Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week in Review: Hello, Sleep!

We had a good week! I'm SO happy that we weren't "snowed in" like so many people all over the South were this week. I don't think I could have handled that. Haha! We stayed pretty busy, and Jude is doing much better with napping in his bed AND sleeping through the night (as of the past two nights)! Getting good sleep makes us ALL happier ;)

Sunday: As we were getting ready for church, it was starting to sleet. We looked online and saw that we were still having church, so we decided to brave the weather and go. By the time we got to church, they had decided to just do an "abbreviated" service and cancel Sunday School so that everyone could get home safely before the "winter storm" hit. We headed home after church, and the weather was really fine by that point. It wasn't even sleeting anymore, but bad weather was supposed come that afternoon. I had cooked chili for lunch, but we decided to go out for brunch and save the chili for dinner since church was canceled that night. We had a fun brunch and came home before the weather got bad. The kids and I all took naps that afternoon. When I got up, it was raining and sleeting some more but no snow. It got really cold that night, so we knew there would be lots of ice the next morning. We spent the evening eating chili and David worked on getting the last of the Christmas decorations up to the attic. Finally! :)

Monday: David stayed home from work that day since the roads were icy. It worked out well to have him home because we were having our families over that night to watch the National Championship game! We spent the day straightening up and getting the house ready. Aubrey and Jude took good naps, and David and I got a lot done while they slept. When they woke up, we got them all decked out in their Auburn clothes and waited for our families to arrive! We cooked hamburgers and had brownie sundaes and had fun watching the game and cheering for Auburn! My family left and Aubrey and Jude went to bed at halftime. We finished watching the game with David's family. It got kind of nerve-wracking toward the end! I'm glad I don't watch a ton of football because I don't know if my blood pressure could handle it! Haha. We were so excited and happy when Auburn won. David's family left after the game, and we straightened up the kitchen and went to bed. It was aftert 1AM by that point.

Tuesday: After getting to bed so late, Jude was up in the night TWICE! Ugh. I had to get up for Bible Study at 7:30, and I was pretty tired! I got us all ready, and we went to church. We had a nice time, and after it was over, I fed Jude so that Rebekkah and I and the kiddos could go to lunch. We went to Beagle Bagel and had a fun time. We then went to Tuesday Morning and looked at rugs. We rushed home for naptime after that, but Aubrey wouldn't ever go to sleep. She played in her bed for a while at least. Jude has gotten MUCH better about napping in his bed, but his naps are pretty short. Like less than an hour. Oh well, it's better than nothing for sure! We just played and waited for David to get home after they got up. When he did get home, we played some more and David and I talked about our days. We decided to go get pizza for dinner, and that was fun. When we got home, we had a low-key nigh, and then put the kids to bed. I was so tired from my short night, and David and I went to bed early.

Wednesday: Aubrey was apparently tired from skipping her nap the day before and slept until after 9. That was nice :) When we were all up and moving, we ate breakfast and got ready to meet Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton for lunch. We went to Broadstreet and had a fun lunch! The children were all better this week than they were last. When we got home, Aubrey went down for her nap and actually slept this time. Jude had napped during lunch, so he wasn't tired when Aubrey went down. Jude and I got some nice one on one time in, and that's always good :) He did take a nap a little later. When David got home, we got ready to go to church. We had a good time at church, but neither of us had much to do after dinner, so we left a little early. We were still trying to catch up on our sleep, so we went to bed pretty early again.

Thursday: We didn't have any plans this day, and I was trying to think of something to do when we got up, but it was so cold outside that I decided we would just stay home. It worked out well because I was able to get a lot done around the house. I straightened up and swept and washed and folded lots of laundry. The kids were sweet and played well. While I was trying to get Jude down for his morning nap, I did something I NEVER do - I turned some cartoons on for Aubrey and sat her on the couch in front of the TV. It didn't really work - she watched for a few minutes and was over it. I'm glad she's not a "TV child" because it would be tempting to sit her in front of it all the time to get things done, which is something I don't want to do. Anyway, Jude finally went to sleep, in spite of his [loud] sister entering the room he was trying to go to sleep in several times. Ha! While he napped, I fixed lunch, and Aubrey and I ate. After lunch, Rebekkah and Carver stopped by to pick up some boxes we had left over from our move. We enjoyed chatting with them for a minute before they went home. I then put Aubrey and Jude down for their naps and I took a shower and got ready. I did some more cleaning and straightening while they slept, and then it was time to go to church for karate. We hung out with David before class started and then I fixed Aubrey's dinner. After she ate, we went to Marshall's and TJ Maxx with my mom. We headed back to church, and then the kids and I went home. David was going to dinner with the other teachers. I fed Jude rice cereal and then got Aubrey ready for bed and put her down. Then I bathed Jude and got him ready for bed. I had just put him down when David got home. We talked for a little while and then went to bed, too.

Friday: Jude slept though the night for the first time in a LONG time! It was so nice!! I had to take Jude to get a few shots that morning, so I took Aubrey over to my mom's house so that I wouldn't have to take her too. My mom keeps two little girls from church, and Aubrey loves playing with them, so she had lots of fun. Jude and I were gone for a while (Ugh) and when we got back to pick up Aubrey, she had already had lunch. I fed Jude and we hung out for a little while and then went home. When we got home, Aubrey went to sleep for her nap, and I cuddled with Jude. He ended up falling asleep in my arms, so I just held him. He was still sleeping when David got home, and so we couldn't talk very much. Jude woke up when Aubrey got up, and we went to eat Mexican. We went to Target after dinner and then went home to put the kids to bed. Rebekkah called to see if I could run over to her [new] house to give her my opinion on a rug that she had bought. Since we now live about 3 minutes from each other, it was super convenient ;) I ended up staying over there for a while and looking at paint swatches with her. So fun! When I got home, both kids were in bed, and David was reading. I got on the internet for a while before bed. It had been a while since I had fed Jude, so I decided to pump before I went to bed. I ended up spilling about 5 oz of milk all over the place. I was SO sad about that. I really wanted to cry as I was cleaning it up. Oh well, at least it was free. Haha!

Saturday: Jude slept through the night again! I'm PRAYING this becomes a habit. When we got up, David and Aubrey had gone to run an errand. When they got home, I got in the shower and got ready to go shopping. Jude and I met my mom, and we went to lunch. We then went shopping and I found an outfit for Jude for his baptism next Sunday. Jude was so sweet all day - he's a good little shopper ;) When we got home, David and Aubrey were out in the garage. David had cleaned out the garage during Aubrey's nap. I can finally park in the garage now! :) We hung out at home for a while and then went to grab dinner and to Kroger. When we got home, I fed Jude rice cereal and watched Miss America :) David put Aubrey to bed and bathed Jude, and then I fed him and put him to bed. Hoping for another good, solid night's sleep!

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