Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week in Review: Just a Normal Week

Our week was pretty good. David had several meetings/dinners, so he wasn't home as much as he usually is. That always makes things a little more tough, and we miss having him around as much! All in all, it was a good week, though.

Since we have been running so late to church lately, I decided I would get up 15 minutes earlier and see if we could actually get there on time. I'm happy to say it worked, and we were actually even a few minutes early. We had a good church service and Sunday School. After church, we came home, and I cooked salmon for lunch. We took naps after lunch and went back to church that evening. We ate dinner at McAlister's with my parents and brother. When we got home, Aubrey went to bed, and I watched some of Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC.

Monday: We didn't leave the house all morning or afternoon, but I did get a lot done, so it was a good day. I cleaned off clutter that had accumulated on our kitchen counters and did some laundry. Aubrey and Jude were good, and they both took naps that afternoon. I took a shower and got ready while they slept, and I also folded and hung up some clothes. I really hate putting laundry away, so sometimes (a lot) it kind of builds up into a huge pile in our bedroom and then I put it all away at once :/ Not ideal. I also cooked some chili to put into the crockpot for dinner. I reached into the pantry and grabbed what I thought was cumin. After I had dumped some in and stirred, I realized it wasn't cumin but curry. Oops! Curry chili - yuck! I put a lot of extra chili powder in hoping to drown out the curry flavor. When the kids woke up, I fed Jude and packed up Aubrey's dinner, and we went to church for karate. During karate, my mom and the kids and I went and looked for some lamps for my sideboard. I bought two, but I think I'm going to end up returning them - they're a little tall. When we got home from karate, David put Aubrey to bed, and I fed Jude and got ready to go running. I tasted the chili before I left, and I thought it was edible ;) David said it was fine, too, thankfully! Rebekkah and I had a good run, but it was tough. I don't know what's worse - running in the heat or running in the cold. I think running is just bad, period. Haha.

Tuesday: I got up and got ready to go to Bible Study. Aubrey woke up a little earlier than usual, so I was hoping that would mean we would have plenty of time to get ready. However, we were still pulling in right as Bible Study was starting. Figures. The lesson was on anxiety that day, and that's definitely something I needed to hear! We ate lunch at church after it was over. Usually a group of people stay and eat lunch, but Rebekkah and I ended up being the only ones who had packed a lunch that day. It was fun, but the kids were all a little fussy, so it was kind of short. When we got home, Aubrey played for a while, and then I put her down for a nap. Jude went to sleep easily, and I started feeling so sleepy myself that I decided to lay on the couch and take a little nap, too. I hadn't done that in a while. Jude has been waking up several times a night as I mentioned in his 4 month post, and that is apparently wearing me out! Shortly after we all woke up, David got home from work. We talked and played with the kids for a little while before he had to leave to go to a meeting at church :( Since Rebekkah's husband was at the meeting too, we thought that would be a good time to work on our couponing (aka see if we could figure out what the heck we were supposed to do). I picked up dinner, and we went over to her house and hung out. We had fun, but I didn't get a ton of couponing done because Jude was fussy. Oh well, it was just nice to not be at home alone with the kids while David was at his meeting. When we were on our way home, David called and said he was on his way home, too, so he was able to spend a little time with Aubrey and put her to bed. I watched some TV, and we went to bed.

Wednesday: We had a low-key morning at home. We did have a little bit of drama during bath time. Aubrey "used the restroom" (I'm trying to be polite in the way I say that) while she was in the tub, and she FREAKED out. It just terrified her. Poor baby. I had to put her in the shower to get her all clean since the tub was out of commission ;) We were in a hurry, so I just bathed Jude in the bathroom sink. He usually likes his baths, but he was not a fan of the sink bath. We got ready and met Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton for lunch at Mellow Mushroom. We had a fun lunch, but our waiter was horrible. He just seemed so annoyed that we were there, and they got my order wrong. He brought me a new (correct) pizza, and the bottom was totally burned. By this point, Aubrey was crying she was so hungry (Sarah Denley was sweet enough to share some pizza with her to hold her over) so we just ate the burned pizza. I usually am not one to leave bad tips, but I definitely did that day! SD and I contemplated not leaving a tip at all! Anyway, by the time we go home, it was time for naps. Jude didn't sleep very well. He has just been a little difficult in the sleep department lately :( I ended up laying down in my bed with him until he fell asleep, and he slept fine after that. I'm sincerely hoping this is a phase that ends soon! I was hoping we could avoid letting him cry it out since he has been such a great sleeper. We'll see. Anyway, when David got home, we got ready and went to church. We ate dinner at church but only stayed for a little while after that. We left early to go by David's parents' house to see his sister and niece. They live really far away, and they had never met Aubrey or Jude. Aubrey was shy at first, but she warmed up after a while. We didn't stay long, because it was bedtime by this point. When we got home, we put the kids to bed and David and I talked and then went to bed, too.

Thursday: Aubrey woke up at 7. That's the earliest she has gotten up in a long time. We hung out and played all morning. Jude slept pretty late, and when he woke up, I fed him and got us all ready to go to the park. We met Rebekkah and Carver and walked. That was fun. Aubrey and Carver are so cute - they just look at each other and laugh so hard. We have no clue what's so funny, but I'm glad that they like each other so much :) We headed home and ate lunch after our walk. After some more playing, Aubrey went down for a nap. Jude slept ok that day. I took a shower and got ready while they were asleep. We went to church for karate that night. My mom needed to get a birthday gift, so we went to the mall. David was going out to dinner after karate, so I took the kids home by myself. They were both screaming and having meltdowns when we got home :( Aubrey calmed down when we got inside, and I fed Jude. I finally got both kids to bed, and I watched HGTV until David got home. We went to bed not too much later.

Friday: Aubrey slept later that day, so that was nice. I got myself and Jude ready because we were going to Handworks Market that morning. My grandparents came over to play with Aubrey. I didn't think I wanted to maneuver the double stroller around Handworks - too many breakables! I met Rebekkah and Sarah Denley, and we had a fun time! I got super cute outfits for both of the kids. I just love looking at all of the handmade items. Jude was great - he slept almost the entire time we were there and woke up to eat just before it was time to go. We ate lunch there, and then finished up our shopping. When I got home, Aubrey had had a great time with my grandparents. After they left, she went to sleep, and Jude slept off and on all afternoon. I didn't get much done since Jude kept waking up. David came home that afternoon, and we got the children ready and went to his parents' house again for dinner. That was fun, and we enjoyed it. When we got home, the kids went to bed and we didn't do much else the rest of the night.

Saturday: We slept in and had a lazy morning. Jude and I were going to meet my mom and grandmother for lunch and some shopping, and David and Aubrey decided to join us for lunch :) We went to Chick-Fil-A. It was fun having them come! David took Aubrey home after lunch for her nap, and I kept Jude with me. We shopped all afternoon. When we got home, Aubrey was still asleep, and David was painting the dining room (it needed a second coat from where we had done it before). Aubrey woke up shortly after I got home. David finished up the dining room, and it looks great! My dad and brothers were in Baton Rouge for the Ole Miss game, so we took my mom to dinner. We went to Fred's to get some toys for our Operation Christmas Child boxes after dinner, and then we went to Kroger. Now, both kids are asleep, and it's about time for us to call it a night, too!


Ashley said...

I REALLY wish I could've gone to Handworks with yall....I miss you so much! Did you buy anything?

Love you!

Nathalie said...

I'm the same way with laundry! It always ends up in huge piles around the house (usually the laundry room).