Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week in Review: Late to Rise

We had a fun, full week. We had just the right amount of activities to keep us busy but still have enough time at home too. My favorite kind of week! :) Aubrey slept late everyday this week, which was unexpected but MUCH appreciated!!

Sunday: We went to church. David was doing sound, but I sat downstairs in the back this time instead of the balcony. Jude got a little squirmy towards the end of church, but he made it through the whole service. I had to take him out of Sunday School, but we were able to go back in after a little while :) When we got home, we ate fish for lunch. We took our usual Sunday afternoon naps after lunch. We went to night church that evening. After church, we ate dinner at Mugshots with the Arants. It was fun and, amazingly, all three children did great! :) It was way past Aubrey's bedtime when we got home, and she went straight to bed.

Monday: Since Aubrey had gone to bed so late, she slept until 8:45. I cannot tell you how nice that was! I was up at 6 feeding Jude and he had a hard time going back to sleep, and I figured I was up for the day. I was SO thankful to get a little extra sleep after all! After we were all up and ready, we went to Target to get a few things. It was mainly just to get out of the house though -- haha. When we got home, it was lunch time. Aubrey and Jude both went down for naps, and I finally finished addressing our birth announcements. I also did some cleaning up. Aubrey and Jude both woke up at the same time (how do they even do that??) in bad moods. I had two crying children for a little while. No fun! They both perked up after a while. When David got home, he watched Aubrey and Jude so I could get ready for book club. David pointed out to me that Jude was literally down to one or two diapers. And I had just been to Target that morning! Ughhh. David had a meeting at church, so he couldn't get diapers. So, I had to load Aubrey and Jude up and go BACK to Target for the second time that day. Since David had a meeting, he couldn't keep the kiddos while I went to book club. Rebekkah's husband was going to the same meeting as David, so she needed a sitter for Carver too. So I volunteered my mom ;) Carver is SO sweet and easy, so my mom was happy to do it. It takes a crew to care for 3 babies though, so my mom brought one of my brothers and my grandparents to help. Haha. Rebekkah and I rode to book club together and had so much fun! We read Plain Truth this month. It was an interesting read, and I enjoyed discussing it. The kids all did fine. Jude apparently slept for 4 hours straight. David gave him a bottle when he got home from his meeting and he took it fine. I got home around 11:30.

Tuesday: I was so tired from staying up too late the night before, but I got up and got ready to go to Bible Study anyway. It was the first week back after taking the summer off, and I didn't want to miss the first week. I managed to get all three of us ready and out the door by 9:15. I was proud of myself! Bible Study was good, and I'm so glad we were able to make it. I kept Jude with me, and he did pretty good. I had to take him out once to get him to sleep, but after that he slept the whole time. Aubrey had fun in the nursery as usual. We stayed and ate lunch together after Bible Study. By the time we got home, it was naptime. Jude took a good nap, but Aubrey slept for less than 2 hours and woke up GRUMPY. She is teething, so that probably had something to do with it. I was cooking spaghetti to put in the crockpot for dinner when she woke up, and she cried and tried to climb up my legs the whole time I was cooking. Quite frustrating, especially since I was trying to figure out what she wanted, but she just cried and cried. Once I finished cooking I picked her up, and she was fine after sitting in my lap for a while. Good thing she was, because Jude was waking up at this point. When David got home, he took Aubrey outside to play. Jude and I joined them for a little while until it got too hot. I went inside to finish cooking dinner, and David and Aubrey came in shortly because it started to rain. We ate dinner when they got in. Aubrey enjoyed her spaghetti and got it everywhere. Jude was fussy that evening, so I watched 19 Kids and Counting and held him while David played with Aubrey. Once Aubrey was in bed, I decided to go ahead and get ready for bed too. I was SO sleepy and was hoping to go to bed early. David and I were in bed by 10 -- super early for us. Sadly, Jude didn't particularly want to go to bed early, and I didn't actually get to really go to sleep until 11:30 :( He was up 3 hours later too and took a while to go back to sleep. Not the best night we've had.

Wednesday: It was a rainy, gloomy day (my favorite!) and Aubrey slept until 8:45! Perfect! I love sleeping in on a rainy day. Jude sleeps late every day (after his early morning feeding) so we all got some much needed rest. We had a nice morning. It was overcast and dark all day, and I lit a candle and pretended it was fall. Haha. It looked like a fall day outside... too bad it didn't feel like one! I did laundry and gave the children baths. (By the way, I don't mention it every time I bathe my kids... just when it's sort of an "activity." I didn't want anyone thinking they only get baths every once in a while. Haha.) After bath time, I fed Jude and put him in bed. Aubrey was next.... she took quite a while to actually fall asleep though. Probably because she slept so late. Once they were both asleep, I took a shower and got myself ready. When David got home from work, we went to church. We had a good time at church. I'm not in a Bible Study on Wednesday night right now, so I end up just sitting around talking to other people who aren't in a Bible Study after dinner. I have to feed Jude during this time, so it doesn't make sense for me to go to a Bible Study or anything until he is old enough to go in the nursery. The youth group was weeding a courtyard that we have at our church, so I watched that most of the time. When we got home that night I was SO tired and Jude wasn't going to sleep very easily, so David took him into the living room until he fell asleep, and let me go to sleep early. So sweet!

Thursday: Aubrey and Jude both slept until 9:30!! Wow! Aubrey hadn't slept that late in months. Not getting a solid nights sleep in over a month was really starting to catch up with me, so that extra sleep was much needed. I felt more rested than I had in a long time when I got up. After we were all up and fed, we got ready for Rebekkah and Carver to come over. I am starting to think about Aubrey's birthday party (less than a month away!) and I wanted to do cupcakes this time. I want them to be pretty and professional, and I was thinking I would buy them, but Rebekkah and I decided to try our hand at making/decorating them. So, that was the plan for the day. She brought lunch -- Newk's chicken salad and pimento cheese -- yum! After we ate, I was able to put Aubrey and Jude down for their naps and Carver played in the exersaucer. Then we got to work! Rebekkah had baked the cupcakes ahead of time, so we were just making the icing and decorating them. We made buttercream and cream cheese frosting. The cupcakes tasted SO good and we had lots of fun decorating them... but I won't be doing them myself for the party. Haha. They were cute, but they just looked really homemade. I really want something pretty since Aubrey's first birthday cake didn't turn out the way it was supposed to. Anyway, by the time we were finished with the cupcakes, it was late afternoon, and Jude and Aubrey were due to wake up. Aubrey was so sad when I went to get her and she found out Carver was gone :( We went to karate with David that evening. During karate, we went to Target with my mom and brother. We had no food at home, so we drove through Wendy's on the way home. They screwed up our order, but it was late and Jude was screaming, so we just took it anyway :/

Friday: Aubrey slept late again... 9:00! I don't know what's gotten into her, but I hope it sticks around! We stayed at home all day and it was uneventful. Aubrey and Jude both decided to have meltdowns at the same time right before naptime. Jude was hungry and Aubrey was mad because she wanted something and I couldn't get it for her because I was trying to feed Jude. Ughh. The meltdowns ended though, and they both took naps soon after. I got ready during naptime -- David and I were going on a date that night! My family came over to babysit Aubrey and Jude. David and I went to dinner at PF Chang's. It was nice to be able to take our time eating and talking. After dinner we saw Inception. There was a preview for an awful demon movie that was very disturbing. I could have done without seeing that. I really liked Inception though, even though I had no clue what was going on for the majority of the movie. Haha. David explained it to me on the way home ;) Aubrey and Jude did fine without us. They were both asleep when we got home. (Actually, Aubrey was in her bed talking... she was supposed to have been asleep for hours though. Haha.) We enjoyed our date!!

Saturday: David got up early and went to a work day at our church. The kids and I slept until 8:30, and then we got up and had a normal morning. It just felt like a regular weekday without David at home. We missed him! We got ready to go shopping. We met my mom and Rebekkah and Carver at a fabric store. David called me while we were there and said they were done with the workday. I was surprised because they thought it was going to take all day. He was eating lunch with my dad and brothers at Jason's Deli, which is really close to where we were, so we decided to go meet them for lunch. We had a fun lunch, and by the time we finished it was Aubrey's naptime, so David took her home with him. Jude and I continued shopping with my mom and Rebekkah. We went to a new TJ Maxx that just opened. Exciting! We also went to Hobby Lobby. We headed home after that. We ate dinner at Corner Bakery tonight and then we got a cupcake at Gigi's. It was good! (I'm supposed to be on a diet, but you see how that is going... haha.) We ran in Kroger and then headed home. Now Aubrey is in bed and we're hoping Jude will be too soon! :)


The Niemeyer Nest said...

I just love reading about life with two. So, what do you do with Aubrey when you are putting Jude down for a nap. I am so anxious about having two and I am not even pregnant.

Nathalie said...

I agree with Jennifer, I'm so curious about life with two. You're an inspiration to us all!