Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week in Review: Escape Artist

This week was good! We spent some time working on our dining room and getting it ready for our table that was delivered Saturday. Aubrey had a little mishap during naptime on Tuesday that involved her head and the floor :/ You can probably guess where that is going...

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School, as usual. We were running late that morning, and I had a meltdown because I couldn't find a THING to wear. Haha. I was literally getting dressed for the final time as David was loading the kids into the car. UGHH. In spite of the rough start to the day, we had a nice morning at church. We came home and ate spaghetti for lunch. Except I forgot to buy spaghetti noodles at the grocery store, and all we had was corkscrew pasta. Whatever :) After lunch, we took naps. That evening we had a joint Reformation Day service with another church. It was held at our church this year. It was a great service. We had a reception afterward, and we ended up staying pretty late.

Monday: We had a good day at home. I tried to get a lot done around the house. I was able to do some laundry and organizing in my closet. Currently, my winter and summer clothes are all mixed in together, and I just search through everything looking for something to wear. I spent a while that day trying to separate my clothing into seasons. Organization isn't one of my strengths, and I'm ok with that :) I'm married to a super organized man, so he keeps our household running smoothly. Haha. Anyway, Aubrey and Jude were good that day. While they were sleeping, I finished cutting in with the paint in our dining room. I did all around the baseboards and windows and doors. I just left the part around the crown molding for David. We had decided we were definitely going to repaint the dining room, but we went ahead and finished painting it the color we didn't like. We had the paint anyway, so we were basically using it as a primer for the [new]new color. What a pain! After I finished painting, I took a shower and got ready. When the kids woke up, we went ahead and went to church for karate. We were able to visit with David for a little while before class started. During karate, we went to the mall. When we got home, Aubrey went to bed, and I left Jude with David and met Rebekkah to run. The running wasn't fun, but it wasn't as bad as the last time we ran. When I got home, I made up our bed (I had washed the sheets that afternoon) and went to bed.

Tuesday: I was up early to get ready for Bible Study. The topic that day was organization and time management. Haha! Funny since I just said I wasn't organized at all. I got some good tips at Bible Study. We ate lunch at church after Bible Study, and that was fun, as always. When we got home, Jude was asleep in his carseat, so I took him into the kitchen and left him there and went to put Aubrey down for her nap. She would not go to sleep. At first, she was just talking and playing quietly. Then she got louder and started fussing. After about an hour, she was crying for me to come get her. I knew she needed a nap, though, so I went and talked to her and told her that it wasn't time to get up, and that I would come get her after she slept for a little while. I had just walked out of her room and shut the door when I heard a thud. It literally sounded like a bowling ball had just hit the floor, and it was followed by screaming. I just knew what had happened. I ran into Aubrey's room and, sure enough, she was on the floor. Yes, she had climbed out of her crib and landed on her head. She has never done this before, and I about had a heart attack. I was finally able to calm her down enough to see that she was ok. I think it scared her more than anything, but I'm sure her head wasn't feeling too good either. I obviously gave up on naptime. I was scared she would climb out of her bed again, and I didn't want her going to sleep after hitting her head anyway. I watched her closely all afternoon, and she was fine. She was happy as a clam after she came downstairs. I called David and my mom and told them what happened, and when my mom asked Aubrey why she climbed out of her bed, she said, "Because I want go downstairs and get in Mommy's bed." Ummm, ok? Since when does she want to take naps in "Mommy's bed"?? David and I aren't ready for Aubrey to be in a big girl bed (I can't even imagine what a nightmare that has the potential to be!), but we realize if she climbs out of her crib again, she won't be safe in there anymore. We are hoping it scared her enough to keep her in her crib for at least a little while longer. Meanwhile, we put pillows around her bed in case she climbs out. Anyway, that ended being a long afternoon. Jude wouldn't take a good nap, either. I don't think I accomplished a thing all afternoon besides keeping my kids out of too much trouble :/ When David got home, I handed the kids over and cooked dinner for him. I was playing Bunco that night, and Rebekkah picked me up. We had fun at Bunco, and I even won a prize! Both of the kids were asleep when I got home :) and David and I talked for a long time and then went to bed.

Wednesday: We got up and got ready to meet Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton for lunch. We ate at Broadstreet and had a good time. The kids were well behaved for the most part. Aubrey didn't want to stay seated and kept going to the stairs or the water fountain until we finally had to leave. It was a fun lunch though! We headed home for naps after lunch. On the way home, I was talking on the phone to David. When we were getting ready to hang up, I said, "Bye, Baby" to him. Aubrey piped up from the back seat and said, "Why you call Daddy baby, Mommy?" Haha! Little ears are always listening! Anyway, Aubrey went right to sleep when we got home and didn't jump out of her crib again :) I did some things around the house while they slept. I didn't go to church early for smocking that day, so David was able to come home and ride to church with us. That was nice. We ate dinner at church, and then I was subbing for Rebekkah. She wasn't at church that night, and she teaches 1st and 2nd grade on Wednesday nights. I had fun filling in for her. The kids are cute, and it was easy because there were only 3 children there that night. Jude apparently got fussy in the nursery, so they had to bring him to me, which the kids thought was great. We went home after church, and just relaxed until bedtime.

Thursday: We spent the day at home. We had a good time playing and just hanging out at home. I did some painting in the dining room with the new color. Ughh, that is kind of starting to feel like the project that never ends! I got ready while Aubrey and Jude napped, and we went to church early. My mom and grandmother went to church early, too, and watched Aubrey and Jude so that I could go to Mistletoe with Rebekkah. I had been looking forward to going to Mistletoe for a while - I feel like it kind of kicks off the Holiday season! :) It was so much fun to go and look at all the super cute things. I was good and only bought one dress for Aubrey and a couple of Christmas ornaments for Bunco prizes since I'm hosting next month. It was just fun to be there. I took Rebekkah to meet her husband, David, when we finished shopping, and then I went home. David and the kids had just gotten home from karate, and David was putting Aubrey to bed. I had put some dinner in the crockpot for us before I left home, so I finished cooking, and we ate when Aubrey was in bed.

Friday: David went to work a little late that morning so that he could roll the dining room before he left. Our table was being delivered the next day, and the room really needed to be rolled before the furniture was in there. It looked good, but it needs another coat. David left to go to work not too long after Aubrey and I got up. After the kids were up and fed, we went to Target. The weather had gotten a lot cooler, so I needed to get some tights and turtlenecks for Aubrey. We had a good time just walking around looking at things in Target. When we got home, we ate lunch and played for a while. Then Aubrey went down for a nap. Jude didn't take a good nap that day, so I got very little accomplished. He finally went to sleep in his swing (we're starting a bad habit, I'm afraid!) and I got ready to go to dinner that night. David's sister, Sarah, was in town for a few days, so we were getting together with David's parents and Sarah for dinner. We went to Amerigo, which is one of my favorite restaurants, but we had to wait forever. They were just super crowded. Sadly, Jude was fussy. He usually isn't a fussy baby, so I don't know what was wrong. I ended up having to feed him in the bathroom since we were there so long. We had a good time, though! Aubrey loved seeing her Aunt Sarah and loved looking at Sarah's pictures. We went home and put the kids to bed after dinner. David did some more painting, and I helped some after Jude was asleep. We were up pretty late painting and still didn't finish. :/ We ran out of paint.

Saturday: We all slept late, and it was so nice! The delivery men showed up earlier than we expected with our table. We didn't care that they were early because we were excited to get our dining room table finally! I love the table! It came with six chairs, but we want eight, so I got ready and went shopping for two more chairs that afternoon. I took Jude with me, and David kept Aubrey home so that she could nap. I was looking for parsons chairs for the two heads of the table. I found two that I loved and brought one home on approval. Turns out the chairs didn't go with our rug (I was afraid they wouldn't) but we are just ready to have all of our furniture, so we decided to keep the chairs and exchange the rug. Yeah, this is the rug that we picked the paint color to go with. Twice. Haha! The dining room drama deserves and will get it's own post soon. Anyway, after all that, we got ready to go on a date that night! An occupational therapy group was doing a parents night out at our church that night to raise money for a convention they are going to. One of the girls in the group goes to our church, and another one works in the nursery, so they know and are used to the kids, so we knew they would be fine. We decided to go on a double date with the Arants. We ate dinner at Char and then saw Life as we Know It. It was funny, but it was also kind of sad. I enjoyed it, though. We had such a fun date night! When we got back to the church to get the kids, Aubrey was playing and Jude was sleeping. They said Jude was kind of fussy, but he took his bottle ok and went to sleep. It was late by this point, so I'm glad we got an extra house of sleep that night! I went to the grocery store after we got home, and the we headed to bed.

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Amy said...

Glad Aubrey is okay after her fall! I know it probably scared her (and you!) to death!! I DREAD the day libbi starts climbing out of her crib. we hope and pray that she has AT LEAST another year in there, but somehow, i'm not too hopeful :/