Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catching Up

Wow, I feel like I'm SO behind on blogging! I never even did a week in review post for last week. I'm kind of sad about that since it was a holiday week. I kept thinking I was going to do it, but now that it's Wednesday of the next week and I barely remember what we did yesterday, much less last week, I don't think it's going to happen :(

We had a great Thanksgiving! Sadly, we took VERY few pictures, but it's only because we were too busy eating! Ha! We hosted my family, and it was a really good day. I think it's so nice to be in your own home for holidays when you have children. Theoretically, your kids can still take their naps when you stay home. That didn't quite happen here, though. There was so much going on and we ate lunch late and our house was loud, so we let Aubrey skip her nap. She actually did well, but she crashed really early that night and slept really late the next day!Here is our little Thanksgiving helper :) The weather was SO warm and pretty on Thanksgiving that we were able to spend a lot of time outside. My dad fried a turkey outside, so it was nice that the weather was so great.Jude had a fantastic first Thanksgiving! He got lots of extra attention, which he didn't mind at all! :) Jude did take a nap, unlike his big sister, but his nap took place in his carseat. That seems to be the trend with him these days - he naps in all kinds of weird places. I really need to take a couple of days and just train him to nap in his bed. It's probably going to make for a long couple of days if he doesn't nap well, though, so I'm kind of putting it off. Ugh.

Of course I went Black Friday shopping the day after Thanksgiving! I don't do anything crazy - no middle of the night shopping or getting up before the sun for this girl! I honestly love to shop on Black Friday, though. It just feels like Christmas is finally here because that's usually when I start thinking about Christmas gifts and decorations, and I really don't mind the crowds. I didn't really find any amazing deals, but it was still fun.

My birthday was last week, and David gave me a Flip video recorder. I was really excited to get it because we used to take videos with our old point and shoot camera, but it broke a while back. We hadn't been able to take any videos of the kids since then, and I definitely wanted to be able to take videos on Christmas. We have been taking lots of videos lately (you probably noticed) so don't be surprised if videos start making more appearances on the blog! :)

I started putting our Christmas decorations up on Saturday, and you should see my house right now. I feel like it's necessary (for me, anyway) to turn a house upside down in order to decorate for Christmas. Ugh, I hate a messy house. I did get two Christmas trees up and decorated, but I'm still playing around with everything else. This is my first time to decorate for Christmas in this house, so I haven't figured out exactly where I want everything yet. I have to get it all finished soon, because I'm hosting Bunco next week! Ha!


Nathalie said...

I love that top picture of you and Aubrey! So sweet!

Amy said...

love the pic of you and aubrey - it's a great one!
so excited for you to get a flip cam - we love ours and use it all the time! the videos that you (david) posted were just precious!! i had jeffrey watch them and it made us excited for when libbi can talk. aubrey has such a sweet little voice and i cracked up when she said she didn't "eat bama" haha! :)