Monday, May 16, 2011

Jude is 10 Months Old!

As of today, Jude is double digits! He is getting closer and closer to a year old, and he's developing and doing new things daily these days! This past month was a big one for Jude in the milestone department. He started doing SO many new things this month!

-The big new development is that he is crawling! This has made life around here a lot more interesting :) He is all over the place now, and he likes to be on the move exploring his world as much as possible.

-As of Friday, he is pulling up. We were at the photographer's studio having his pictures made, and she asked me if Jude was pulling up yet. I told her that he wasn't, and I guess he heard me and wanted to prove me wrong :) Not 5 minutes later the little guy was standing up all on his own! And this morning, he pulled up in his bed when I went in to get him. Guess it's time to lower his mattress again :)

-He is getting four teeth! His two bottom middle teeth have broken through, and now he is getting his two top POINTY TEETH. (I can't remember the "proper name" for them :) The weird thing is that he doesn't have any other teeth on the top yet. Does it make me super shallow that I'm now paranoid that my child is going to look like a vampire? Ha! He WILL be a super cute little vampire, but still. I'm hoping the middle teeth aren't far behind! ;)

-Because he is teething, things have been less than ideal in the sleep department. (At least I'm blaming it on the teeth and PRAYING it improves when the teeth are all through.) Lately Jude has been up a couple of times a night and the ONLY thing that will get him back to sleep is for me to feed him :( He will have several bad nights, and then he will randomly have a couple of night where he sleeps GREAT, so I know he is capable of sleeping through the night. I honestly never dreamed he would still be waking up at night at 10 months old, but that's where we are right now. He is doing great with his naps, though! He takes a 1 1/2 - 2 hour morning nap about 2 hours after he wakes up for the day. And then about 2 - 2 1/2 hours after he wakes up from his morning nap, he takes another one. The afternoon nap is usually about 1 - 1 1/2 hours long. I will kind of be glad when he drops his morning nap and just takes one nap a day so that he and Aubrey will hopefully be on the same nap schedule. Now their naps kind of end up staggering, and I have maybe 30 minutes a day when they are both sleeping. I'm just so thankful Jude is a decent napper now, though!

-Jude still nurses about 4 times a day (or more now that he is eating in the night again sometimes). He is still eating mostly babyfood, but I've tried to give him some table food lately. (Mostly just little pieces of fruit or bread.) He isn't a huge fan. Hopefully, he will get used to the texture soon! He likes puffs. We also introduced a sippy cup with water, and he likes sucking/chewing on that. It's my goal for him to go straight to a sippy cup of cow's milk when he is done nursing, so we'll see if that actually happens.

-He has started waving, and it's super cute! He doesn't do it all the time yet, but he has waved several times lately. Precious!!

-He says "Uh Oh" when he drops his pacifier. It sounds like "Ah Ah" when he says it, and it's THE cutest thing. I have got to get it on video. At first I wasn't completely sure that's what he was saying, but he does it so consistently now that I'm sure it is. I guess that's his official first word? He babbles other sounds (especially da da da), but that is the only sound that he uses in the right context. I LOVE hearing his little voice!

-He is a Momma's Boy, and I love that! When I'm holding him and someone tries to take him, he turns away from them and fusses. Usually if they take him and distract him, he is fine :) He does cry and reach for me sometimes, though, especially if he is tired. He gets SO excited when I pick him up from the nursery, and it makes me so happy to see him excited to see me :)

-Jude also LOVES his big sister! Aubrey can always make him laugh, and it's precious to see them interact. She is so proud of him and loves to introduce him to random people in the grocery store. She says, "My brudder's name is Jude." Too cute!! Jude and Aubrey definitely love each other, and I could not be happier about that!

-He wears a size 9 month or 12 month clothes, and he even has some things that are an 18 month that fit him. I think he weighs 20-21 pounds.

-He is getting more and more hair. People have even started to notice and comment that he is getting hair! So far it seems like his hair is going to be a lot darker than Aubrey's hair. His eyes are still SO blue, and I'm starting to think that they might actually stay blue!

I know I say it every month, but Jude really is SUCH a sweet, happy baby. We love him so much, and we can't get over how cute and adorable he is. We are so excited to watch him develop into a little toddler over the next few months (although, Mommy is a little sad that her baby is getting so big!). Thank you God for such a precious gift!

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Genevieve said...

Happy 10 months Jude!! I love this post, it is neat to read about all his new things he does, he and Parker seem to be a lot alike with their milestones(crawling, pulling up, etc.) so fun!

He is also just as adorable as always. :)