Friday, May 28, 2010


--Aubrey has been a bit under the weather the past couple of days. Nothing major, just a little cold. However, it has been enough to cause her to not sleep so well the past couple of nights :( Hopefully she gets over it soon! I think she's shared it with me, because my throat has been hurting today. Ughh.

--Speaking of Aubrey, she has been doing the funniest thing lately. She has names for pretty much everyone in our families that are close to their actual names: She calls my dad "Pop Pop." My brother (AKA her favorite person) is "Goal" which sounds pretty close to Joel. David's mom is "Dee Dee" which is what she wanted her grandmother name to be. Of course, David and I are Mommy and Daddy. She's never really had a name for my mom though, which was strange because she sees her all the time. Her grandmother name has been "Gramzie" so far. We figured that would be hard to say, but she was hoping Aubrey would try to pronounce it and turn it into something cute that would forever stick. Well, we finally realized recently that Aubrey does, in fact, have a name for my mom. She calls her "Mom." (Except it comes out sounding like "Mum.") That's right, my mom is "Mom" and I'm "Mommy." We think she is doing this because she hears my brothers and me calling her Mom. It doesn't hurt my feelings that she calls her Mom because she always calls me Mommy, so she is making a distinction. We're trying to steer her away from this though. My mom doesn't want her grandmother name to forever be Mom. Haha!

--Yesterday I was 32 weeks pregnant! I went in for a check-up, and everything was great. I asked my doctor if she could tell if the baby is head down just out of curiosity. He's not. She said he is sideways at the moment. She also said that's totally fine right now. She said he will probably be head down by about 36 weeks, and if he isn't, there are some exercises I can do to encourage him to flip. Of course, I'm now petrified that he's going to be breech, and I'm going to have to have a c-section. Maybe I shouldn't have asked ;-) My doctor mentioned standing on her head several times a day to get one of her babies to flip....?? Not sure if she was serious, but she didn't laugh. Haha -- let's hope I don't have to resort to standing on my head!!

--I'm so excited about the 3 day weekend coming up because we're hoping to get Aubrey's new room finished! (The painting part anyway...) That means we'll be able to start working on the nursery soon. I ordered some fabric for Jude's baby bedding, and I think it's so cute! I can't wait to start working on his bedding. We have lots to do in the next 8 weeks!


Sarah Denley said...

Okay, first of all the Baby Book Club is an excellent idea. Ann Peyton can say "Momma" (pretty much all she wants to say these days, I'm not complaining!)the whole time and Aubrey can roar at her!

I can just see Missy on her head...I'm pretty sure it was not a joke.

I can't wait to see Aubrey's room; I'm so excited!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I have heard the same thing about standing on your head but in a pool. So, you will not get hurt toppling over from your belly. HA!Evie was transverse and she flipped. Jude will too.

KTElltt said...

I always thought that "Ma'am" would make the sweetest grandmother name. Since Aubrey already has the short syllable down, it wouldn't be hard to change it from "Mom" to "Ma'am" but only if y'all are interested.

Chances are, your baby will aim head down. BUT if he doesn't, as a survivor of 2 c-sections, they're definitely not fun, but they're not the end of the world either. However, I can remember how much the idea of one scared me before I ever had one. I'll pray the baby turns...

KTElltt said...

Oh, and PS about letting the baby figure out the grandmother name... Daniel's grandmother always went by Snooky, and his brother couldn't say it so she became and got stuck with "Dook"... :)