Friday, August 20, 2010

A difference of opinion...

This is how Aubrey feels about babywearing:(Ignore all the clutter on the counters. See, Sarah Denley, my house isn't always clean! Haha.)

Thankfully, Jude feels a little differently than his big sister.Aubrey is seriously terrified of that Moby wrap. It's bizarre. We put her in there thinking she would like it, but she freaked out, as you can see. She is fine with Jude being in it as long as it doesn't come within 10 feet of her. She doesn't even want to touch the thing. Funny, funny girl.


Amy said...

so funny! i love how your husband has the biggest smile in the midst of her meltdown - hahaha....that is TOTALLY something my husband would do! :)
you look great and jude looks right at home :)

J. Henry said...

Too funny!!

The picture of you & Jude is so sweet... he looks so peaceful!