Monday, August 29, 2011

Week in Review: School Decisions and Short Naps

We had a good, fairly busy week. The kids' naps were hit or miss, but other than that, everything was good this week! :)

Sunday: That morning, we got up and got ready for church. We were actually running EARLY for once. Not sure how that happened. It was good, because David was doing sound during church. My whole family was in the nursery during church, so I sat upstairs in the balcony with David. After church, I went over to the nursery to check on the kids. Jude was upset and my parents were about to leave his room, so I took him for a little while. He just laid his head on my shoulder and seemed so tired. I think he still wasn't feeling great from his ear infection the week before. I tried putting him back in the nursery for Sunday School, but he just SCREAMED and wasn't stopping, and I couldn't take it. So, I got him back out and took him to Sunday School with us. We didn't last long ;) I ended up taking him out and just letting him crawl the halls. After Sunday School, we went to David's parents' house to have lunch with his sisters. That was fun, and Jude did better than I expected after the way he had been at church. He definitely enjoyed his cookie ;)And the girls had fun playing again!David's sisters were leaving the next day, so we said our goodbyes and came home for naps. The kids were getting a late start after lunch, but they both slept. We had to wake them up for church that night. We had a good evening service, and then we grabbed some dinner on the way home. Jude was super tired after his short nap, so I put him right to bed. David got Aubrey to bed, and then I just read my book club book until bed.

Monday: We were up bright and early, and I got us ready because we were meeting with a lady from the school I blogged about to talk about Aubrey. She wanted to meet with Aubrey and see if she thought we should go ahead and start her or wait another year. The meeting was great and really interesting, and David and I really feel good about our decision to wait another year. After the meeting, David had to get back to work, but the kids and I went to breakfast since we were already out. We ate at Primos, and it was good and fun to have breakfast with my sweet kiddos. We came back home after that and played. I gave the kids a light lunch (since we had a late breakfast), and then I put Jude down for a nap. Aubrey went down about an hour later, and they both slept great. I straightened up, finished my book club book, and rested during their naps. When they woke up, we went to Kroger to get stuff for dinner. We came home and I fixed a quick dinner, and we ate together. Just chillin' with her "friends."

David was at karate, so the kids and I just hung out at home after dinner. I put Jude to bed at 8, and then David got home and played with Aubrey until her bedtime. I read my Crazy Love chapters for Bible Study the next day, and then David and I talked about our meeting that morning before bed.

Tuesday: We went to Bible Study and had a small crowd but another good discussion on Crazy Love. Rebekkah and Carver were out of town, so we didn't have our usual lunch buddies. The kids and I decided to go to Beagle Bagel by ourselves for lunch. It was fun, and we got home just in time for naps. Aubrey and Jude both napped, and I cleaned up the house a little and watched some TV. When David got home, I fixed a quick dinner, and we ate. I had book club at 7, so I left David and the kids at home and headed to Newks. We just got drinks/dessert, and we had a really good time discussing Girl in the Hyacinth Blue. It was a very interesting book and made for a good book club meeting. I got home fairly late that night, and David and I talked for a little while before going to bed.

Wednesday: The kids and I were up bright and early, and we got dressed and headed over to my parents' house. Since my dad does the after school ministry now, he has his mornings free, and he'd been wanting to take Aubrey to breakfast. I decided to just take the kids to their house (instead of my dad picking Aubrey up), so that I could go to the gym while they went to breakfast. Jude stayed with my mom, and my dad, brothers, and Aubrey went to Waffle House and Wal-Mart :) I had a good workout at the gym, but it isn't nearly as fun going alone. When I got back to my parents' house, I talked to my mom until Aubrey got back. Then we came home, ate lunch, and attempted naps. Aubrey didn't nap at all, and Jude didn't nap long. I took a shower and got ready while they were both in bed. Then we went to church for tutoring. That went well, and David met us at church after he got off work. During the time between tutoring and dinner at church, David played with the kids, and I looked over my material for my Wednesday night class. We then had dinner at church, and the kids played in the nursery. I taught my 4 and 5 year olds, and that was fun :) They really are cute. We came home after church and put the kids to bed.

Thursday: We had a day at home, and I tried to make it a productive one! We started the morning off with a trip to Target. It was kind of a nightmare, because Jude wasn't real happy to be in the buggy, and then he bumped his head on the buggy and wailed. I ended up having to carry him through Target while pushing the buggy with Aubrey in it. Needless to say, we wrapped things up rather quickly after that ;) When we got home, I hung up tons of laundry. My least favorite chore! Then I folded a bunch more laundry and washed a few loads. The kids played while I did all the laundry, and it was a nice morning. We ate lunch at home, and then played some more until naptime. Jude took another short nap (about an hour and a half instead of the usual three). I put some chicken in the crockpot and picked up clutter. After both kids were up, we had a snack and then just played. "Are you talkin' to me?"

I started working on dinner, and David got home about 6:30. We ate chicken quesadillas for dinner. Then we just hung out at home the rest of the evening. As soon as I got Jude to bed, I went to the gym. Rebekkah was still out of town, so I was on my own again. I REALLY didn't want to go (and almost didn't), but I was glad I went after the fact. We went to bed not too long after I got home.

Friday: We started getting ready for an early lunch with Sarah Denley and her kids when we got up. I bathed both of the kids and got us all ready, and we met at Mellow Mushroom at 11. It was fun and not crowded at all, which was nice. We had a good lunch, and we ended up standing outside of the restaurant talking for a long time while the girls played in "the rocks" (in the flower beds). Haha! We came straight home for naps after lunch. Aubrey didn't nap, and Jude took another short nap. Ugh! When David got home, I ran to Kroger to get stuff to make a salad for our Dinner's 8 Group that night. My mom came over to watch the kids, and David and I went to our dinner. We just had pizza and salad and sat around talking. It was SO fun and laid back! We played Catch Phrase after dinner, and that was super fun, as always! The girls won this time :) We got home fairly late and talked to my mom for a while, and then went to bed.

Saturday: David had a work day at church that morning, so the kids and I were on our own. We had a bit of a rough morning. Aubrey was kind of grumpy when she woke up. We were watching Cinderella when Jude crawled into the kitchen and had a little run in with a millipede. That is a story in and of itself, and it was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life, so I'll have to do a post on it soon. All's well that ends well, and Jude was fine after a while, thankfully. My nerves were about shot by the time David got home around noon, though ;) He took over child duty, and I got ready to meet my mom grandmother, and cousin for lunch. We went to Corner Bakery and had a fun lunch. Then we did some shopping. The kids did well for David. Jude took a LONG nap, but Aubrey didn't nap at all. She's skipping her naps more and more these days :/
She is one cool lady, nap or not ;)

When I got home, we talked and hung out for a while, and then we went to O'Charley's. We always get terrible service there, and that night was no different. Plus, Jude was SUPER fussy and Aubrey was hyper. At one point, I looked at David and said, "We are so that family." Haha! We were both pretty glad to get out of there when dinner was over. We went to Kroger after that, and then we came home for bedtime.

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

Strawberry Shortcake is making a comeback! I love it! Naps are getting harder at our house too. You and David talk so much - I am very impressed. We are so done talking by the time our kids are in bed but are trying to do better. So funny, about the comment in the restaurant that you made. Someone told us that at crazy times just like that to say to the other parent - "living the dream." It works for us and we laugh every time. Life with kids is pretty wild!