Friday, December 10, 2010


Aubrey is as funny and cute as ever! She keeps me laughing everyday, for sure. Here are a few cute things she had said and done lately:

-David started this thing where every time he would change Aubrey's diaper, he would say, "Hello, clean diaper!" when he got the new diaper out and put it on her. Now, she thinks diapers are called "hello clean diapers." She uses it as a title rather than a greeting. Ha! When I get her out of the bath, she is quick to tell me that she needs a "hello clean diaper!" She offers to get a "hello clean diaper" for Jude frequently. The funniest is when she is being whiny about getting her diaper changed, and she says in the most pitiful, sad voice you can imagine, "I don't want a hello clean diaper." TOO hilarious!

-Aubrey is very opinionated. It's rare that that girl doesn't have an opinion about something, especially clothes. It seems like she never wants to wear what I consider to be her cutest clothes. Of course, I'm not letting my two year old completely control her wardrobe at this point, so I do make her wear her cute clothes ;) Yesterday, she decided to get opinionated about my clothes too. I put a thick, comfy sweater on to go run errands, and Aubrey said, "Why you wearing that, Mommy? I don't like it!" Ha! She said that several more times while we were out shopping. Lovely.

-Aubrey does still have a crazy good memory when it comes to clothes. You may remember I blogged about that a while back. I was getting her dressed today in a sweater dress that she had only worn once several weeks ago. The first time she wore it, David was the one picking out her clothes, and he paired it with jeans and her cowboy boots. So today when I was pulling the dress over her head, she asked me where her jeans and boots were. I didn't know what she was talking about at first, but then I remembered. I told her she was wearing it with tights today ;)

-Aubrey loves for things to be in the proper place. She is way more Type A than her mother. Haha! She knows where things go, and she can usually remember where she has left her stuff. Sometimes when Jude spits up on the floor, if I'm in the middle of doing something else, I'll just leave it for a minute and plan to clean it up when I finish what I'm doing. This doesn't work for Aubrey. She wants it cleaned up immediately. She will even clean it up herself if I'll just hand her a paper towel. Ha!

-She has really gotten into talking on the phone. Anytime I'm on the phone, she wants to talk to whoever I'm talking to. Especially if it's David. She will carry on real, lengthy conversations, and it's hilarious to listen to her side of the conversation. I never know what's going to come out of her mouth. She also walks around with my old cell phone deep in conversation with various members of the family.

-She has a great imagination, and I love watching her play and pretend. She talks to her babies and eats and drinks imaginary food and "tea." It's so sweet to watch.

-Aubrey LOVES reading books. She has a few favorites and she can recite pages out of the books that we read most often. One of her favorites is called The Going to Bed Book. There are several different animals in the book who are all getting ready to go to bed. One of the animals is a lion. He is on most of the pages, but there is one pages where the animals are coming down some stairs, and the lion isn't on that page. She asked me where the lion was when we were reading that book the other day, and I told her I didn't know where he was. She said, "He's prolly still upstairs." Ha! I thought that was very logical of her ;)

-Aubrey thrives on routine. When we're getting ready for her nap, she wants to do the exact same things she does before getting ready for bed at night. For example, she wants to turn the lamp on to read a book, even though it's daylight and the lamp really isn't necessary. That lamp is on at night, and she wants it on before her nap, too! And that's fine with me.

-If I need to take a shower while Aubrey is awake, I take her into the bathroom with me and close the door. The other day I was getting ready to get in the shower and I had turned the water on. Aubrey was staring at the running water, and I could tell her little wheels were turning. She asked me, "Is that where Daddy takes him's clothes off and gets in that rain?" Ha! Well, yes. Yes, it is.

-Aubrey is pretty fascinated by the fact that I feed Jude milk from my "tummy." She came up with that, and I don't correct her. Recently, she was walking around with a hair spray top (totally RANDOM) and I noticed that she had it up her shirt. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was "getting Jude's milk out of her tummy." Oh my. This cracks me up because a.) I have obviously stressed to her that it is JUDE'S milk that comes out of my tummy, and b.) she has clearly seen me pump a few times ;)

I just love watching Aubrey's personality develop. She has a big personality, for sure, and I LOVE it. It's fun to see the ways that she is different and similar to David and me. She is like us in lots of ways, but she is also very much her own person. It will be neat to see Jude's personality develop, too. I can't wait to see if Aubrey and Jude will have a lot in common or if they will be opposites. Either way, we love them both dearly, and being parents to these precious children is SO much fun!


Amy said...

"is that where daddy takes him's clothes off and gets in the rain?" hahaha! that is hilarious and at the same time, SO SMART! Libbi is quite the opinionated little thang, too....lucky for her, so am I - ha! ;)
btw, love the new christmas design and the pic of aubrey and jude is adorable - they look so much alike! it makes me excited to see who our next baby will look like!

Ashley said...

Hahaha I was going to put EXACTLY what Amy did as the funniest part of this post---the shower! That and the pumping...I don't think I can contain myself--HYSTERICAL!!!!