Thursday, June 2, 2011


-I think it is safe to say that summer has officially arrived! The high here yesterday was 98, and I heard that it might get to 100 today. It's miserable already. Makes me a little glad that I'm not hugely pregnant like I have been the past two out of three summers! ;)

-Jude is really getting more and more hair, and I'm so excited because I think it's going to be curly! When we are outside and he gets sweaty, he has the sweetest little curls in the back. Precious! I really hope that his hair is curly, because I think it would be hard to figure out what to do with straight boy hair. I'm not a big fan of bowl cuts, and I don't want stringy bangs in his face. I know lots of little boys with straight hair that are super cute, so I know it can be done; I just think their hair requires a little more effort. So, if Jude had curly hair, that would be GREAT with me! :) Funny how I have analyzed all this, right?

-Speaking of Jude, the nursing problem has gotten better. I have been pumping a lot and giving him bottles if he starts biting when I'm trying to feed him. There are certain feeding where I just kind of know he is going to bite and that I will need to give him a bottle. The important thing to me is that he gets breast milk for a year, so whether I'm nursing him or pumping and giving him bottles is beside the point to me. Although, it is WAY more convenient to just nurse him! He had actually gotten better and wasn't biting much at all, but he's started back recently. He was up a few times last night, too, so I think he might be getting another tooth. Anyway, I think we should be able to keep nursing until he is able to have cow's milk. Now that it's June, that means that Jude turns one NEXT MONTH. That blows my mind.

-We haven't been doing any major projects around the house lately, but there are so many little things that I want to take pictures of and post about. I like to document what our house looks like often, because it's always changing, and it's fun for me to look back :) I'm thinking it's about time to tackle a project that I've been wanting to do since the first time I saw this house: THE BUNNY BATHROOM! I think I want to wall paper it, which is very intimidating, because I have NO CLUE how to wall paper.

-The other day after Bible Study, I wanted to run into the mall to get some shoes for Aubrey, but I didn't have the double stroller with me. I did have the umbrella stroller, so I decided to be adventurous and put Jude in the stroller and made Aubrey hold my hand. I was slightly terrified that Aubrey was going to bolt at any minute, but she did GREAT! It probably helped that I told her that we could go to Chick Fil A for lunch if she held my hand and obeyed while we were looking for shoes. Haha! Anyway, I felt proud of myself for getting two kids in the mall, trying shoes on Aubrey, buying shoes, going to the Food Court and buying Chick Fil A, and then eating the Chick Fil A all with only one stroller. And I made it back to the car with both kids intact! Haha ;)

-Jude's afternoon naps are so spotty. It's kind of frustrating. I'm currently listening to him fuss/cry, and I've already been into his room twice. Have I mentioned how excited I'll be when he just takes one nap a day? Yes, that will be nice.

-I really want to join a pool so that we will have something fun to do this summer in the heat. I'm trying to decide if I'm brave enough to attempt the pool with the two kids by myself. Decisions, decisions! I know any outdoor activity that doesn't involve water is pretty much out of the question until probably around November.

Jude finally went to sleep, so I should probably do something productive while both kids are napping! :)


The Niemeyer Nest said...

You are a brave Mommy! I am impressed with your stroller story. I wanted to go in the mall this morning and did not have my stroller so I skipped that idea. My friends with two kids bring a Mother's Helper with them once both kids are walking. You may be okay for awhile this summer by yourself. I am going to a pool party next week and several moms are bringing young girls with them - late elementary, early middle school age and they pay them with snacks or one mom said a $5 bill works wonders. That cracks me up but what else are most of these older kids doing all summer long. I have given some thought to Baby Boy's hair too. Curly hair does seem easier to me but that's probably because I already know what to do. Hope Jude goes to sleep soon!

Nathalie said...

Wall paper scares me too.. but I do love it! I hope you come back and tell us how easy it was to install so that I'll have the courage to try it myself ;).