Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Aubrey's 3rd Birthday Party

Aubrey's birthday party was Saturday, and it was so fun! I had started thinking about her birthday party several months ago, and I tried to think of a cute little theme to work with. When I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted, she said, "A pink party!" Of course ;) One thing this girl LOVES is pink. She also loves lemonade, which led me to decide on a pink lemonade theme. I decided on that theme, picked some invitations, and then promptly put the party out of my mind until a few days before. Ha! I'm sure there are lots of really cute things I could have done to incorporate the pink lemonade theme, but I was kind of at a loss since it was so last minute. So, the pink lemonade theme kind of just evolved into a pink and yellow color scheme. And of course, we had pink lemonade to drink! :)

I loved the way the invitations turned out! Once again, I ordered them from an Etsy seller, and we had them printed at Fed Ex. Here is the invitation with all of our information deleted. And sorry it's so small! We had the party at 11, so I decided on a light lunch menu. We had pimiento cheese sandwiches, chicken salad with crackers, black eyed pea dip, bacon tomato tartlets, fruit skewers, and veggies with ranch dip. I made the cupcakes again, and I'm really thinking my kids are going to have cupcakes at all of their birthday parties from now on. Ha! I just love that I can do them myself, and therefore they are CHEAP :) I wanted to get candied lemon slices to top the cupcakes, but I couldn't find any the day before the party, so we kept it simple with edible yellow glitter :)I used the curtains from Aubrey's nursery on the tables, and that's the second time I've used them as table toppers. We are getting plenty of use out of those babies! I used some tissue paper balls for decorations, some flowers with lemons in the vase, and some candy on the table, and I called it a day :) I thought the table turned out really cute, though!
Aubrey decided that she didn't want anyone to sing to her, and she didn't want to blow out candles. I was kind of disappointed, but we figured it was her party, so we didn't push it. This was the best "cake picture" I got. Aubrey was also a little weird about opening her presents. I think she just got overwhelmed with all of the attention on her, so she insisted that I open the presents and she just watched. She warmed up enough to play with some of her new stuff, though! She loved it all!So even though Aubrey's party was planed a little last minute, it turned out great, and we all had fun! We loved celebrating our sweet little girl with the people who love her most! :)


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Looks super fun! I love the curtain as a tablecloth. Evie hates the attention on her too which surprises me but I am the same way. Pink lemonade is such a fun theme.

Nathalie said...

Love the pink and yellow theme! Everything looks amazing, especially the food!! Great job on the cupcakes.

Kristal said...

Super cute Carrie! And you have great handwriting. :)

Whitney said...

Everything looks wonderful! I saw a pink lemonade party idea as I was working on Avery's party and have tucked it away in my mind for next year since she is a lemonade fan.