Tuesday, August 16, 2011

13 things about Jude

In honor of Jude's 13 month birthday today, I wanted to write down 13 facts and things that I love about Jude. So, here goes! Note: These pictures were taken right after Jude woke up from his nap, and we COULD NOT get a smile out of him. He's not usually so solemn!

1.) I LOVE Jude's little feet. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with them, but I think they're pretty much the cutest things EVER. He wiggles his little toes all the time, and it's just precious to me. 2.) Jude is a cuddle bug, and this thrills me. Aubrey was never a cuddly child, so I love that Jude is. When I pick him up after he wakes up, he likes to just lay his head on my shoulder for a while. I just soak it up and love every second of it! 3.) Jude has the sweetest little smile. He scrunches up his nose and you can see all 6 of his teeth, and it's TOO cute. He has little spaces between his teeth, and I love to see him smile! 4.) Jude is a power crawler. He can get where he is going FAST, and it's hilarious to watch him.
5.) I love his little curls in the back. His hair is still pretty straight on top, but the back has the sweetest, littlest curls that are adorable to me. 6.) Jude LOVES some bananas, and it cracks me up. He could (and sometimes does) eat multiple bananas a day. If he's eating something else and sees a banana, it's all over. Nothing but the banana will do! ;)7.) Speaking of food, I love that we are D-O-N-E with baby food. There was a little period in there where I was seriously worried that Jude would still be eating baby food when he went off to college. ;) 8.) Jude is starting to get more and more brave when it comes to (thinking about) walking. He still isn't walking, and I don't think he's really even super close, but I'm guessing he'll be walking within the next month. Just tonight, we were over at my parent's house, and Jude actually took a couple of steps! I didn't see that coming, and I was SHOCKED when he did it, but I was so excited! 9.) I am SO SO happy to report that Jude has been doing really great with only taking one nap a day for the past few days. I've been putting him down around noon, and he's been sleeping for about 3 hours. The BEST part is that this nap overlaps with Aubrey's nap! It's been so nice, and it makes the evenings much more pleasant for him. 10.) Jude has also been sleeping fairly well at night lately. He's been teething, so he does wake up in the night sometimes, but he usually goes back to sleep easily without being picked up or rocked. 11.) He LOVES balls. The other day, he was fussy, and there was a ball on the couch. I told him to find his ball, and he cruised over to the couch and pointed to his ball! This was the fist time I said something like that to him and felt like he actually "got it." It was exciting to realize that he's really starting to understand what we're saying to him! 12.) I love that Jude recognizes and loves his family. Of course, I'm his favorite ;) but he LOVES David, too. And of course he's still a huge fan of his big sister! When she wakes up from her nap, I will ask Jude if he wants to go find Aubrey, and I can tell he knows who I'm talking about because he just grins. Then when we walk into her room and he sees her, he just laughs and gets so excited. I LOVE that!

13.) I LOVE JUDE. I can't add much more, other than to say that he is such a joy, and our family would not be complete without him. His smile, his laugh, his little babbles, his squeal, and even his cry is such a blessing, because I know what a gift he is and what a privilege it is to be his mother. Thank You, Lord, for this precious gift! May our number one goal in parenting him be always to point him to You!

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Whitney said...

He is just precious! I looked for an e-mail to send this comment but couldn't find one. I wanted you to know that I thought your comment on In the Warm Hold... today was so well-written and hit the nail on the head. I hate that you needed to defend yourself, because at no time did you express that women shouldn't be educated. Someone saying what they do is best does not educate anyone. By reading your blog, I know you breastfeed, stay at home, etc., but at no time have I ever felt inferior because of a difference in choices. Anyway, I didn't want to comment there since I did yesterday, but I wanted to thank you for your words. Keep up the wonderful job with your family!