Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sharing is Caring

The other day as I was putting my makeup on, I had Jude in his carseat where he could see me. He is very social and likes to be where the action is. Aubrey was also in the room playing in the floor, as usual. My phone rang in the other room, and I ran to grab it. When I got back into the room with the kids, this is what I found:I asked Aubrey what she was doing, and she told me that Jude was playin' with her toys. I love that Jude looks so chill about being surrounded by teacups and a baby doll. That just sums up his personality.Notice the cup up by Jude's face. Aubrey picked it up and held it to Jude's mouth and said that she was "givin' him some tea." Haha!I think it's so precious that Aubrey shares her things with Jude, but I've learned this has to be supervised closely. Sometimes, like this morning, the sharing gets a little too enthusiastic and includes whacking Jude in the face with a toy :-/ Whew, I'm glad God made babies tougher than they look!


Nathalie said...

Love this post! What a sweet and caring big sis!

Big Jen said...

So precious!

Ashley said...

Carrie, your sweeties are adorable!