Sunday, March 13, 2011

2.5 part 2

by David Howie

Carrie forgot a few things that Aubrey is doing at her 2.5th birthday, and of course I have a different perspective on some things. At age two and a half, Aubrey is also...

...very precise. Example conversations include:
- "Look at that red car." "That's a truck."
- "There's Gramzie's car." "Gramzie has a van."
- "Don't poke your finger in Jude's eye." "That's a thumb."
- "I like your red shirt." "That's a dress."
- "Let's rinse the soap off." "That's called shampoo."
And many more. I love it.

...happy to see her daddy. When I get home from work, she comes running to the door giggling. It's the most amazing thing ever.

...a great big sister. She loves Jude. She'll lay by him on the floor and tickle him. She's very helpful in fetching things for him like his paci, a toy, or an extra diaper. And she loves having him sit in her lap. It's super cute.

...a Beauty and the Beast fanatic. She got the DVD for Christmas and didn't watch it at all for months. She's not much of a tv girl - too active. But when we were all sick, we put in the DVD. Carrie said, "You think she'll last 15 minutes?" I think she watched it like 5 times over the next 3 days. Yesterday she watched it 3 times. It's nice to have something to take her attention and keep her quiet, but we don't want her to be a tv zombie. Plus I hum "Be Our Guest" to myself at work now. I comfort myself with the fact that she's so into the movie because we started with reading the book to her. outdoor lover. She's always ready to go outside. It's about the only thing she likes more than watching Beauty and the Beast. She likes to play on the deck and walk on the sidewalk. She's good about not going in the street. She's much more wary of Knightly now. She used to be fearless, but now she understands what it means to be knocked down by a crazy dog.

...a little big bigger than average. She's about 29 pounds and 36 inches tall - both 55th percentile. precious little girl. Don't grow up so fast.


Ashley said...

SO sweet!

J. Henry said...

That is TOO funny about humming "Be Our Guest" at work. Now it's in my head, too!

Aubrey sounds like the sweetest, cutest little thing! What a blessing she is!

David Howie said...

I thought of another example of Aubrey precision.

"I'm going to turn off the light." "That's a lamp."