Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week in Review: Appointments, Ear Infections, and Family Time

Whoa, so I'm pretty behind on blogging! David's sisters were in town all weekend, so we spent lots of time with them. On Friday, when I took Jude to his one year check-up, I found out that he had a double ear infection, so he's been extra fussy/needy. Between the sick baby and the busy weekend, I just put blogging on the back burner. But, better late than never, right? :) We had a fun, busy week last week, so here it is:

Sunday: The kids had colds and weren't feeling well, so we knew we wouldn't be taking them to church. I was supposed to help set up for a little party we were having for the children at church for move-up Sunday (when they move into their new grade). So, David stayed home with the kids and I went to church. By the time I got there, they had pretty much finished setting up, but I was able to help some. I helped a little with the party between church and Sunday School, and then I went to my adult Sunday School class. After it was over, I came home. David said the kids had been great, and I was so thankful that everyone seemed to be on the mend. We ate leftovers for lunch, and then we took naps. David went to church that evening, and the kids and I stayed home. I was so over leftovers, so I picked up some food for dinner and we just hung out at home all evening. When David got home, we put the kids to bed and went to bed ourselves.

Monday: We had a pretty low-key day. We were all a little tired and still recovering from our colds, so we rested a lot. We went to the grocery store that morning before Jude's nap. We ate lunch when we got home, and then both kids took good naps. I wasn't very productive during naptime, but I was tired so I rested too. I put some dinner in the crockpot. When the kids were up, we went to Hobby Lobby and Borders. We came home and ate dinner. David was at a meeting, so we were on our own all evening. We watched some TV that evening, I bathed the kids, and then I put Jude to bed. David got home in time to put Aubrey to bed, so they were both glad to see each other :) David and I talked for a while, and then I read several chapters in Crazy Love for Bible Study. I stayed up too late.

Tuesday: We had Bible Study that morning, so we got ready and rushed out the door. We had another great discussion on Crazy Love. That book is really challenging and convicting me, and I'm planning on doing a post on some of my thoughts on it soon. After Bible Study, Rebekkah and I and our kiddos went to a new Greek place for lunch. It was SO GOOD and we had lots of fun! Jude got a little fussy, but it was ok. Naptime was a bit challenging. It's like there is this short window for Jude's nap, and if we miss it, it's not pretty. He did FINALLY go to sleep. I didn't get much done since it took so long to get him to sleep. That night, we went over to my parents' house for dinner. That was fun, and the kids enjoyed hanging out with their grandparents and uncles :)
Aubrey also loved hanging out with their dogs!

When we got home, David put both kids to bed so that I could go workout. Rebekkah and I went to the gym and had a good (although somewhat abbreviated) workout. When I got home, David and I talked and then went to bed.

Wednesday: We spent the morning at home. I knew we had tutoring that afternoon, so I wanted to be sure both kids got a nap beforehand. We had a low-key morning, and I put Jude to bed right after lunch. I put Aubrey down a little early so that she could sleep as long as possible before we needed to leave. While they both slept, I took a shower and got ready and straightened up the house. I had to wake both of them. Aubrey was not happy :( She did perk up once we were in the car. Sons of the King (my dad's after school ministry) has started back, so I'm going to be tutoring for that on Wednesday afternoons. There are some girls who keep our kids while we tutor, so Aubrey and Jude had fun playing. We were starting Wednesday night church back that night (we took a break over the summer), so we didn't have time to go home and then come back to church. So, we just hung out at church and played in the gym until dinnertime. We ate, and then I went to a teacher's meeting. I'm going to be teaching 4K and 5K on Wednesday nights, and I'm excited about it :) After the meeting, we had class. I have a pretty big class, so I have a helper and that was very nice! I enjoyed teaching, and the kids are so sweet. After class, David and I rounded up our kids and were FINALLY ready to leave (Jude was super fussy and seemed exhausted), and I couldn't find my keys. I looked everywhere for them to no avail. We finally shone our phones into my car and saw them. Locked in the car. I was SO mad at myself, because it was bedtime, and we had been at church since 3:30, and I was just ready to GO. Thankfully, David had just met me at church after work, so we were in two cars. So, David stayed at church with the kids, and I drove ALL the way home (about 25 minutes away), got our spare set of keys, and drove BACK to the church. We then loaded up and came home. By the time we got home and got the kids in bed, it was pushing 10PM. Frustrating! We went to bed not too long after that.

Thursday: David and I were going to an informational meeting that morning at a potential school for Aubrey, so I got up early and got ready. I got the kids ready and then took them over to my parents' house. David and I really enjoyed the meeting, and it gave us a lot to think about! I drove through Wendy's on my way to get the kids, and then I hung out at my parents house for a little while talking to my mom. She had taken Aubrey up to a monogram store close to their house where they were doing silhouettes that day. Aubrey's turned out SO cute! :) I decided to wait and do Jude's when he's a little older. We came home for naps when we left my parents' house. Both kids slept great. It really started STORMING when I put them down, and I was so worried all the thunder and rain was going to wake them, but it never did. I straightened up and watched some Design Star on TV. Then Aubrey woke up, and I read to her for a while. My grandparents came over that afternoon to keep the kids, because David and I were seeing a movie that night. Jude was super fussy and clingy when he woke up from his nap, so I felt really bad leaving him, but I knew he would be fine. David and I were having dinner with our pastor and his wife and the Arants before the movie. David was going straight there, so I rode with the Arants so that I could ride home with David. We met at an Italian place, and we had such a fun dinner! We saw The Help after dinner. The little girls who play Mae Mobley go to our church, so their parents had invited the whole church to see the movie together. I think 150 of their friends and family were there, so it was fun being in a theater full of people we knew! It was a little weird though, because I felt embarrassed sobbing in front of people I knew, and I was definitely on the verge of sobbing a time or two. I managed to contain it to just a "tears running down my face while I held my breath to keep from making noise" cry. Haha! Anyway, I LOVED the movie! It was so great and very close to the book! We came home after the movie, and both kids were in bed. My grandmother said they were good, but that Jude had been clingy all night and not acting like he felt great. I was glad that we had his one year checkup the next day.

Friday: Jude's appointment was at 9, and I didn't get up until 7:30. Bad idea. I was super rushed and a little stressed trying to get us all ready. We needed to leave at 8:40, and at 8:20, Jude was eating breakfast, and I still needed to get myself dressed, fix my hair, finish my makeup, get Aubrey dressed, fix her hair, bathe Jude, get him dressed, and load us all up. Ummm, yeah, we were running slightly behind. But we somehow managed to get to the doctor only 3 minutes late! Amazing! We found out at the doctor that Jude had a double ear infection :( I was almost hoping he would, because he had been SO UPSET all morning, and I was hoping there would be an easy fix for whatever was bothering him. When we left the doctor, it was too early to get Jude's prescription filled where we go, so we ate breakfast at Corner Bakery. Then we went and got Jude's medicine and to Kroger. By the time we got home, it was naptime! I gave Jude some food so that he could take his antibiotic, and then put him to bed. He took a good nap. Aubrey stayed up for a while, and then I put her to bed, too. I did a few things around the house while they both slept. That afternoon when David got home from work, we bathed the children and got them ready to go to his parents' house for dinner. David's sisters were in town, and were eating dinner together. Aubrey was SO excited to see her cousin, Caroline!
Aubrey is still sporting her "circus sticker" from, oh, a WEEK AND A HALF ago.
They had so much fun playing together!
Jude did great, too, considering the poor baby had a double ear infection.

We had a fun evening, and we came home to put the kids in bed. David and I straightened up the house, and then went to bed.

Saturday: We were up bright and early, and we all got ready to meet David's sisters for breakfast. We went to Primos, and it was so good. I had forgotten how good their breakfast is. Jude got fussy during breakfast, though. After we ate, we all came back to our house, so the girls could play and we could visit.
Aunt Sarah brought Aubrey an early birthday present. It's a HUGE princess coloring/sticker book. Aubrey loves it! Princesses and stickers are two of her favorite things :)
Sweet Baby Luke :)

They all left when it was naptime, and we put both kids in bed. They both took good naps -- Jude slept for 4 hours, and I know he needed it! I went to run an errand that afternoon, and David stayed home with the kids while they slept. That evening, we got ready and met David's family for dinner at Amerigo. It was so good! Unfortunately, Jude was SUPER FUSSY. He just wasn't happy. I had to walk around with him at one point. He perked up a little when we got our food, but he just wasn't his usual happy self. The girls had fun, though. Aubrey insisted on sitting next to Caroline :)We came home after dinner, and the kids went to bed. Jude slept well, even after being so fussy.

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Whitney said...

How neat that you go to church with the Mae Mobleys! I thought the movie was fantastic as well and can't wait to see it again. Hope everyone stays well for you this week.