Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week in Review: Happy Birthday, David!

This week was pretty good. Tuesday was David's birthday, so we enjoyed celebrating our wonderful husband/daddy! :) There were several days this week where David didn't come home from work, and we just met him at church. That's a little sad, because it cuts down on the time we are able to talk and he doesn't get to see the kids a ton on those days. It was ok though - thankfully Aubrey and Jude have been good this week!

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School. My family came over for lunch to celebrate David's birthday. I had cooked lasagna and a chocolate cake :) We had a good lunch, but Aubrey wasn't her best. As I said last week, Sunday afternoons are HARD for her because she is so tired. By the time my family left, there wasn't much time left for me to take a nap because we were going back to church early. I decided to just skip my Sunday nap. We went to church an hour early to hear a missions report from two people from our church who had gone on foreign mission trips this summer. It was good to hear what God is doing in other parts of the world. We went to church when the missions meeting was over. After church, David and the kids and I ate dinner at Jason's Deli. I watched "Sister Wives" when we got home. That show is bizarre. I'm definitely glad I'm my husband's only wife!! HA!

Monday: We stayed home all day. Aubrey and Jude were good. I did several loads of laundry. David was going straight to church after work, so we met him there. During karate we went to the mall. I was looking for a birthday gift for David. His birthday was the next day -- I'm definitely a last minute shopper! :) This usually causes me lots of stress, but I still do it every time. When we got back to karate, David was waiting on us to go home. He drove my car with the kids home because I had to stop and pick up some pretzels to take to Bible Study the next day. I fed Jude when I got home, and we didn't do much at all the rest of the evening.

Tuesday: Happy Birthday, David! Aubrey woke up early. It was ok, because I was getting up early to go to Bible Study anyway. She woke up before David left though, and that always causes some early morning drama. If she sees him in the morning, it breaks her heart when he leaves for work. It's sad and no fun for me to start the day off with a screaming child! She always gets over it fast, but all the screaming woke Jude up that morning. That made it a little more difficult to get ready and get out the door, but we managed. Aubrey cried so hard when I left her in the nursery. So sad! I hope this phase ends soon. We were doing a service project in Bible Study that morning. We made trail mix for my dad's ministry (that's why I had to take pretzels) and wrote notes of encouragement to missionaries and college students. After we finished, we ate lunch at church. Poor little Jude didn't nap in the nursery, so he was SO tired! He had a hard time napping when we got home because he was over-tired. He did eventually get into a good sleep after some cuddles from Mommy :) Aubrey had a hard time going to sleep too. She kept calling me. When I went into her room, she wanted me to put her socks back on. She said, "Aubey's feet are COLD!" Haha. Then she wanted yogurt. Then she wanted milk. I think she finally realized she wasn't getting anything and gave up and went to sleep. My grandparents came over that afternoon to bring a card and brownies for the birthday boy! We visited with them for a while after David got home. Then we got ready and went to dinner with David's parents for his birthday. We ate at Bravo and it was really good! Aubrey was actually well behaved, especially considering it was a long meal. Jude slept through the whole meal, but he woke up hungry as we were leaving. We did have to listen to a little screaming on the way home, but he was fine. We gave David his present when we got home, and then it was bedtime!

Wednesday: Aubrey woke up a little earlier than I prefer, but not too bad. We hung out and ate breakfast and played. Then we started getting ready to meet Rebekkah and Carver for lunch. We went to Sweet Peppers, and it was fun! Aubrey just loves having lunch with Carver. Rebekkah had been out of town last week and she was leaving again soon, so it was good to catch up between trips :) The restaurant is at a nice outdoor mall, and the weather was SO perfect that I really wanted to shop after lunch. We still don't have a double stroller, unfortunately, so we went home for naps instead. Definitely getting a double stroller soon! This beautiful weather makes me want to be outside! The kids both went down for their naps easily that day. They both slept well, and I enjoyed naptime! :) David had a meeting at church, so he went straight there after work. The kids and I met him at church. We had a nice time at church - I did my usual, which is eating dinner, chatting, and then feeding Jude. When we got home, the kids went to bed and that was about it.

Thursday: We didn't really have anything planned for that day, but I didn't want to stay home all day either. I decided we would go to Lowes and get paint chips for our dining room. Jude didn't really seem interested in eating before we left, so I just figured I would try again when we got home. Well, we got to the end of our street and he started having a meltdown. I thought he would settle down, but he never did. I ended up having to feed him in the Lowes parking lot. Definitely not ideal, but it did the trick ;) We then went in and got the paint chips. We headed home after that and ate lunch. Aubrey would never go to sleep for her nap. She was in her bed for over 2 hours, but just would not sleep! I finally gave up and we just went to church early for karate. David was already there and so was my mom. My mom and I took Aubrey and Jude to the playground at church and let them play for a while, and then we went to Target. After karate, I picked up a pizza for us to have for dinner. We went to bed fairly early that night.

Friday: We had a playdate with Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton at the park for lunch. We picked up Chick-Fil-A and met them there. The weather had been PERFECT all week, but it had warmed up SO much on Friday. I didn't realize how hot it was until we got to the park. It was in the 90's. We ate our lunch at a picnic table and then took the kids to swing. Jude was fussy, and we were just miserably hot. Since Jude wouldn't stay in his stroller in the shade I was worried that he was going to get sunburned, so we decided to cut our playdate short. It was just too hot to be outside. Sad! Oh well - we will have to try it again. Maybe it will be cool enough by January. Ha! Aubrey, Jude, and I stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home. By the time we got home, it was almost naptime. Aubrey went right down and slept for 3 hours. Guess she was tired from the lack of a nap the day before! Jude was pretty fussy and wouldn't stay asleep. I finally put him in his swing, and he slept great after that. Since he wasn't sleeping in my room like he usually is, I was able to go in there and clean out our closet. I switched out my summer shoes for my winter ones and hung up a ton of clothes. David was SO happy to see our clean, organized closet when he got home! That evening we went out to eat and then went to Lowes and bought paint for the dining room. I watched my usual Friday night shows when we got home: Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings. After that, it was time for bed!

Saturday: Jude and I slept in while Aubrey and David played with our little neighbor boy. When we got up, I got to work painting the dining room while David watched the kids. I took a break for lunch, and then it was Aubrey's naptime. It took her a while to go to sleep, but she did eventually. I got Jude to sleep while David rolled a second coat in the dining room. David then was able to finish painting our office! It's been a work in progress since before Jude was born, so I'm happy that the painting is finally finished! Now I just have to organized the bookshelves. Oh, and we have to paint some built-ins. And get curtains made. But then it really will be finished! :) We finished rolling the dining room, but we haven't cut in yet. I must say, it's looking rather orange. I'm not sure what we'll do, but my wheels are turning! I'll either decide I love it, or I'll have to figure something else out. After we were done painting for the day, Aubrey woke up and we got ready to go to the state fair! I LOVE the fair and was really excited about taking Aubrey for the first time. My two youngest brothers went with us too, and we had a fun time. I'll post pictures soon! The only downer was that Jude cried all the way home :( We got home late, and put Aubrey straight to bed. We are heading that way soon ourselves.


Ashley said...

I am glad you still want to follow along on my blog. :)
I feel like I have months of posts to catch up on reading but I know that will most likely not happen. I will definitely do better about keeping up in the near future(especially commenting).

Kendra! :) said...

So what did you get David? I'm interested. Glad you had a good week. We missed you at bunco.

Sarah Denley said...

I want to know what you got David, too! And I want to know what you mean by "cutting in" with the painting. I'm so ignorant about this stuff, ha!

Do you want to do something this Friday? Maybe go to lunch or something?? Email me!

Carrie said...

I'm afraid my gift to David wasn't very exciting - I got him jeans and dress socks. Sorry if you were expecting something more exciting! Ha. I also gave him a son approximately 3 months ago - that's got to count for something, right ;)

Cutting in is when you go around the doors/windows/trim with a paint brush, as opposed to doing the walls with a roller. It's a little more tedious and time consuming.