Saturday, December 4, 2010

Week in Review: Decking the Halls

We had another good week! I worked on getting our Christmas decorations up, and I'm pretty much done at this point. Aubrey and Jude were pretty sweet all week (aside from not wanting to nap a couple of times) and it was just a nice, uneventful week :)

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School. When we got home, we ate roast that I had cooked for lunch. Our afternoon was good and uneventful. I baked some cookies to take to church that night and took a nap. We went to evening church and had fellowship time afterward. We had started putting up our Christmas decorations the night before, so I did some more decorating when we got home and watched some TV.

Monday: David had to go back to work after being home for the past 5 days. We were sad not to have him around. When I went to get Aubrey up (at 9:15!) the first thing she asked was where daddy was. Awww. We started getting ready after Aubrey was up and went to have lunch with Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton. We had missed our lunch the week before, so I hadn't really talked to SD since she found out baby #2 is a boy! It was fun to hear all the sonogram details :) I love talking babies! Ha! Anyway, after lunch we came home. I got both the kids down for their naps (Jude in his carseat - ugh) and then my grandmother came over to do my hair. Right after Jude was born, I got a body wave (perm) in my hair. I wanted super low-maintenance, wash and wear hair. It served me well, and I liked it, but I had gotten tired of it. My grandmother came over and removed it for me that afternoon. So, I'm back to my natural, straight state now! My grandmother hung out at my house for a little while after she finished hoping to see one or both of the kids, but they decided to both take LONG naps that day, so she finally had to get home without seeing them. I ended up waking Aubrey up so that we could go ahead and go to church for karate. We went to the mall during karate. David drove the kids home in my car after karate, and I stopped by the grocery store. I had to take a brunch item to Bible Study the next day, and I was also making snacks for my dad's ministry. When I got home, David put Aubrey to bed and I fixed us some dinner. I also baked cookies and made sausage balls. After we finished our dinner, David and I were talking when the tornado sirens started going off. I just cannot stand tornadoes and was pretty much super stressed about the weather the rest of the night. Thankfully, no tornadoes came near us but the weather was pretty rough. David and I ended up staying up way too late.

Tuesday: I got up early (I SO didn't want to get up after my late night) to get ready for Bible Study. It was a pretty hectic morning (of course). We made it to church, but we were a tad late. Instead of our usual Bible Study, we had a "planning party" for a Christmas party we are throwing for the boys in my dad's ministry. We had brunch and came up with a plan for the party. It's in a couple of weeks, and I think it will be fun! That was our last time to meet for Tuesday Bible Study until after the first of the year. Kind of sad. When we were finished, we picked up the kids from the nursery, and Rebekkah and I went to a sewing store to look for smocking patterns. We've learned enough stitches to attempt a real project. Sadly, all three of our kids started having meltdowns in the store. It was lunch/naptime and they just weren't really wanting to let us look at the patterns in peace! We got a little stressed and flustered. Rebekkah managed to find a pattern, but I decided to just wait until I can go back without the children! :) We headed home after that and Aubrey ate lunch and then took a nap. Jude took a nap too, thankfully. I was able to do a little more Christmas decorating and I took a shower and got ready to go to book club that night. David came home and played with the kids while I cooked dinner for them and finished getting ready. He babysat while I went to book club. We were supposed to have read Cry, The Beloved Country this month, but I have to admit that I didn't finish the book this time. I was so busy getting everything ready for Thanksgiving, and I really wasn't feeling the book, so it just slipped between the cracks. I really don't want to let that happen again. I decided to still go to book club, because it was our last time to meet until after the New Year, and we were meeting at Bon Ami, which I love. It was still fun, in spite of not reading the book, and we had good discussion about the book AND other things. When I got home, both of the kids were asleep! :) I told David about book club, and then we got ready for bed. I woke Jude up so that I could feed him, and he had a hard time going back to sleep :(

Wednesday: We got up and had an uneventful morning at home. We ate breakfast, straightened up the house, and just hung out for a little while. We then got dressed to go run a few errands after an early lunch. We went to Ross, Hobby Lobby, and Target. I was looking for a few Christmas things for the house, and I found some of what I was looking for. I haven't been able to find any wreaths for outside that I like. When we were paying at Target, Aubrey had put some stuff up on the conveyor belt for the cashier to scan. I guess Aubrey wanted to make sure she saw it, and she LOUDLY said, "Lady, LOOK!" Haha, it was pretty funny but embarrassing. When we got home, Aubrey went down for her nap. Jude was a bit more difficult. I don't know what I'm going to do with that boy. He just does not like to nap in his bed. He sleeps fine in it at night, but he will not stay asleep in it during the day. Ahhh. I finally had to just lay him down so that I could take a shower. When I got out, he had fallen asleep! I was pleasantly shocked! He didn't sleep extremely long, but it was long enough for me to put on some makeup and get almost ready for church. When David got home, he hung some garland outside, and then he woke Aubrey up from her nap so we could get her ready for church. We left a few minutes early so we could stop and pick up a dessert on the way. We were having our Holiday dinner at church that night, and I had forgotten to cook a dessert, so we had to go the store bought route. Oh well. We had a fun, good dinner at church. After visiting for a while, we headed home. David put Aubrey to bed, and I put Jude to bed. We ended up going to bed a little earlier than usual which was nice.

Thursday: Aubrey got up earlier than usual that morning, but it wasn't TOO early. We played and got ready to go to lunch. We met Rebekkah and Carver and had a fun time! :) We went home after lunch and Aubrey went down for her nap. I thought she would go to sleep easily since she had gotten up a little earlier that day, but she talked for a long time. Jude wasn't feeling the nap thing either. I was determined to get him to nap in his bed as opposed to his carseat or swing. I got him to sleep and made sure he was OUT. I then laid him in his bed and he didn't stir. However, by the time I was in the next room, he was fussing. I even let him fuss and cry for a while hoping he would go to sleep, but he just wouldn't. I'm not ready to let him full on cry it out yet. It's looking like I might end up having to do that, which makes me sad :( I finally resorted to putting him in his swing, and he did snooze for a short time. Meanwhile, Aubrey was still talking in her bed, and after a couple of hours, I accepted the fact that she wasn't going to nap that day and went to get her. She was in a surprisingly great mood for not napping. We came downstairs and Jude was awake, too. The three of us just had fun playing together for a while. I took several cute videos of the kids. In spite of the fact that neither of the children really napped that day, it was a good afternoon. We went to church for karate that evening. My mom and the kids and I went to Target during karate. When we got home, we ate leftovers for dinner and put the kids to bed. Jude was a little difficult to get to sleep that night - he was overtired. He finally gave it up and went to sleep.

Friday: Aubrey slept late - I knew she would since she didn't nap on Thursday. So, I wasn't surprised when she didn't make a peep until 9:15. When I went up to her room to get her, she said she wasn't ready to get up and she just wanted her pacifier that had fallen on the floor (she still sleeps with it). I gave her the pacifier and she laid back down. I was pretty shocked! She ended up staying in bed until almost 10! That was nice because it gave me some time to get ready for a sale I wanted to go to that morning. When Aubrey got up, I gave her breakfast and got her dressed. I then fed Jude and got him dressed, and then we left. We went to a sample sale and found some cute clothes for the kids. Aubrey was SO good while we were at the sale. Jude got a little fussy, and I ended having to get him out of the stroller. All in all, they were both good though. After the sale, it was time to go home for lunch. We stopped at Sonic on the way home. We ate and played for a while after we got home. I put Aubrey down a little later that usual since she had slept so late, and she went right to sleep. I REALLY needed to get some stuff done around the house, so I put Jude in his seat and he was out for several hours. The little stinker. I don't understand what is so bad about his bed during the day. I was able to do some laundry and pretty much finish putting the Christmas stuff out, so that was nice. When David got home from work, Aubrey and Jude were just waking up. We bathed both of them and got ready to go to dinner. We went out with his parents and some of their friends for his dad's birthday. We had a fun time. After dinner, we went to Lowe's and Target. Jude was crying and hungry by this point, so we went home and I fed him while David put Aubrey to bed. After she was asleep, I left Jude with David and went to Wal-Mart. I was looking for some wreaths for outside. When I got home, I got Jude to sleep and did a few more things around the house before bed.

Saturday: I woke up at 7:30ish and noticed that it was unusually quiet. I realized our power was off, so that meant Aubrey's monitor wasn't working. I told David, and he went to check on her. When he got out of our bedroom, she was awake and calling for him. She sleeps with a fan on in her room, and when it went off, it woke her up. So she was up for the day. David stayed up with her, and they went to Home Depot. Jude and I slept longer, and then I got up and started getting ready. I had an appointment to get my hair cut. Our power was still off - it didn't come back on until right before I left at 10:30. I met my mom over at my grandparents' house because she was getting her hair done too. My grandmother kept Jude for me. My mom and I went to see my cousin, Devin, and she did our hair. We both like our hair :) When we got back to my grandparents' house, I fed Jude and then we went shopping. We had fun, and David was texting me updates about the Auburn game while we shopped. Exciting game! I knew it was going to be kind of late when the game ended, so I picked up some dinner for us on my way home from shopping. We ate and talked when I got home and finished watching the game. David hung some garland and wreaths for me after the game, and I held Jude. He was SO tired and had a hard time falling asleep. Aubrey went down easily, thankfully. Now I think we're going to go to bed too since we have to get up early for church tomorrow :)

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