Friday, June 17, 2011

Staying Busy

You might have noticed (or maybe not) that I've been a bit MIA on the blog this week. The reason for that is that it's been VBS week at our church, and wow! It's been fun but so exhausting! I was literally at the church today from 8am to 7:45pm, and my poor sweet babies were there the whole day, too. With no naps. They've been troopers this week, but I know they are just beyond exhausted.

Rebekkah and I were in charge of kids snacks this week at VBS, and it was so fun! We didn't want to just give them pre-packaged stuff everyday, so we ended up creating a ton of work for ourselves and making a lot of the snacks. We also thought it would be super cute to stick with our "Summer Seaquest" theme and used cookie cutters to cut out fish shapes from rice krispie treats and other things. Well, it WAS cute, but it also took forever. We were in a race against time everyday trying to get all the snacks made, bagged up, and delivered to the rooms by 10:00. There were some stressful moments, but it really was fun, and we think we want to do it again next year with our newly acquired wisdom of what does and doesn't work for kids VBS snacks ;)

The two of us were also in charge of decorating for our little closing ceremony tonight. That was why I spent the whole day at church today. We kept it pretty simple and just did tons of bright balloons and bright table cloths, and it turned out really cute! It still took forever to get it all done, though. Rebekkah and I really work well together, and we enjoy doing that kind of thing. We were laughing today and saying that other people would probably hate to work with us because we kind of have our own little language when we're planning these kinds of things. I'm pretty sure we don't speak in complete sentences or finish all of our thoughts, but we get it. Ha! ;)

THEN, after being at the church all afternoon, we had a wedding rehearsal tonight. (Remember, Rebekkah is the wedding coordinator at our church, and I'm her assistant.) It went really well and was thankfully pretty simple and quick! We even made it back over to the fellowship hall in time for the VBS closing program. Tomorrow is the wedding, and then that should end all of the crazy busyness for a while. It always comes all at once, doesn't it?!

On top of all the busyness this week, Aubrey came down with a cold, and I think Jude might be working on one, too. Apparently a lot of the little kids in the nursery got colds this week. Because of the congestion, Aubrey and Jude haven't been sleeping well. So, we're all running on little sleep. We're praying that they will be able to get some good rest tonight. And on that note, I think I'm going to go to bed while all is quiet :) Have a good weekend!

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Courtney said...

Hope you guys can get some rest this weekend. We are having a one day VBS marathon at our church today. This is the first time we have done it, so we will see how it goes. I sitting here drinking lots of caffeine to gear up!