Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jude is 6 Months Old!

My sweet little man is half a year old! I cannot even believe that's possible. The past 6 months have just flown by. They have been so filled with joy and love for our precious baby boy (and his big sister, of course)! We are so blessed to be Jude's parents! He's getting so big and full of personality. Here are some things that he is doing at 6 months old:
-We are working on Jude's sitting up skills! He is still pretty unstable, but he can sit by himself for short periods.
-Jude rolls from his tummy to back, but he still hasn't rolled from his back to tummy. I guess we should probably be working on that, too.

-He is SO happy and sweet. He is rarely fussy. He really is just a content baby. He's happy as can be as long as someone is in the room with him. He's very social and loves to watch people and be talked to. Really the only times he cries a lot is when we're trying to get him to sleep! :-/

-On that note, we have had some sleep issues. I've mentioned that Jude wouldn't take good naps in his bed. That trend has continued. Plus, he started waking up at night again, sometimes several times a night. So, we recently decided it was time to let him cry it out. As much as I hate it, I feel like this is really what's best for him right now. He HAS to learn to sleep in his bed. I will do another post with more details on our sleep issues, but he has been sleeping better lately :)

-Jude takes 2, sometimes 3, naps a day. If he takes a third nap, it's more of a "doze" in the car.

-Can you believe that Jude is STILL sleeping in his pack n play in our room?! When he started waking up at night again, I didn't want to move him because I didn't want to go upstairs all night. Now, I'm afraid if he cries in the night, he will wake Aubrey up. I definitely want to move him soon, though. I can't believe we've kept him our room for 6 months! When I write his 7 month update, it's my goal to be able to say he is sleeping in his own room!

-Jude and I are still going strong with nursing. He is a good eater! I can also pump and give him a bottle, and he takes that well. He has been eating rice cereal really consistently the past few weeks, but we haven't given him any baby food yet. I really wanted to exclusively nurse him for 6 months, but I gave him the cereal to get him used to eating from a spoon. I think the time has come to start food, though! :)

-Jude weighs over 19 pounds, and he is 27 inches long. He can still wear some 6 month clothes, but he's mostly in a 9 month. He is still in a size 3 diaper.

-Jude enjoys playing in his exersaucer and bouncy seat. He doesn't love his swing right now, but he'll tolerate it for short periods.

-He puts everything in his mouth these days! He is constantly putting his feet in his mouth, which I think is so cute. He grabs everything he can reach and puts it immediately into his mouth. I have to watch out for my hair and earrings!

Like I've already said, Jude is just SUCH a precious baby. He's very quick with a smile and laugh, and seeing his adorable little smile always makes me so happy! We could not be more thankful for such a wonderful addition to our family, and we cannot imagine our lives or our family without him. The past 6 months have absolutely been a gift, and we thank God for this precious treasure He has given us!


Sarah Denley said...

I LOVE it when they "eat" their feet! Let's take bets on when Jude will bypass AP in the weight department. He's only got four pounds to go!

Life on the Terrace said...

He is so adorable!!