Friday, August 6, 2010

First Bath

A few days ago, Jude's umbilical cord and circumcision ring finally fell off. I was pretty excited about this because it makes diaper changes so much faster and easier! :) I was also excited because it meant that Jude could finally have a real bath!! Don't worry, he had lots of sponge baths before his first real bath ;) Haha.I know it looks like we are torturing him in these pictures, but he actually ended up not minding it as long as we were pouring warm water on him the whole time.Poor, pitiful baby :( He smelled so nice and fresh after it was over though!I think he enjoyed being warm and clean after he got out, because he promptly passed out for several hours. A bit of a rough night followed, so I think we will try to do bath time earlier in the day in the future. Ha!Just for fun, here are some pictures of Aubrey's first bath. I think Aubrey and Jude had pretty much the exact same reaction to their first baths. Haha!In other news, Jude is 3 weeks old today! It seems like forever ago that I was pregnant and in labor. It's definitely been a long 3 weeks -- long but wonderful! I haven't forgotten about posting Jude's birth story. I actually have typed most of it out already, but I just need to finish it. I have to share WAY more details than anyone but me would probably ever want to know :) I'll finish it and post it next week. Get excited! Haha!

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