Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week in Review: Spring Break!

This was a really good week. It was spring break week, so all of our usual activities were canceled. That meant LOTS of extra family time, which I loved. We also got to spend a lot of time outside because of the extra daylight. And, on top of all that, we had a very productive day on Saturday and got lots done around the house. So, it was a good week indeed! :-)

Sunday: It was SO hard to wake up that morning since we had lost an hour of sleep due to the time change. It was still dark outside when it was time for me to wake up, and I was sleepy sleepy. We somehow managed to get to church a little early, though! Church and Sunday School were both good. I'm still teaching the 2 year old Sunday School class. I love doing that, and I'm so happy to be able to help out, but I'm also missing my Sunday School class. I'm only teaching the 2 year olds through March. Aubrey definitely didn't get enough sleep the night before and acted AWFUL during Sunday School. She was just being so terrible while I was trying to do the lesson. I ended up having to take her into the bathroom for a spanking :( She was better after that. We came home after Sunday School and ate BBQ sandwiches and sweet potato fries for lunch. We then took naps. Jude napped with me, and I think we slept for about 3 hours. So nice! We got up just in time to get ready for night church. After church, we went to eat pizza with the Arants. That was lots of fun, and we stayed pretty late chatting. The kids went right to bed when we got home. Aubrey had an awful time getting to sleep, though. She was still awake at 11:30. I think she just took too long and late of a nap that afternoon. No fun!

Monday: After taking forever to fall asleep, Aubrey ended up sleeping ok that night. Jude was a different story. He was up at one and it took him a while to go back to sleep. Once he finally did go back to sleep, he slept great until 7. That was nice. I was still pretty sleepy when Aubrey woke up at 8 (yay for sleeping later!). We had a lazy morning, and I didn't get a lot done. Once I finally woke up, though, I got busy. I got rid of a lot of clutter and put random stuff up that was sitting on our counters. I also did some laundry, swept, and put up some toys. Jude had slept late, so he took a late "morning nap." Aubrey actually went down for her nap shorty after he did. The house was so nice and quiet for once... until the tornado siren went off :( :( I was so scared AND mad that I might have to wake the kids up. I turned on the TV and called my parents to find out if I needed to wake the kids up. It wasn't near us at that point, so they just said they would watch it and let me know if we needed to take cover. I was still worried, so I called David to confirm that ;-) The siren ended up going off about 3 times, so I'm amazed that the kids didn't wake up from that. It was also thundering really loudly. They somehow managed to sleep through it. While they were both sleeping, I put makeup on and finished my Week in Review blog post from last week. I also cleaned up the bathroom from an "incident" that Aubrey had earlier in the day. It did involve the potty, but let's just say that cleaning that up was worse than just changing a dirty diaper! Ha! Jude woke up first, and I played with and held him for a while.
I also decided to start him young and gave him a book to read. Haha! It's never too early to develop a love for reading, right??

Aubrey took a really long nap, and I ended up waking her up right before David got home because I didn't want her up until midnight again. I put Jude down for another nap about that time, but he was only quiet for about 15 minutes, and we ended up just giving up. I cooked enchiladas for dinner, and we ate. After dinner, I fed Jude his solids while David cleaned up the kitchen. Then Rebekkah came over and we watched The Bachelor finale. David played with the kids while we were watching. He took them on a walk, and it started raining while they were out. He put Aubrey down, and I fed Jude and put him in bed, but he had a little trouble getting to sleep that night. After Rebekkah left, I read my Bible study chapter for the next day and got on the internet for a little while before bed.

Tuesday: I got up before the kids to take a shower and get ready for Bible Study. Aubrey ended up sleeping until 8:40. Of course she would on the day I had to get up early ;-) I could not find a THING to wear, and we ended up being late because of that. Oh well. After Bible Study, we stayed at church and ate lunch. We had a larger group than usual because it was spring break, so some people were able to come who don't usually get to. That was fun. Jude didn't nap in the nursery, so he was pretty exhausted during lunch. I do have to say that the SWEET nursery workers did try to get him to nap because they read my blog and know about our nap issues. Ha! He wouldn't do it though. Oh well. Thanks for trying! ;-) When we got home, Aubrey played for a while, and then I put her down for a nap. For some reason, she hardly ever naps on Tuesdays. I have no idea why this is the case. Going to Bible Study doesn't interfere with her schedule, but she just won't nap when we get home. She did spend a good amount of time in her bed. Jude actually went down and took a nap (miracle!), so I kept having to go to Aubrey's room to tell her to BE QUIET. I would NOT have been happy if she woke him up. Eventually I went and got her when it became clear that a nap was not going to happy that day. When we got downstairs, I started cooking dinner. We were having lasagna, and I knew it was going to take a while to get it all cooked and assembled, so I started early. When Jude woke up, he hung out in his exersaucer in the kitchen with us. David got home shortly after Jude woke up, and he took the kids outside. I got the lasagna in the oven and went outside, too. Aubrey played in the water and had a jolly good time! :-) We got her cleaned up and ate dinner. I gave Jude a bath after dinner, and David and Aubrey went back outside, and David mowed our backyard. Jude and I just hung out inside. Aubrey went to bed a little early that night since she hadn't taken a nap. I put Jude down and then went to pick Rebekkah up so that we could go to the gym. I was happy to be working out again. Hopefully we'll get back on our schedule of going consistently. When I got home, David was watching TV, and I got on the internet for a while, and then we went to bed.

Wednesday: Aubrey slept until 8, which was nice. Jude slept even later. Once they were both up, we got dressed and ready and went to Target. We needed diapers, and I needed to get out of the house for a little while. We rushed home to eat lunch and get Jude down for a nap. He ended up taking a good nap, and I put Aubrey down while he was still sleeping. She took a good nap, too. I got the house all straightened up and looking decent while they slept.
Jude and I had some good one-on-one time while Aubrey was still sleeping.

We weren't having church that night because of spring break, and I was looking forward to another night at home. When David got home, we hung out outside again, and then I took the kids inside while he sprayed some weed killer out. We ate leftovers for dinner, and then David went out and mowed the front yard. It was a very uneventful evening for me, but it was good to just all be home. That night after the kids were in bed, Rebekkah and I went to workout. That was good. When I got home, David and I hung out for a little while and went to bed.

Thursday: Aubrey was back to waking up early. She first woke up at 6:45, but I was able to stall her until 7:15, when she decided she was REALLY ready to get up. We laid around and didn't do a while lot while I tried to wake up. Haha! Jude slept late. When he woke up, I took a shower and then gave Aubrey a bath. We got ready and met Rebekkah and Carver at Beagle Bagel for lunch. We had lots of fun as always :-) When we finished lunch, we headed home for naps. Jude went down first and then Aubrey. They both slept pretty good. I read blogs and then tried to get some of my book club book read. When David got home, we talked for a little while and then got ready to go to dinner at his parents' house. When we got there, we went outside to play for a little while, and Jude swung for the first time!
He looks SO big to me! He like it as long as we just gave him little pushes. David pushed him a little too high one time, and he got so scared. Poor baby! Aubrey had fun, too.
We then went inside and ate and visited for a while and attempted to get a picture of both kids. Notice their green -- it was St. Patrick's Day!
After dessert, we headed home to get the kids in bed. When they were asleep, I went to pick Rebekkah up and we went to the gym again. I was so proud of us for meeting our goal of going to the gym 3 times a week :-) When I got home, I got ready for bed and read for a little while before going to sleep.

Friday: Aubrey got up early again. Apparently she is just a morning person now. Makes me a little sad. Ha! We had another lazy morning. I'm pretty useless when I get up early. Jude got up early that day, too. It worked out well, though, because we were going to Sarah Denley's house for lunch, and Jude was able to take a morning nap before we left. We got ready and picked up Chick Fil A on the way to SD's. We had a good visit, and Aubrey and Ann Peyton actually got along really well that day. Before we left, I put Ann Peyton in her bed for a nap since SD isn't supposed to lift her. We went home and Aubrey took a nap. I put Jude to bed, and he was quiet for about 10 minutes, and then he started crying. I went to check on him, and he had a dirty diaper. I changed him, and that just sabotaged nap time that afternoon. We tried several times, but he never went to sleep. Oh well. When David got home, we finished taping off the stripes that we were going to paint on Jude's walls. Then we got ready and went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. After dinner we went to Lowes and got some ferns and some paint for a piece of furniture that I'm painting. We then made a few returns to a couple of stores and went home. We put the ferns in the urns by our front door when we got home and then put the kids to bed.

Saturday: David got up with Aubrey, and they came in and woke me up about 8:45 to see if I wanted to go to breakfast. I did, so Jude and I got up, and we got dressed and went to eat. I love going to breakfast, and it was so fun! When we got home, I put Jude down for a nap, and then we got to work! I painted a piece of furniture, and David worked outside while Aubrey played.
Jude ended up sleeping for about 2 hours, which is pretty much a record for him! It worked out really well, because I was able to finish with the first coat on the furniture. When Jude woke up, it was time for Aubrey's nap, so David put her down while I fed Jude. Then we got to work painting the stripes in Jude's room.
We decided it would be most efficient for David to paint the stripes and for me to do another coat on the furniture. Jude played outside in his exersaucer while I painted. I finished the second coat, and then Aubrey woke up.
Hanging out in Jude's bed while we finished up with the painting.

David finished painting the stripes not too much later, and I LOVE the way they turned out! I'm so happy we ended up doing them, and David even said it was worth it! :-) I think I'll FINALLY be able to post pictures of Jude's room this week now that he is 8 months old. Ha! Anyway, my mom and grandmother stopped by to see all the work we had gotten done, and they played with the kids for a while. I took a shower and got dressed while they were over. After they left, we got ready and went to dinner at Mellow Mushroom. Then, we went to Kroger and headed home. We got the kids to bed, and then went outside and did some more work. David spray painted the hinges for the piece of furniture I painted, and I sanded it to distress it a little. I just have one more step, and then it should be done! :-) We went to bed after than, and it's a good thing, because the kids had a ROUGH night :-/

That was our week! I'm praying that our night last night was a fluke, because there wasn't a lot of sleeping going on! Maybe this will be the week Jude starts sleeping through the night?? One can hope! Ha!


David Howie said...

My favorite quote from the week - we were about half way to breakfast Saturday morning, and out of the blue Aubrey says, "Where the heck is Waffle House?"

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Carrie, I love your blog. It makes me laugh because y'all seem so laid-back and do not get too stressed. Let's just say that I am not grace under pressure so the idea of two kids is beginning to worry me since Evie is a bit dramatic. Keep writing!