Saturday, August 13, 2011

Aubrey Quotes: Circus Edition

David and I took Aubrey to the circus last night. It was such a fun time, and it was so nice to get some one-on-one time with just her. (Jude got to stay home and play with my mom and his uncles.) This was Aubrey's first circus, and she was SO excited about it. She really didn't have a clue what to expect since she had never seen a circus before, so I was really hoping that she would enjoy it and not be disappointed. At first she just sat perfectly still and was mesmerized by the whole thing. When I would ask her if she was having fun, she would nod her head yes, but she never cracked a smile. She did warm up in the second half. She said some funny things while we were there that I wanted to remember.

When we first got there, I took her to the bathroom. While we were in the stall and she was sitting on the potty, she looked around and asked me if we were at the circus. I told her that we were, and she said, "Oooh, this is a pretty circus!" Um, glad she was impressed by the public restroom ;)

She sat perfectly still like a little statue for the first half of the circus. One time, I asked her if she was scared, and she shook her head and said, "I don't tink (think) so."

During the intermission, David was asking her if she was having fun and what her favorite part was. She looked around for a minute and thought real hard. Then she said, "I like those stairs over there." Haha!

I was so excited when the elephants came out, and I thought Aubrey would be too. She watched them for a minute, and I asked if she liked the elephants. She replied that she wanted to see a giraffe and a lion. Guess we should take that girl to the zoo!

They gave all of the children a little tattoo when we first got there. Aubrey is obsessed with stickers, and she thought this was a sticker too. She pointed to her arm and asked, "Can I sleep with my sticker, Mommy?" Yep, unfortunately she is STILL sporting that "sticker." ;)

After we had been there for a while and we had seen various animals, trapeze tricks, and crazy jumps and flips, do you want to know what got Aubrey the most excited? When a motorcycle came out! She got so excited and wanted to be sure that we saw the "bicycle." Haha!

It was such a fun night, and taking our children to do things with us one-on-one is something I want to make a point of doing regularly. It was so fun to experience something like that through Aubrey's eyes :)

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Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at her favorite part being the stairs. I love these quotes you post!