Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Octo Meme

Sarah Denley tagged me for this fun little meme. Thanks, SD!

Things I'm Looking Forward to...

1) Having my baby in 3 weeks! (Or less, hopefully.)
2) Seeing Aubrey become a big sister.
3) Losing weight.
4) Seeing Aubrey and Jude's rooms all finished (one day....)
5) Getting curtains in our living room/kitchen.
6) Getting dining room furniture.
7) Seeing Eclipse this weekend, hopefully!
8) Having a sonogram Thursday.

8 Things I did Yesterday...

1) Had lunch with our girls, SD & AP.
2) Read blogs.
3) Made up my bed.
4) Took care of Aubrey.
5) Went to karate.
6) Went to Target.
7) Changed some diapers.
8) Went to bed.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...

1) Make my own curtains.
2) Have Jude without going through labor/delivery :)
3) Function on less sleep.
4) Be patient all the time.
5) Be completely selfless, especially to my family.
6) Cook without messing up the kitchen.
7) Balance my time better.
8) Be more organized.

8 Shows I Enjoy...

1) Barefoot Contessa
2) Color Confidential
3) HGTV Design Star
4) A Baby Story
5) Dancing with the Stars
6) Say Yes to the Dress
7) The Bachelor/Bachelorette
8) 19 Kids and Counting

I never know who to tag, so I'm skipping that step! :) If you want to do this, go for it!


J. Henry said...

hmm... I may do this one! :)

Are you more nervous or less nervous going into this birth than you were with Aubrey? Just curious! I had ZERO clue about labor/delivery right before I had Caroline so I wasn't nervous at all. I don't think it will be the same next time around!

Homer Lee Howie said...

:You are doing an excellent job of raising Aubrey Praise the Lord H0mer Lee