Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week in Review: Waking up is Hard to Do!

We had a nice week, and the best part was that Aubrey slept late everyday! (I'm kidding about that being the best part of my week - it was super nice of her, though!) I only worked out once :( so I'll plan on doing better this week. Aubrey and Jude were adorable in their Halloween costumes, but I'll do a separate post about that with pictures!

We went to church and Sunday School. We came home and ate roast for lunch. Aubrey, Jude, and I all took naps, but David stayed up. We went back to evening church, and then came home for dinner and bedtime. Pretty uneventful day!

Monday: Aubrey slept super late: 9:45! I figured she would sleep late because it had taken her forever to fall asleep the night before. I'm certainly not going to complain about her sleeping late, but when I woke up and realized what time it was, I knew naptime would be messed up. We hung out at home all day. Aubrey was in a cute, sweet mood. I gave both of the children baths and got some laundry done. I put Aubrey down for her nap a little later than usual since she had slept so late, but she still would never go to sleep. She did stay in her bed fairly quiet for about an hour and a half, but she just wasn't sleepy enough to ever go to sleep. Oh well. I finally went and got her and gave her a snack. Jude woke up from his nap, and I fed him and then we headed to church for karate. We were able to visit with David for a few minutes before class started. During karate, we went to Lowes. I got some new paint samples for the dining room because we ARE going to be repainting our dining room. UGH. I have lived with that color for a few weeks, and I just can't handle it. It's not actually my fault though. More details to come. Anyway, when we got back to church, I fed Jude and then we went home. David put Aubrey to bed, and I got ready to go run with Rebekkah. We did Couch to 5K week 2, and we both about DIED. I don't know why, but for some reason, it was SO hard that night. Probably because it was about 90 degrees and extremely humid. It was awful, but we did finish our workout. Neither one of us could talk for about 5 minutes after we finished running ;) When I got home, David and I talked for a little while and then got ready for bed.

Tuesday: I got up early and took a shower to get ready for Bible Study. Right after I got out of the shower, Rebekkah let me know Bible Study had been canceled because the lady who was supposed to lead it that day had a sick child :( I was sad to miss Bible Study and sad that I had gotten up early for nothing! Both of the kids were still asleep. I ended up just getting on the computer and drinking my coffee in the peace and quiet. It was actually pretty nice. Aubrey woke up around 9. Rebekkah and I had decided that we both still needed to get out of the house, so we were meeting for lunch. I got myself and the kids ready, and we headed out. Aubrey was in a great mood all morning, but shortly after we got to lunch, she got whiny. Not even Carver could cheer her up! I don't know what the deal was, but she was just super clingy and fussy. We managed to have a fun time in spite of that. I was going to run some errands after lunch, but Aubrey was grumpy and Jude was getting hungry, so I skipped. When we got home, Aubrey had gone from whiny to full on meltdown mode. Not pleasant. I put her straight to bed for her nap, and she went to sleep easily. I then fed Jude and put him down for his nap. While they slept, I folded laundry, straightened up, and read some blogs. Jude woke up first, and I was feeding him when David got home. We talked for a while, and then Aubrey woke up. We decided to go to Mazzios for dinner. They have a buffet on Tuesday nights, and it sounded great to me to not have to cook! We had a fun time eating and being together as a family. I feel like we've been so busy lately that we haven't been able to spend as much time together as I would like. When we got home, we hung out some more, and then David put Aubrey to bed while I watched my usual Tuesday night shows.

Wednesday: It was an overcast, rainy morning perfect for sleeping, and Aubrey woke up the earliest she did all week. Oh well. After we got up, we straightened up the house because Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton were coming over to play and eat lunch. I didn't scrub the toilets with a toothbrush or anything like my highly productive pregnant friend, but I did straighten up all the piles of toys. Haha. My house is starting to look like Toys-R-Us, and I think it's time for some of the big toys to find a permanent home upstairs. Anyway, we got ready and SD and AP came over. We ate Subway for lunch and had a fun time chatting. Aubrey and Ann Peyton got in a few little spats, but not as bad as last time (in my opinion). Aubrey got in trouble a few times for pushing :/ After our friends left, Aubrey went down for her nap, and Jude did too. He slept kind of fitfully, though. It was thundering, so I don't know if that bothered him or what. I cleaned up the toys while he was quiet. David came home from work just in time for us to load up in the car and leave for church. We were going early because we were having another smocking class! I'm not that great at smocking yet, but it's kind of addicting! Hopefully I can get good - or at least decent - at it! We had pizza for dinner at church (second night in a row to have pizza for dinner). We ended up staying pretty late at church talking, so by the time we got home, Aubrey went right to bed. We just hung out and didn't do much the rest of the night.

Thursday: This was a different day - It was good, we just weren't on our normal schedule at all. Aubrey slept really late. It was around 9:30 when she woke up. I had planned on doing some shopping that morning. I needed to get Aubrey some shoes to wear with her Halloween costume, and I wanted to get some ideas of what I want us to wear for our family pictures in a couple of weeks. By the time we got ready to go shopping, though, it was almost lunchtime. I decided to just feed Aubrey lunch before we left and skip naptime that day since she had slept so late. She doesn't nap very well when she sleeps late anyway, and then when/if she finally does fall asleep, it's late. That makes it hard for her to go to sleep at night, so I thought it would be ok to just not even attempt a nap that day. After lunch, Aubrey, Jude, and I left to go shopping. I was kind of nervous about how it would go. I really don't ever take both of the kids shopping for long periods of time by myself. It went really well though. Aubrey was SO good. She held my hand when I told her to and didn't protest riding in buggies when they were available. She wasn't whiny, and she was just really fun all day. I was so proud of her. Jude was a little trooper too, but he didn't take a good nap in his carseat like I was hoping he would. It was kind of difficult shopping without a double stroller. Some of the stores had shopping carts, but they weren't big enough for Jude's infant seat. When we were in TJ Maxx, I had Aubrey in the buggy and I was pushing that with one hand, and I was carrying Jude in his seat with the other hand. Not ideal ;) We had fun, though, and I managed to find several things that I was looking for. No shoes for Aubrey, unfortunately. I had an appointment to get my eyes checked that afternoon. I was out of contacts and had been wearing my glasses for weeks. I just start feeling SO frumpy when I have to wear my glasses all the time. My mom was getting her eyes checked too, so my brother and grandmother came to watch Aubrey and Jude while I was seeing the doctor. After our appointment was over, we went to the church for karate. My mom was babysitting for two little girls at church during karate, so she kept Jude with her, and my brothers and I went shopping again for shoes for Aubrey. We finally found some and then headed back to church. Aubrey was WORN OUT by the time we got home and went right to bed.

Friday: We had a nice, uneventful day at home. We didn't do much other than hang out at home. Aubrey and Jude went down for their naps, and I took a shower and got ready. The photographer that we use for Aubrey and Jude's pictures was taking Halloween photos that afternoon. You just went whenever you wanted to, and she took a few pictures and your donation went to charity. Rebekkah and I decided to take the kids to get their pictures taken in their little costumes. They did pretty good - I'm curious to see how the pictures turned out. The kids sat on hay bales, and I was a nervous wreck because Aubrey "held" Jude. I was right there beside them, but I had to move my hands for a second while the photographer snapped the picture. Thankfully, Aubrey held onto Jude great, and no babies were harmed :) David was home by the time we got there, and we took some more pictures of the kids in their outfits. After a while, we met the Arants at a Chinese restaurant for dinner. We had fun, but the kids all took turns having meltdowns. Haha - The adventures of going out with kids! :) We went to Babies R Us and bought a double stroller (finally!) after dinner. Yay!

Saturday: We slept in, and just hung out at home all morning. We had Trunk or Treat at our church that afternoon, and David and my brother were decorating a trunk (or, in this case, a truck bed!) together. My mom and brother brought lunch over to our house, and after we ate, David and my brother left to go to church to decorate their trunk. Aubrey and Jude were both asleep, so my mom stayed with them, and I ran back over to our photographer's house. I had accidentally left Jude's hat for his Halloween costume there the day before. When I got back home, Jude was awake, so we got him dressed in his outfit. We had to wake Aubrey up, but she woke up happy, thankfully. We got her all ready, and she looked SO cute. I'll post pictures and reveal what they dressed up as soon :) We then went to Trunk or Treat and had lots of fun! The weather was so nice, and we had a great turnout. Everyone decorated their trunks as different Bible stories so visitors would hear the Gospel. It was fun to see how creative everyone was. David and my brother's car was "Fishers of Men." They did a great job decorating it, and it was super cute! We stayed until the end and then went home. After we got home, David watched the Auburn/Ole Miss game, and I went to the grocery store. When I got home, I cooked a dessert to take to church the next day, and we got the kids in bed, and went to bed too.


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