Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Aubrey and Jude were so CUTE in their costumes! I really wanted to dress them in coordinating outfits, and I wasn't sure if Aubrey would be into a cute "puffy" costume this year. She has gotten a little picky with her wardrobe lately. (Isn't 2 a little young for that?!) So, Aubrey and Jude dressed up as........ a cowgirl and a cow! :)

I'm kind of sad, because I didn't get any good pictures of Aubrey and Jude together (story of my life) in their costumes. These are the best we got, and they were taken on Friday night, so they are minus Aubrey's boots and bandanna and Jude's hat. I've learned that getting a good picture of two young children is pretty much impossible for me and my photography "skills." Aubrey was MUCH too busy playing Friday night to pose for pictures with Mommy and Daddy, but Jude was too young to protest ;) My original plan was for Aubrey to be a cowgirl and Jude to be a horse. I didn't think a horse costume would be difficult to find, but I couldn't find one anywhere. I ended up ordering a horse costume for him on ebay that was supposed to be new. When I got it in the mail, though, it definitely didn't look new, and I wasn't wild about it at all. I was still going to use it, but when I tried it on him, he was swimming in it. (It was a size 0-6 month. Like a "0 month old" can wear the same costume as a 6 month old.) At the very last minute, I decided that Jude had to have another costume. This cow outfit was the best I could do 2 days in advance, but I think Jude made one ADORABLE little cow! :)For Aubrey's outfit, I had found some cowgirl boots that I thought were SO cute that she could gets lots of wear out of - not just for Halloween. However, when David and I took Aubrey to try these boots on, she flat out refused to walk in them. She just kept saying, "Take boots off!" They did have a steel toe (a little much for toddler shoes?) so I guess they just weren't comfortable. I had already decided that she would be a cowgirl and gotten her shirt and ordered Jude's outfit, so it was really too late to come up with a Plan B. So, I had to just find some boots that Aubrey would wear. These are the shoes that I was looking everywhere for on Thursday. I finally ended up getting these at Target. They aren't as cute as the ones I originally wanted, but Aubrey liked them, so they were fine.Aubrey had lots of fun at Trunk or Treat playing with friends like Carver the puppy dog...... and eating lots of chocolate as you can tell from her messy face!Rebekkah and me and our boys swinging:All of the fun was too much for Jude, so he ended up sleeping through most of the festivities.We had so much fun dressing up, and I think my little cow and cowgirl were just about the cutest things I've ever seen!


Courtney said...

I love the kdis coordinating costumes. They look adorable. I agree trying to take pictures of two is next to impossible!

Amy said...

SO CUTE!! Love the coordinating costumes! Aubrey's hair is precious in those little pigtails and Jude is just downright squeezable! :)

Emily said...

Precious! Yes, it is VERY hard to get a picture with 2 that young. We have the hardest time trying to get a good picture of Ava and Kate Rivers!