Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week in Review: Book Club, Dinner Parties, and Breakfasts

We had a good week! We did some fun things and got out of the house just the right amount. Jude's naps are still kind of hit or miss in the afternoon. I'm still thinking he might transition to one nap a day soon.

Sunday: We got up and all got ready for church. David and I had nursery that morning, and we were in Jude's room. Some of the babies got sleepy and fussy towards the end of the service, but it was fine. After church, David and I then had the toddler room for Sunday School. That was a little more stressful than the baby room. Several of the kids weren't happy, and it was hot in the room, and David and I were just kind of happy to see parents coming by the end of it! Haha. No, we were really happy to serve, and the babies are sweet, it was just sort of a long morning to be in the nursery during church and Sunday School. We survived, though! :) We collected our own kids from their rooms and came home for lunch. We ate roast and then took naps. We went back to church that evening and ate at Jason's Deli after church. We put the kids to bed when we got home, and then I spent the rest of the evening reading Persuasion for book club.

Monday: We got up fairly early, and we had a nice morning at home. The kids played, and I finished reading my book f0r book club. I then did a blog post while Jude took his morning nap. He took a while to go to sleep, but then he slept for 3 hours! While he slept, Aubrey and I played, and I took a shower. We then ate lunch and straightened up the house. When Jude woke up, I fed him lunch. Then it was time for Aubrey's nap. She slept for a nice long time, but Jude was awake for a good part of her nap since he had taken such a long morning nap. He finally went down for his afternoon nap, and I put on makeup and got ready. When the kids woke up, we were going to go to Target, but then I heard on the news that the police were out in my neighborhood looking for a man wanted for something or other. OMG. By the way, we don't actually live in the ghetto, contrary to how it may sound. Ha! I decided to postpone our little Target trip. My mom and brother were coming over to hang out for a little while anyway while David was at karate. When they got here, I got the kids started eating dinner, and then I decided it was safe to run to Target by myself. I got a few things, and then I came back home. Aubrey was upstairs playing with my brother, and my mom and Jude were playing. I ate dinner and we visited for a little while, and then they left. I gave Jude a bath and then put him to bed. David got home soon after that, and he put Aubrey to bed. I then talked to David while he ate dinner, and then I read some of Crazy Love since we are doing that book in Bible Study now. I went to bed after I finished my reading.

Tuesday: We were up bright and early, and I went ahead and started getting ready for Bible Study. We had a nice time at Bible Study. There were only three of us there, so we ended up just talking the whole time, and we're going to start our Crazy Love study next time. After Bible Study, my parents had already gotten the kids out of the nursery, and they were hanging out and playing in my dad's office. It was my dad's birthday, so we wished him a happy birthday and hung out with them for a while. We then headed home for lunch. After lunch, both kids took naps. Jude took quite a while to go to sleep, but he finally did. Whew! I watched some TV while they slept and then straightened up. When David got home, we woke Aubrey up, and then Jude woke up right after that. I got the kids dressed and ready, because David was taking them to my grandmother's house for dinner for my dad's birthday. I wasn't going with them because I didn't think we were doing anything, and I had already committed to be at book club. Plus, I'm pretty sure no one cared if I was there or not as long as Aubrey and Jude were there. Ha! So, David left with the kids, and Rebekkah picked me up for book club. We met at Corner Bakery and had dinner and a good discussion on June Austin's Persuasion. I enjoyed it! When I got home, David had the kids in bed, and we talked about our evenings, and he showed me some pictures he took at my grandmother's house.This picture CRACKS ME UP. This is a wig that my grandmother has at her house. Apparently Jude wasn't a fan.

We then watched some home videos on the computer before going to bed.

Wednesday: We had a nice morning at home. The kids were sweet, and we just hung out. I gave them baths, and then Jude took a nap. While he slept, I got myself and Aubrey ready. We had lunch at home, and then we went to church for tutoring. It was the last week of summer tutoring, so we will get a little break before the school year starts. On the way home, we had to stop at Kroger. By the time we got home, Jude was SO sleepy, so I put him right down for a nap. It took a little while, but he did go to sleep. It was too late for Aubrey to nap at this point, so I didn't even put her in bed. I cleaned up the house a little bit because we were having a dinner party at the Arant's house that night, and we had babysitters coming to our house to keep Aubrey, Jude, Carver, and two other children from church. I was taking a vegetable, so I started cooking it when David got home. I also put a frozen pizza in the oven for the kids and sitters. When the babysitters got here, David and I left to go to the Arant's. This was our Dinner's 8 group meeting, and we had so much fun! We actually have 10 people in our group, and everyone got to come this month. We had lots of GREAT food and fun conversations. After dinner and dessert, we played Catch Phrase. That was a blast, because everyone got really into it. Sadly, the girls lost to the guys :( We came home to relieve the babysitters after a fun night, and the kids had had fun too! We put Jude and Aubrey to bed when everyone left, and then we just hung out for a little while before bed.

Thursday: When we got up, we ate breakfast and then started getting ready to meet Rebekkah and Carver for brunch. We decided to meet at Broken Egg Cafe at 11 to beat the crowds. It was SO GOOD! I love brunch, so that was super fun! After we ate, I let Aubrey go look at the splash pad nearby, but I didn't let her get wet.She was pretty content to just look and smell the flower she picked :)We came back home after that and played for a little while before naptime. Jude was exhausted and was quiet as soon as I laid him down, but about 20 minutes later, he was awake with a dirty diaper :( Ughh! I put him back in bed, and he stayed in there for a couple of hours, but he mostly talked the whole time. He never got a good nap. Frustrating! Aubrey did take a good nap at least. When David got home, I cooked dinner, and we ate a little early. Sweet Kisses!
"Pick me up, Mommy!"
Aubrey likes to help give Jude his dinner. She breaks his food up into tiny pieces just like she sees us do. It's just precious.
We decided to go on a walk after dinner.
Aubrey told David that she LOVED his shirt. Of course she would! :)

This little man didn't last long before he was sacked out. It was bedtime for the babies when we got home! After they were alseep, I went and picked Rebekkah up and we went to the gym. I went to bed shortly after getting home.

Friday: We had a very low-key day at home. Aubrey watched a movie when she got up, and Jude played. Then it was time for his nap, and he took a good morning nap. When he woke up, we got in the car and drove through Fresh Market and got a vegetable plate to share for lunch. We ate when we got home, and then I bathed both children. I put both of them down for their naps after that, and the same thing happened with Jude's nap as the day before. Sabbatoged by a dirty diaper! :( This time, however, he did finally fall asleep after a couple of hours in bed. While both kids were in bed, I took a shower and got dressed. Then I put away some laundry, vacuumed, and dusted. When David got home, we got the kids ready to go to dinner with his parents. We met at a Chinese buffet and had a nice time. After dinner, we went to Target before heading home for bed. We put the kids down, and then I watched TV for a while. We went to bed fairly early for a Friday night.

Saturday: I got up a little earlier than usual for a Saturday, and we all got ready and went to breakfast at Chick Fil A. Aubrey had been DYING to go play "in that room with the big kids" at CFA since the last time I took both kids by myself. I didn't let her play then because it was packed, and I had both kids by myself, but I told her we would go back really soon with Daddy and let her play. Well, we did, and she had a blast :)Someone at Chick Fil A asked me if Aubrey's hair was naturally curly or if I had made that "perfect little curl" myself. I wanted to tell them to take a look at her Daddy's hair for their answer :)After lots of playing, we left and went to Borders. They are going out of business, so we were looking for some good deals. Also, Saturday was Tax Free Day here, so everywhere was PACKED. We looked around for a while and found a few things. Then we came home, and I put Jude to bed. Aubrey ate lunch and took a nap, too. While they napped, I went to a few fabric stores looking for some trim for pillows for Aubrey's room. I didn't find any. Then I came back home and waited for Jude to wake up. When he did, I took him to a shoe store and got some new church shoes for him. When Jude and I got home, Aubrey was awake, and we hung out at home for a little while and then went to eat dinner at a pizza place. We went to Kroger after dinner, and then came home for bed.


The Niemeyer Nest said...

That comment about the curls cracked me up. What mom really has time to curl their toddlers hair? We get that all the time too and it just makes me giggle to myself. I love seeing Aubrey feeding Jude and it makes me look forward to next year with my kids.

Nathalie said...

We love Catch Phrase too! So much fun.

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Jude smiling with David at CFL! That boy is just so sweet!-Rachel