Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Food Talk

Now that Jude is eating all table foods, I wanted to write down some of his favorite things to eat. This list includes everything that he consistently eats.

  • YoBaby Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Bananas

    That's it. I'm not even kidding when I say that those three things are the ONLY food items that I can count on Jude eating these days. It's so stressful! He used to eat SO much better. Then he started teething, got a cold, and then an ear infection. Now he literally eats NO meat and basically no vegetables. Sometimes he'll eat corn, peas, or lima beans. At his one year check-up last week, I talked to his pediatrician about his diet. She didn't seem overly concerned and said I could introduce peanut butter to hopefully get him to eat a little protein. I know I shouldn't worry too much about it; babies go through picky stages, and I'm hoping this is just that -- a STAGE. I can't help but worry about what he does (or doesn't!) eat, though. I try ALL KINDS of stuff. I offer him turkey, chicken, beef, scrambled eggs, whole wheat pasta, all kinds of fruit (which is hit or miss), veggies, brown rice (he actually ate that today!), and lately, even cereal bars. He does love a cereal bar, but I don't want those become a mealtime staple. So, does anyone have any ideas of healthy food a 13 month old might like? I'm at a loss!

    I also talked to Jude's doctor about the fact that he still doesn't drink milk out of a cup. He drinks water out of a cup and milk out of a bottle. When he gets a sip of milk out of a cup, you would think we were feeding him straight up vinegar. It disgusts him. So strange! Our pediatrician said that wasn't unusual, and some kids just don't like milk from a cup. She recommended that we keep giving him bottles (2 a day) until he's 15 months old. After that, he won't need the calories as much, and he clearly gets plenty of dairy (see list above -- haha!). So, I feel kind of strange still giving my 13 month a bottle twice a day, but those are the doctor's orders! :) I'm going to keep offering him milk in a cup and hope that it "clicks" one day. Oh, and we've tried ALL different kinds of cups, including ones with straws.

    So, that's Jude's eating status ;) Mealtimes are not my favorite part of the day these days. They usually result in HUGE messes and way more food on the floor than in Jude's tummy! We'll keep trying different options, though, and hope that this picky stage passes quickly!


    Nathalie said...

    Emily was the same -- she wouldn't drink anything but water from a cup. Then all of a sudden (around 13.5 months) she just decided it was ok to have milk in a cup! We just did like you, kept offering it. I'm sure it'll click for Jude eventually!

    Sickness definitely affected Em's diet too.. for a few days after having strep all she would eat was plain pasta and watermelon. She's definitely pickier now than she's ever been, especially with meat. I'm also looking forward to this stage passing!

    Have you tried a hard-boiled egg? Sometimes that's the only protein Em will eat for days (and she only likes the egg whites).

    Whitney said...

    Avery was just like Jude and took milk from the bottle but not from the cup. She just recently started loving cereal and milk, and that's the first milk she had since we took her bottles at one year. My pediatrician had told me to expect this, so we do lots of cheese, yogurt, etc. I've even tried chocolate milk. As for food, these may not be the healthiest, but have you tried the Gerber Pasta Pick-Ups? Those were something I could count on Avery eating. Good luck! I know I dread the picky stages because it makes mealtime so stressful.

    Anonymous said...

    The only cup that worked for us was This one.