thought they were all puppies. She would run up to each one, squat down, and say, "Hey Puppy! How are you?" TOO CUTE!One time, one of the animals got up and started walking towards her. She kind of stepped back and said, "Him gonna get me!" Hilarious!It was so fun watching Aubrey talk to all of the "puppies." She even got brave and touched a few of them.By the time we finished with the petting zoo, it was late and we had some tired kids on our hands, so we headed home. Our first fair experience with the kids was definitely a success though, and we can't wait to go again next year!


Mary Catherine said...

Looked like a fun day for your lovely family!

Nathalie said...

So fun!! Jude and Aubrey are so adorable!