Monday, December 20, 2010

A Look Back: Christmas Cards

We finally got our Christmas cards mailed out last week. I was thinking about all of the cards that we've sent out since we got married and how much our family has changed in just 4 short years. I thought it would be fun to take a look back. (I don't have copies on the computer of all of our cards, so most of these will just be the pictures.)

We got married on December 15th, 2006. Since we were just married and on our honeymoon, we didn't send out a Christmas card that year.

Here is our picture from 2007. You will notice that our beloved dog, Knightly, made the picture. And we thought getting a picture with a dog was tough. Ha! December 2007 was also the month I got pregnant with Aubrey. We had NO IDEA how much our life was getting ready to change over the next year! ;) (We ended up using this picture in sepia for our card.)In 2008, we lost the dog and gained a baby. We didn't literally lose the dog, we just didn't include him in our picture. We realized that getting a picture with an infant was even more difficult than getting one with a dog. And I realized that getting a picture less than 3 months postpartum without looking F-A-T was impossible. Clearly. (This was also before we invested in a nicer camera, so the quality of the picture isn't great.)Getting a picture with an infant? Piece of cake! Getting a decent picture with a child who is mobile is what is hard! That was the theme for 2009. We took TONS of pictures to get maybe 2 that were halfway decent. This was the winner that year. Fun fact: Jude was also in this picture, but not many people knew it. We had just found out I was pregnant, but we weren't telling yet :)This year, we decided to let a professional take our picture! We thought trying to get a picture with 2 children might send us over the edge. Our photographer, Amy Johnson, took these pictures and did our card. We love the way it turned out! (We added our names to the card after we got this proof.)It's even two-sided! I love seeing my sweet babies on the back!Merry Christmas from the Howies! :)

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